Royal Alpha Jaxon

Royal Alpha Jaxon

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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Juliette Kerson does not want to fall for the Alpha Kings scheme of luring in Wolves, forcing them to compete for a place in his pack by attending the Thirty Day Trial. She wants freedom, not discipline. But this year, she is nominated to compete, and she is no loser. Free spirited, Juliette catches the young Alpha's eye. But she also is the product of an unspeakable species called Skinwalkers. She's different, but keeping that from an interested Alpha proves harder then it seems, especially with Ace, the deadly Skinwalker with a secret lurking around.

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30 Chapters
The Test
He looked deep into her deep green eyes, lightly touching her hair with his calloused fingers. "I love you," he breathed, bending down. I gasped, knowing his intentions."Juliette!"Juliette lifted her head from her book, her mothers demanding voice startling her.Her mother usually knows not to disturb her while she's reading.Setting down the thick love novel Juliette had been so wrapped up in on her desk, she fixed her clothes, and walked out of her bedroom.Her house is a blanket of warmth she noticed, as she walked down the stairs of her small house.Being a rouge isn't glamorous; they are treated like dirt, and hated among the pack community.Juliette walked down the hallway, stopping at the lounge room for which she knew her mother would be in.She was apprehensive at first, wo
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The Test #2
"It could be worse."Juliette looked at her mother with a harsh glare, before turning her head away.This whole week she's been ignoring her.She curled my legs up onto the couch, propping her chin on her hand, ignoring the loud TV in front of her.Suddenly a sharp knock at the door sounded through the room, taking both Juliette and her Mum by surprise.She got up, nervously opening it slightly.Juliette couldn't hear or see who her mother was talking to through the crack in the door, but when she opened it, she sighed.A young lady walked through the door, her high heels adding inches to her height.She held a ring binder on her arm, her brown hair pulled up into a bun.She looked incredibly superior, making Juliette fix her brunette curls before standing."Juliette Kerson, my name is Sarah, I'm here to congratulat
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You’re In
~You're InThe woman's cheerful buzz radiated around the lounge, her smile slightly fuzzy through Juliette's morning gaze. Clipboard in hand, pen in the other she looked too ecstatic with the situation, like waking Juliette up at four AM was a pleasant past time.Rubbing her eyes for the third time, Juliette regarded the female and her grim looking assistant, who's manly shoulders didn't suit the woman. Yes woman."Well this is great news!" The striking of hands together on her mothers part shocked Juliette out of her state of drowsiness, and into the sad reality. Life.She had missed out on a fair amount of her mother, and the random woman pairs conversation due to the onset of depression that come with grim news.She knew, from the second the clean cut woman in white, and her gruesome assistant walked through the door. She had gotte
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Day One
~Day One Monday"Its started!"Juliette groaned, rolling over to shove her pillow over her ear. No way she she getting up at this hour."Shut up Jazz," she mumbled incoherently, turning over to see Jazz was freshly showered, and wearing black leather pants, and a very tight black shirt."Up and at 'em," Jazz called, running a brush through her thick hair. Juliette contemplated jumping up and grabbing that pretty little neck of hers. Sitting up, Jazz screwed her face up as Juliette clicked her weary bones. She was not ready for this, but Jazz seemed completely happy to be 'learning' today.She was definitely going to be hard to knock out."So first, we have defense and attack classes with Alpha Cain," Jazz read from their timetable. Sadly they would be in all the same classes."Alpha who?" Juliette mum
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Day One - Part Two
~Part Two, Day One"So this is like an immunity?"Delani sat, stock still beside Juliette. Her black hair was still draped across her face, even as she mumbled quietly to the Alpha.The Alpha King stood in front of ten, special students, including Juliette. Arms crossed, silver eyes bright and stern. He radiated power and domination over the whole group.They may be a group of strong Werewolves, but the ten of them could never take down such an Alpha."Not at all. You may be special, but I could kick you from this group this second," the King said, his eyes traveling down to her chest where her name tag was pinned. "Delani."He must have forgot her name, Juliette nearly had.No one had acknowledged her when she walked in, some male eyes fleeting up to meet her gaze, but it only ever lasted a few secon
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Day Two
~Day Two, Tuesday"Is it obvious?" Juliette asked, running her finger across her bruised cheek. Jazz stood behind her, looking into the mirror at her as well."Ah, not to blind people?" She offered, looking at the bruise meekly. Juliette sighed, letting her hair from her ponytail.It fell in a wave of golden tresses across her cheek. She fiddled till it covered most of the bruise. It worked enough.The pain wasn't that bad this morning. Being a Werewolf was worth it in some ways."We need to get going, breakfast, then fitness and health with Alpha Drake," Jazz chirped, grabbing Juliette's arm.Fitness and health didn't sound like something Juliette was particularly interested in.Nevertheless, Juliette allowed herself to be dragged down to get food.†"I wont talk back again, I swear," Juliette heaved, grabbing the grass in front of
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Day Three
~Day Three, Wednesday"If you don't get your little ass up right now...I'm going to leave without you, and you will smell like a teenage boy who's hibernated in a sleeping bag for the past ten weeks."Juliette's head shot up at Jazz's words. She sat at the end of her bed, two pink towels in hand, and two different uniforms. Her hair was messy, and her face pale and splotchy.She looked so, unkempt that Juliette nearly laughed."Yeah yeah yeah, I got it red head," Juliette mumbled, running a hand through her own hair, only to have her fingers get tangled in knots. She swung her legs from the bed, tossing her covers back."You look surprisingly good. You must be a morning person," Jazz observed, tossing a towel into Juliette's arms, who snorted out loud."Wish I could say the same for you," Juliette joked, standing up, the end of her nighty fell around her thighs. It was surprisingly
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Day Four
~Day Four, ThursdayJuliette curled up, hugging her knees. She had hoped to sleep off her strange depression. She didn't know why finding out that Jaxon was about to officially ask another girl to his mate was so...upsetting.Juliette slid from her bed, seeing Jazz perched on the end of her own bed, looking concerned. Jazz had already showered, and looked primp and clean as usual."What's wrong?" She asked gently. Juliette wasn't in the mood to pour her sob story out to anyone, especially since it was so ridiculous."Nothing, what do we have today?" She asked, veering the subject away from her. "What do you mean? Don't you have weapon handling with the King?" Jazz asked. Juliette shook her head. Nobody had told her that."Not that I know of," Juliette retorted, looking around for her uniform. Jazz tilted her head."De
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Day Five
~Day Five, Friday"I am so sorry, I slept in."Juliette stumbled into the hall, her fingers fumbling with her ponytail. Alpha Kade turned to glare at Juliette as she hurried in. Jazz hadn't woken her, but left without her. Alpha Kade's eyes blazed a oblivion black as she ran over to sit with the rest of the group. Juliette didn't sit by Jazz."Next time, expect punishment," he hissed, wringing his hands together. He didn't seem nice at all, but then again she had broken a rule. "As I was saying class, I only have you for the morning. The afternoon will be spent with the Alpha King, who will be eliminating the first few students of the week," Kade said, a smirk playing on his lips. Read more
~Part One, SaturdaySeriously.Juliette sat up, glaring at Jazz's sleeping figure. She lay on her side, her back to Juliette. Juliette slipped from bed, padding over to where Jazz slept. She looked oh so peaceful.And Juliette wanted to throw her out the window. Her mouth hung open, drool pooling out the side. Her sleeping self had decided to rouse Juliette at four in the morning with loud, annoying snoring. On a goddamn Saturday as well!Juliette sighed and picked up her thin dressing gown. She was probably breaking a few rules, but another ounce of trouble wouldn't do no harm.She slipped from the room, smiling as the cool morning breeze wrapped around her. The sun was starting to come up again, casting
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