The Unchosen Path

The Unchosen Path

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You're always one decision away from a completely different life. Ezra made a choice like this in his youth. As the next alpha of one of the most powerful werewolf packs, he had big plans for his reign. That all changed when he realized his mate was a human girl named Cass. Believing a human mate would make him weak, he chose a path for the both of them that he thought would keep him strong, and her out of his life. What happens when their paths cross again years later, and he sees the consequences of his choices? What will Cass do when she finds out the truth about the choice she never got to make?

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    33 chapters
    CHOICES UNKNOWN POV Choice - it's the most powerful tool there is. Everything in life boils down to choices.  We exist in a universe of infinite paths and possibilities. Each and every path we choose shuts or opens an infinite number of doors. I lay down certain paths for my children. Some like to call it fate, but the truth is they can choose to ignore that path. I can't make them choose. There are rules against things of that nature that even I must follow.  My children are those born with the pull of the moon. Werewolves as they have come to be called. I gift them each with a mate. This mate is their perfect match. The mate bond, should they choose to accept it, will give them strength and bond their souls.  The bonding of souls is serious. It cannot be undone. Forsaking the mate bond with things such as infidelity can cause great pain and suffering. Those that nurture t
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    Chapter 1
    Ezra's POV "Ezra let's go! Let's go!" ... "Please Ez! Everyone is waiting on us!" shouted someone I assumed was my baby sister. It was early. Too early.  The next thing I knew the door to my designated room busted up and in ran my seven year old sister, Blaire. "Ez-RA!" she whined. It was really hard to say no to that one there. She was tall for a seven year old by human standards, but for a werewolf decended from an Alpha she was normal. She had naturally curly hair that was brown, but just barely. It was almost black. I imagine when the time comes her wolf will be the same color, but that's just my guess. It was summer, so her skin was tan and that made her light blue eyes stand out even more. With her in my space, I knew trying to stay in bed any longer was futile.  "Ugh. Fine. I'll be down in 5 minutes." I mumbled into my pillow. It was a day I dreaded every single year. Disney Day. The day my father insi
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    Chapter 2
    Cass's POV Happiness. That's what described my mood. I was happy to be in Disney World with my family. It was one of my favorite places we went on vacation. Even if it was a little hot most days. That's what the pool is for in the afternoons! There was always something interesting going on and I never got bored. Even though some of the rides were a little on the easy going side, I enjoyed them. I enjoyed the history of the company as well. I guess I just like history in general, but that's not really important right now. Right now, I'm standing in a ride line with my folks listening to my chatty mother talk about the rest of our plans for the day. I pretty much ignored most of what she was saying until she started talking about food. I love food. All food.  We were currently standing in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean when I got a wiff of the most amazing colgne I'd ever smelled.  Holy shit it smelled amazing! It was like a co
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    Chapter 3
    Ezra's POVI had to get closer. My mate was here! I couldn't believe it! Werewolves travel and visit places with humans all the time. It's not rare, but I have to say I was surprised. What are the fucking odds? I had to get to her without making a scene. "Pardon me, my parents are up there." I said to anyone that kept me from cutting in the line. I couldn't make a scene, but I had to find her. I'd never felt a pull so strong. They always say when you know you know, and they weren't kidding! The scent of lavendar and mint got stronger and strong until I spotted her. Beautiful chocolate brown hair pulled into a high ponytail exposing the most sexy neck I'd ever seen, cut off shorts showing perfectly tan legs, a gray fitted tank top, and black converse.Then I froze. I took another deep breath. Some was wrong. She's human. HUMAN?! This can't be right. I studied her again. Fuck she was beautiful, but that was besides the poin
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    Chapter 4
    Ezra's POVThe rest of my day went by in a complete haze. The Magic Kingdom seemed extremely big until you were actively trying to avoid someone. I only caught her scent one other time during the day and it took less strength than before to stay away. That was a good sign. I just wandered aimlessly. Trying to focus on anything but Cassandra Miller. Fuck I wish I hadn't heard her stupid fucking name. I can't believe I let her touch me! I can't believe she felt the mate sparks! I can't believe she's human! I wanted to scream! Rage and frustration came over me in waves.I finally spotted my parents and their group of werewolf youth all wearing their matching Best Day Ever Disney shirts. I waved as they spotted me and walked up to join the group. Still lost in thought. My mother pulled me from my internal rampage, "Ezra, honey. Are you okay? Did you have fun being a loner at Disney?" I looked into her hazel eyes. I could see love and concern. My mothe
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    Chapter 5
    Cass's POVTwo Years Later... It was my eighteenth birthday. I laid in bed that morning staring at the ceiling, not thinking about anything in particular. I got up and dressed in my favorite pair of skinny jeans, white fitted short sleeved v necked t-shirt, a black blazer, and a pair of red converse. I went with curling my hair, and natural makeup. Comfy yet stylish - That was my jam. I grabbed my backpack and jogged down the stairs. I could smell the food my mother had been cooking since I first woke up. I've got a good sniffer, what can I say? From the smell of it, I knew she'd made bacon, eggs, and french toast. Half of the way down the stairs I heard my dad call my name. I knew based on where his voice came from, he must be in his office. I walked the short distance past the kitchen to his office and walked in without knocking."Hey Sweetheart. Happy Birthday!" My dad was eyeballing me with concern and added, "
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    Chapter 6
    Cass's POVDad turned to walk back in the direction of his truck, the tear long gone from his face. I, however, was rooted in place. I couldn't move. Shock had taken over me. The ringing of my dad's cell phone inerupted my mind's sea of nothingness."Janine! Hey, I was just about to call you."....."No I hadn't had a chance to text you back. I'm sorry."....."Yes. She's fine. It was another one of her spells, just quite a bit worse."...."I know dear I want answers too. They don't have any though."...."No! She's not staying. We are about to be released. See you soon." Dad said cutting mom off and ending the call before she could say anything else. We must have been here longer than I thought.I could hear my dad's heart beat and it was still pumping a little higher than it should. He was still a little uneasy about what had happened. How could he not be? His daughter had just. Fuck. I don't even want to say it. Mainly because I still didn't have a
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    Chapter 7
    5 YEARS LATER... CASS'S POV I walked into the lecture hall about thirty minutes before class would start. I wanted to get a feel for the room. This was my second semester as an Assistant Professor. I was so excited to get the job. I enjoyed it, plus it helped me pay for my masters degree. Thank god I was going to be done after I take my comps in a few months.  I never went to UCONN to play basketball. After my first shift, my dad and I decided it would be best to lay low. Mom was pretty disappointed, but my dad worked his magic and convinced her it was for the best.  So, I gave up my basketball scholarship and took an academic one at UCLA. I had completed several hours of college credit in high school, so I with some determination I was able to complete my undergraduate degree in English Literature ahead of schedule. I'm now persuing a masters degree in Folklore. I know it sounds like an odd thing specialty, but folklore ha
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    Chapter 8
    Ezra's POVI was out for a run along the south side of our pack border. It was a beautiful day for January. The sun was shining. The trees were still convinced it was winter, but it was weather I couldn't pass up the chance to enjoy. I like to run in wolf form when I can. It helps relieve some of my daily stress. As a wolf, I am quite large. Larger than my father, and certainly larger than any other wolf in my pack. My fur is jet black. Only alphas are capable of having jet black fur, but not all have it. My father's was not. His was dark dark brown, and almost black but not quite. I was secretly proud of my black fur but a good leader doesn't brag."Alpha, I'm going to put all the files on the newest warrior trainees on your desk." Jax, my lead warrior said via mindlink. We were starting warriors younger than any pack ever has. They still recieve proper education either by private school or some even choose to go to public school. That's completely up
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    Chapter 9
    Cass's POV I was done a little earlier than I anticipated and decided to just relax the rest of the evening. I loaded up in my good ole Jeep, and went by and got mine and Alex's favorite Chinese takeout. I then headed to my home. I live on the outskirts of the city. It was my attempt at being as secluded as possible in the event that I had a melt down or something. It also allowed me to shift whenever I wanted to. I had very few neighbors way out here. Alex lived closer to the university, but stayed over a couple nights a week. I stayed with him occasionally, but I always claimed that I slept better in my own bed. It probably sounded extremely upity, but Alex never complained. I think if I was happy, he was happy. We both knew eventually we would need to sort out where we would live after we got married. If I am being honest I don't know how I would live in the city and keep my sanity. There are always so many noises and smells. It wears me out.  <
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