Taming The Wild CEO

Taming The Wild CEO

By:  Agatha Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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For nearly four years Ella Stanford has been working as a secretary to Javier Summers, and for most of that time, she has been fighting her own feelings for him. Javier was undeniably sexy but she knew she should never fall for a ruthless playboy. He has never paid heed to her, so this has not been a problem but a struggle on her own. Until one day, at his fancy birthday party, she came in a strikingly gorgeous red dress and with an additional accessory at hand: another man. A business trip to Sicily, Italy with Jave brought them closer together. He even pretended to be her fiancé in order to shoo away Ella’s unwanted suitor. Soon, this friendship led to an intense, passionate affair. But when their passion led to an unplanned pregnancy, would the wild CEO succumb to marriage? Contains sexual scenes and usage of profanity.

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148 Chapters
Taming The Wild CEO
      TAMING THE WILD CEO   Copyright © Agatha Rose   All Rights Reserved.       ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬       For nearly three years Ella Stanford had been secretary to Javier Summers, and for most of that time, she’d been fighting her own feelings for him. Jave was undeniably sexy but she could not risk falling for someone who was a ruthless playboy. Anyway, he had never paid heed to her, so this should not be a problem but a struggle on her own.
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“Stop that now, Ella!” Javier growled next to her ear, his expression thunderous and left no room for argument.  Ella was well aware of the close proximity between their bodies. She was nearly breathless when she queried back, “Stop what?” “Resisting me.” He glowered furiously. “I saw you just now. I saw how you danced with that guy—” “Damon?” prompted Ella, trying to be helpful. “Him. Whatever his name is,” he said with a gruff. “So stop pretending like you can not dance properly.” “I’m used to dancing with Damon, he’s my friend,” protested Ella then glanced at her surrounding, hoping none of the partygoers noticed their little argument. “I am comfortable with him.” Th
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Chapter 1 - "It will be my pleasure to see you enjoying yourself, Ella."
It had been raining in Washington D.C. and the pavements were thronged by people. Sleek limousines edged their way along between the yellow lines of taxis who maneuvered their way in and out of the already busy traffic jam. Wealthy, big companies inhabited the tall block of that street, and the company Ella Stanford was working for had been one of them. As Ella walked into the building, she gave the security guy a smile to which he replied with a grin. He knew most of the employees who worked in Summers Industries by sight, some were by name. Ella walked toward the electronic gates and tapped her card on the machine. There was a buzz before the door slid open and Ella walked in. She immediately went to the set of elevators and hit the call button. Once she was on the correct floor, she walked out of the elevator towards the heavy plate glass door which bore the sign “SUMMERS ENTERTAINMENT”. Ella offered a smile to the young receptionist working behind the desk and cr
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Chapter 2 - “He is sizzling hot.”
Javier Summers settled at his desk and logged into his computer. At first, he checked his email and made sure that he had not missed any important news before opening the files Ella had given him. He was halfway through reading the document when an odd question came to mind. Would she come with her beau? She had never talked about her private life and he could not deny that he was beginning to feel curious. Most women would open up with him but never Ella. But again, most women would fall into his charm except her. It was a rather frustrating thing, really. It had made him wonder occasionally whether he had started to lose his touch or that she was simply interested in the same sex. One thing for sure, Ella was a buttoned-up, uptight girl and she would never lose her head over anything. Even his impeccable charm on the ladies. This had made her the perfect assistant both in his line of work, where artists or actresses were all too temperamental and Ella could ground and reason wi
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Chapter 3 - “I am a straight man tonight, I promise!”
Ella Stanford was beyond mad. She was nearly going to go back into his office and slap his face. Yet somehow, she had managed to calm herself down and by the time Javier Summers walked in front of her and bid her goodbye for the day, she had her usual polite smile plastered on her face as if nothing had happened. As if he had not just insulted her by thinking that the type of guys she could date were accountants and tax advisors! In other words, he had said that she was boring enough of a person to date the most boring type of people. “How dare he?!” said Ella as she unlocked her door and got inside. “Oh, just you wait, Javier Summers!” she vowed to herself as she placed her bag on the table and sat on the couch. Damon Matthews was hot as a sin. Ella would have fallen for him if not for the fact that he was only interested in the same sex. Either Damon or his boyfriend Tanner would suffice. Gay men could make the very best friends for a woman and she was both glad and grateful to h
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Chapter 4 - “I could make that ten minutes worth it,”
Ella was late. Miss Ella Stanford was clearly late. Javier could not stop himself from glancing at his Rolex watch and then at the entrance every now and then. Another ten minutes and everyone who was currently enjoying cocktails and light snacks in the foyer would be moving to the dining hall. Yet here he was, standing on the balcony, looking down at the crowd beneath him and trying hard to find his little secretary. “Where on earth is she?” he growled to himself. His buoyant anticipation had slid through a heap of frustration at her lack of appearance before it turned into a nagging worry. Had she perhaps been in an accident? “Babe, what are you doing here?” A sultry voice asked then followed by hands snaking their way around his waist. London Star placed her head on his left shoulder, her lips grazing the side of his throat. “All your friends are downstairs. Why don’t we go down and say hello?” “Ten more minutes,” he replied curtly as he moved slightly away from her. “I cou
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Chapter 5 - “Happy birthday, Boss.”
Ella was literally trembling as she waited to make her entrance. Perhaps she shouldn’t have let Damon and Jackie talk her into doing this. Nevertheless, she was already here right outside the huge door leading to the dining hall. Someone inside was making a speech and once the speech was over, she would make her entrance. Cheers followed with applause had erupted, indicating that it was her time now. Jackie gave her a brief hug and Damon whispered encouraging words into her ear. Okay. All she had to do was go up there and then sing for him. How hard could that possibly be? *** Javier was still glancing about the room. Ella was not here. He was tempted to give her another call but that would only up the number of missed calls she would see on her phone. “Damn it,” he cursed under his breath, not paying attention to what his brother, Thornton, had been saying on the podium. His mind was too distracted by his missing secretary. Then a dangerous thought came to his mind. Perhaps sh
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Chapter 6 - “More like boiling with jealousy,”
She looked like her usual self yet at the same time, she looked different. There was something about the way she moved, the way her hips swayed. And when Javier looked at her, he noticed the sensual shape of her lips as she gazed up at him and wished him a happy birthday. “Come on, babe, blow the candle,” urged London at his side, putting her hand around his arm. Javier spared one look at Ella, then blew the candle. The crowd cheered and one by one, his guests started to congratulate him and wish him well. Soon, Javier left the guests to join her siblings. Two out of seven of them were here celebrating his birthday. Albeit there were so many of them, they were truly close with each other. They had not had any cousins since both their mother and father were only children. “We still don’t know where he went,” said Thornton, informing Javier about their missing brother Draven Summers. After their grandfather had written Draven off his will, his little brother had taken it so badly t
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Chapter 7 - “Preferably something longer than four minutes” 
Javier Summers didn’t like this. Not even one bit. He could even consider this as the worst birthday he had ever had. No, he could not blame it on the food being served. They were splendid, cooked, and prepared by the best chefs in the U.S. And he could not fault the decor either, they were exactly how he wanted it: elegant and high class. The band playing the music right now was also giving their best performance so he could not fault that either. What irritated him the most was the fact that his little secretary who had always shown propriety suddenly decided to let loose tonight and not only did she do this on her own, she had a gorgeous man at her side, eager to please her and could not wait for the pleasurable night that might follow afterward — preferably in her place or his. Javier needed some time to cool himself or else he would drag Ella to the nearest available room and shake some sense into her. And then do what? Javier shook the naughty, inappropriate thought off his m
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Chapter 8 - “Are you refusing to admit it because I am your boss?”
The band started playing again. Only this time, it was a song with a slower tempo, something that would be best suited for a slow dance. Ella had just gotten back to the table when she caught the sight of Javier and London Star. Her only salvation was having Damon by her side. It was always better to have a friend with her than to face something like this on her own. London’s eyes sparkled and she rose to her feet. “Damon, I love this song. Come dance with me,” she linked her arm to Damon, pressing her large breasts on his forearm. “You don’t mind if I borrow him for a dance right, Ella?” “I really don’t want to leave her alone,” answered Damon, freeing his arm from her grasp and failing miserably for she had held him tightly. Before Ella could say anything, a low husky voice had answered on her behalf. “She’s not alone. I will accompany her.” Then Ella could feel his arm linking around her waist and she nearly jumped on the spot. Damon’s eyes were on her, waiting for her decisi
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