The CEO's Escort

The CEO's Escort

By:  Joy Teo  Completed
Language: English
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"Amber, me." "What happened?!" A pause. Then finally, the revelation. "I killed someone." No..... ---- Amber Banks is a down to earth and hardworking young woman. Being orphaned from a young age, she works tirelessly, holding down three to four jobs a day just to support her only brother's education. She loves him dearly. One day, brother gets into trouble. Deep trouble and Amber's life comes crashing down. Her brother faces a lifetime in jail and the only way for her to save him is to steal confidential data from the CEO of Virtuex, Fabian Williams himself and hand them over to his rival company, She works her way into his life, playing the role of a temptress but in the process of spying, she finds herself falling in love with him. Will Amber betray Fabian in the end? Will Fabian find out who she truly is? Will love prevail or will it burn to ashes, never to be seen again?

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82 chapters
The Supreme Court of Justice was hushed as everyone waited for the judge to arrive. Amber Banks sat next to her attorney with her head held high at the Counsel’s table. Her emerald green eyes stared straight at the wooden panelled walls opposite from where she sat, not making eye contact with anyone. She was dressed in an oversized orange prisoner jumpsuit which was much too big for her petite frame and her fiery red curls were tied back in a loose ponytail.   Behind her, a soft glow of warm sunlight streamed into the otherwise stuffy room filled with highly tensed people, highlighting the dust particles that danced and twirled in the air. To the untrained eye, Amber came off as aloof, emanating a sense of emotional detachment from her surroundings - inwardly however, she was breaking down. None of the jury sitting behind the bulletproof glass wall could see, but beneath the wooden table where her cuffed hands lay, she was trembling. Her hands were shaki
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Amber straightened herself, pulling at her light blue cotton blouse and gave her bravest smile, “Thank you, I’ll take the waitressing job.” Cecil raised an eyebrow, impressed by the redhead’s determination, “Alright then.” She handed Amber’s blue and black polka-dotted scrunchie back and shouted at a raven-haired beauty who was lounging on a leather-covered sofa in the corner of the room, “Lola!” “Yeah?” Lola called out even as she got up with swanlike grace. “Give our new staff …. Annie?” “I’m Amber.” “Ah yes, Amber the redhead, I’ll remember the name from now on. Give Amber her waitressing uniform. And don’t forget the pumps!” Cecil’s eyes narrowed, “Thirty-four, twenty-three, thirty-four…hmmm, give her a size one. She’s starting right away. Oh, and Lola? I don’t want you smoking at the back alley you hear? Williams and Smith will be here tonight.” Lola nodded nonchalantly as she strutted to the back of the dressing r
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“WHAT DID YOU SAY??” Amber asked as loudly as she could.She was standing at the bar with Lola as the bartender prepared the vodka, but could make absolutely nothing of what Lola was trying to tell her. The music was too loud.Lola moved to the music, and jiggled her hips, “GET ON FABIAN’S GOOD SIDE! DON’T CROSS HIM!”All Amber could hear was the incessantly loud rhythmic music, “WHAT?!”Lola spotted a customer in the crowd, winked at Amber and headed to the dance floor, moving to the beat under the strobe lights, all hyped up and ready for a good time before finally disappearing into the throng of dancers.The bartender tapped on Amber’s shoulder, causing her to jump a little.“OH, THANK YOU!” she said, not exactly sure whether he heard her. Gingerly, she balanced the highball glass on a silver platter, trying hard not to spill a drop and carefully made her way back to the VIP room. It was located a distance away and tucked out of sight from the
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The door closed behind them and Fabian returned to his seat on the sofa. Sitting down with outstretched arms, he took a look at Amber. She was standing ridiculously still next to the door, almost like a wallflower and obviously still rattled by what had happened earlier. He had been resting in the room when he heard a scream earlier but had decided to ignore the commotion, but when the yelling and shouting escalated, he had to step in. They were just too noisy - he did not like noise. They annoyed him to no end. He had thrown open his door in agitation and was about to give the shouting couple a piece of his mind when he saw Amber. He hadn’t expected to see her attacked like that and for some reason, seeing her hurt made his blood boil. He hadn’t been able to see her clearly under the dim corridor light earlier, but now in the privacy of his own turf and under the warm white light, he finally saw her features clearly for the first time. Her lips, moi
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The Banks siblings lived in a tiny rented room at the top of Ma’s Bakery. They had been living here for the past seven years, ever since they lost their parents. Amber had stumbled upon this place by accident. Their late father had mortgaged their house to fund a business plan that had failed miserably and upon their parent’s death, all the money left from the insurance coverage was used to either pay for the funeral or to settle their late father’s loans. Their relative had decided early on that they would not be able to take the two orphaned children in, especially not when they had three other little mouths to feed. So they tried to send Amber and her brother to the orphanage. Amber refused and in the end, they were left to defend themselves. It was a cold winter’s night when the owner of Ma’s bakery, Margaret Cornwell found Amber peering through her frosted windows. Anson had been sick and they had not eaten for days. That fateful night,  Margaret to
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Fabian turned away from the window’s panoramic view and headed down the linear stair rails to his kitchen, his mind still lost in a web of memories from yesteryear. “Good morning sir,” a sprightly voice called out from a lone white illuminated box that sat unobtrusively in the middle of his marble benchtop, bringing Fabian’s mind back to the present. It was the only presence he allowed in his house. “Morning V,” Fabian opened his mirrored double-doored fridge and pulled out a glass of orange juice. V was his ubiquitous virtual assistant - the brainchild of Fabian Williams and one of Virtuex Holdings’ top selling innovations. “What would you like to have for breakfast today?” the voice quipped. V had access to every part of the two-tone modern house, from Fabian’s master bedroom all the way to his garage in the basement and was, therefore, able to cater to all of Fabian’s commands. He did not feel like eating. Not after answering the phone call earlier
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The La Fire Club was abuzz with excitement. As Amber walked into the dressing room to collect her uniform, she saw women primming themselves in front of the vanity tables with lights, looking even more made up than usual. They were chatting with each other excitedly, some giggling, others gushing and a few were even adding more padding to their push up bras.“Amber! How do I look?” a busty blonde quipped, turning around to face Amber. Her breasts were practically spilling out of her corset.“Um…chesty?” she wasn’t exactly sure what to say but the answer seemed to satisfy the blonde who went back to facing the mirror, apparently to add even more padding.Amber made her way to the back of the dressing room where she found Lola, sitting crossed legged and alone on the sofa where they first met yesterday. Unlike the other girls, Lola had a book on her lap and a pen tucked neatly behind her ear.Amber had to smile, she liked Lola. The girl was as honest as anyone
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“Now, now Fabian. I’ve sent you Amber, so please remove the scowl from that handsome face of yours,” Madam Cecil teased, pushing Amber towards Fabian who remained seated on the sofa. Amber felt like a piece of property and did not appreciate it. “Madam Cecil, I’m only here for waitressing works,” she said exasperatedly, suddenly wondering if she should be wary of Fabian Williams. Did a sleazy beast lay beneath the facade of this handsome man? She could feel her heart beating faster. Fabian waved his hand at Madam Cecil, “You may leave us now.” Amber shot Cecil an anxious look and to which the older woman replied, “Amber my dear girl, Fabian is one of our most well-behaved customers here. You’re in good hands.” With that, the head hostess turned around and strode out of the room – her hips swaying against her insanely tight pencil skirt and heels digging into the soft carpeted floor with every step before she finally closed the door behind her
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Amber was dreaming, but like everyone else who dreamt, she did not realise that she had tumbled down the rabbit hole…. ‘She was standing alone in a semi-darkened room and mist surrounded her. A single window was positioned above her, allowing a little bit of light to stream down into the room. “Hello?” she called out nervously, trying to see what lay ahead of her. She took a few steps forward cautiously with her arms stretched out, not wanting to knock into anything when suddenly she bumped into something soft. She looked down and gasped. The mist that enveloped the room earlier on began to dissipate to reveal the body of a battered man lying at her feet. He was chained in shackles and curled up like a cat. Then to her horror, the man stirred. Amber tried to run but for some reason, her movements felt heavy, as if she was underwater. She could hardly move at all. Help! She wanted to call
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The journey home for Amber was a daze. She had no idea how she managed to even make it back in one piece. What had Anson done? He normally couldn’t even hurt a fly! There must have been some kind of misunderstanding.Her hands trembled as she fumbled with the keys to the door. They jingled too much and she couldn’t fit the key into the lock.Damnit! Open!Frustrated, she kicked the door only to let out a little yelp.Calm down. I need to calm down.She took a deep breath and slowly inserted the key into the keyhole again, this time, it worked and the door creaked to an open.Although it was nearing dawn, the room was still quite dark and while the windows were left open, Anson had drawn the curtains to a close.“Anson?” Amber whispered, closing the door behind her. Then in the corner of their little room, right beneath the window sill, Amber saw her brother, huddled under the curtain that flap
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