Mr. CEO's Amazing Contract Wife

Mr. CEO's Amazing Contract Wife

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Sylvester Norman, the cold unfeeling heir of Norman Holdings proposes a contract marriage to save a business partner, due to family pressures for him to get married before receiving his inheritance. Monica falls prey in the bid to save her brother's business.However, when Monica returns after separating from Sylvester for five years, she meets a totally different person. Sneak peak: Sylvester ambled close to her. His face was a few inches from hers. Monica's heart panged in her chest. His lips were close to hers, she felt she was finally going to have the kiss she craved. She closed her eyes at the feel of his hot breath on her neck. Whichever way, when Sly spoke, she felt her breath cease. "Then sign the divorce papers."

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    1 - No woman is worth my love
    "My decision is final. I will be back in six months. You should be married by then or every inheritance goes to your brother," Mr Herbert Norman's voice was one filled with bitterness-hushed resentment. Sylvester lowered his gaze, too proud to show the visible chagrin on his face. He couldn't conceal the agony trussing his voice. "You know why I can't settle down." Mr Herbert Norman snaps."Oh, downright I do. Come on, that was five years ago Sly, it wasn't your humiliation alone but our families' too. You have to move on." Mr Herbet Norman poured himself a glass of tequila and gulped it down in the hope the alcohol will give him the confidence he needs to hide his hidden pain on the events of that fateful day. "So easy for you to say - you weren't the one involved and it's not your name snaking on the lips of the media." Sylvester sat on the custom furniture opposite his father. This study used to be his favourite place is this villa. This is where his father took hi
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    2 - You are just plain
    Ice-cold droplets of water chilled out Monica's face, jolting her awake from her dreamland to the fiery glare of her mother, frantically at her bedside with a spray bottle in hand. "You lazy girl. Go find a job and stop wasting space on my precious mattress."This wasn't the first time her mum woke her with this method but during the summer heat, it was nothing. With the fall approaching, the cold tainted her blood, shaking her from the core."Mum, it's cold already, how long must you do this?" Monica's voice was shaken by her chattering teeth. She lifted herself from a sleeping position to the edge of the bed, hugging her slim silhouette with a blanket."Till you get a job girl. Now get out and do as your mates are doing. Get a good job and for once, be responsible," her mother's unfeeling words sent Monica into another battle of self-consciousness. She was bullied in school but never told anyone. Now she seemed not to be safe in her home too.Her mother was
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    3 - Are you sure about this?
    Her father's pleading voice reverberated in her nerve cells. This would have been a perfect payback for her mama or even Kyle, also mini revenge on those billionaires who think themselves to be on top of this world but how could she deny her father? He was bound to a wheelchair when he saved her from a car accident. He never complained about her being jobless for months and tried to protect her from Mrs. Del's outcries. Her brother was not one to show her any concern with the pressure he carried on his back, making him distant towards her, which to her meant he didn't care but was rather the opposite. Her brother didn't want to burden her with the company's problems. The stone wall encircling her heart began to fall, leaving her at the mercy of fulfilling her father's plea. Her defense dropped with every step she took towards her father. "For your sake dad, just for your sake." She hated the line of a smirk on the corners of Sly's lips. "Alright then, you hav
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    4 - Let's set some rules
    Sly looked on, completely raged. The registrar was extra patient because he knew who Sly was but when fifteen minutes passed like a second, even he was annoyed. Sly combed his dark brown hair with his fingers in frustration. He couldn’t understand the woman sitting beside him. Maybe he hasn't made the effort to under her in the first place. To him, this was just a contract but for her, it meant a lot. When he couldn’t wait anymore, he yanked her by the arm after excusing himself from the registrar. They walked around till Sly found a small empty room. He shoved Monica in with himself and locked the door. The click of the keys jolted her into reality. She was alone with Sly in a locked room. What could happen? She has never been in a situation like this. Sly didn’t know what to do. He has never been in a situation like this either. He could have any girl he wanted. Majority would have jumped at this offer and yet, Monica makes him feel like a monster. “Can you exp
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    5 - Things about love are off-limit
    Monica and Sly made it through the doors of the traditional Japanese restaurant. As usual, Sky's hand snaked around her. A closeness she was getting accustomed to. She slowly began to accept that there was no way she was going to ever do what she loved. She was going to try her best to adapt to Sly’s ways for which one way was getting used to places like this.The thought did not in any way make things better for her. She admired the neat traditionally set up restaurant. Seated were men and women from different races and colors. She saw them eating with two sticks and her stomach steamed. She never learned how to eat with chopsticks.The man who waited on them’s conduct was a clear indication that Sly frequented this place. “Mr. Norman, we are honored to have you with us once again; we still have your slot reserved,” he bowed gently. Monica wondered when he made that reservation, a question that will only create confusion in her mind.
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    6 - What is more scarier than sleeping in his house?
    As soon as Sylvester left the spa, he drove straight to his office, giving the car key to his driver. He was tired of driving. It wasn’t something he loved but in terms of privacy, he did so himself. Josephine comprehended his fragrance a few meters away and knew Sly was around. She composed herself around her desk, touching up a little on her already perfect make-up. Josephine was pretty to the eyes. She stood 6ft, 4 inches tall doll-like eyes. She could attract a man's attention without putting in much effort.“Mr. Norman, I have to deliver the documents to our new companies before 3pm,” she carefully laid out, not intending to incur his wrath. She knew his emotions flip when he was stressed.“I know, and that’s why I am here. Pick them from my desk in the next twenty minutes,” he said, heading to his office without giving her another glance. Josephine was disappointed. It wasn’t as if she expected anything else but she only wished that Sly would admire her and giv
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    7 - Pizza for breakfast?
    Monica's family had been very well to do and they never struggled financially throughout her life. Even when the business faced challenges, she never knew because things were normal. She had her fair share of affluence she never partook in due to her shy nature. Despite everything, her living condition was nothing compared to what met her visible eyes in Sly's family villa.She no doubt had to admit that Sly's style was way over the top. The villa is one of ultra-modern luxury design. She followed Sly through the indoor swimming pool. Her body yearned for the crystal clear liquid on her skin, but followed on to a place she knew was the living room. The room was so huge two different pieces of furniture were set up. She could see the whole of New York from the large glass window and could tell it was a one-way reflection since she couldn't see the inside when they were outside.The lights were unique, probably custom-made. The luxury curtains stood with unrelated glamour.
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    8 - My wife is my personal affair.
    "Who is coming to see me?" The line went dead before she found her voice. Monica ambled to the bathroom and freshened up before pulling on a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater. The weather was becoming cooler as the wintertime drew nearer. She remembered she hadn't had a tour around Sly's villa and didn't know where the dining room was. With time at stake, she had only one helper in mind as she reminisced Elsie telling her to press the bell for assistance so she did.It wasn't up to two minutes before she heard a knock on the door."Please come in," she yelled."Good afternoon Monica," Elsie greeted."Good afternoon," she responded. Elsie was excited about being called by Monica. She liked Monica the instant they met. To her, Monica's life was perfect, being married to Sly. She thought that Monica lacked in a fashion which she could help with and with that, she could also learn how to attract someone like Sly. The truth is, Elsie, took the job of
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    9 - Implementing the rules
    Sly left the office a little earlier to prepare for the event. This time, he allowed his driver Eben to drive. He also engaged his bodyguards at events such as this, just in case the media went overboard. On his journey home, Monica called. A sense of joy flashed his eyes as he stared at the name on his screen. "Hello," he grumbledMonica's voice was loud and to protect his ears, Sly distanced the phone a few inches from his ear. "Why did you do that?" There was irritation in her voice and Sly was nervous."What did I do?" Sly's voice was calm."I will tell you. Why did you have to move a whole boutique to my room? That's number one," Sly let out a scoff but continued to listen? "You also plan on taking me to an event and you didn't mind informing me beforehand? What if I have plans of going somewhere ha?""First of all, you are welcome, and second, you are my wife and for that reason, you should always be prepared for things like this," he s
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    10 - Leg cramps when you least expect it
    Sly's blood pounded in his ears. His heart thudded in his chest. His hands shook as he helplessly held Monica in his arms. "What is it?" His voice was desperate. Monica's muscle had become tight and painful, rendering her feet stiff. "Le..g,!" She growled. James had made his way to Sly, as others gaped with confusion and helplessness. "Should I call an ambulance?" James was concerned."No, I think I got it," Sly said before sweeping Monica into his arms. He ambled towards one of the exquisitely decorated round tables and settled Monica on a chair. He knelt in front of her and took off her shoes. In an instant, he began massaging her legs, increasing the pain before it gradually subsided. James who had followed him anyways was taken aback by his behavior. If he remembers correctly, Sly said it was a contract marriage but he felt something more than that. He thought there was a connection between them. Standing there watching on, James realized
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