Tattoo on her Face

Tattoo on her Face

By:  T.C. Wolfé  Completed
Language: English
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Isla: A missing child who had been presumed dead for several years. Is she, however, truly dead? Tricia: An heiress and the daughter of a powerful Empire businessman. Was that life, however, truly meant for her? Violet: An Assassin’s Guild Founder and the reigning Queen of the Underground City. Is she, however, worthy of that title? All three distinct identities converge on a single fate. What if the enigmatic cold assassin and mafia heir named Seth happens to cross her path? Will Seth be able to figure out what she's trying to hide? Or will she reveal herself alongside him? Upon her sister’s death, she blamed herself for it. That she changed her identity in order to start a new life. She worked so hard to earn what she had right now. She became strong, powerful, feared, and respected. After many years have passed. What if a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her? What if the things she ought to believe isn't what they really are? Will she be able to deal with it? What if the people she's grown to love and care for have secrets of their own? Will she be able to accept it? Will it get easier for her in the long run? Or else fate will make things even more difficult for her. She had always wished to live a normal life, but that wish seemed to exist only in her imagination. For she is, after all, the girl with the TATTOO ON HER FACE.

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50 chapters
It's three o'clock in the afternoon, and the twins, Isla and Luzy, are playing at the park with their 12-year-old friend Win-Win. People rarely visit this area because it is located in a secluded place in the city and has been worn down by the seasons. The reason why this location had been neglected.They chose to play in this area because, aside from the fact that it is rarely visited by people. They are also concerned about Luzy's health. She had a skin disease and asthma, so she always wore a surgical mask. They also wanted to keep Luzy away from prying eyes due to her unusual skin color.The trio were so engrossed in their house game that they didn't notice the stranger who approached them. The man in his mid thirties was dressed in a black leather jacket and denim pants and had a tribal tattoo on his left cheek.“What are you doing here, children? Shouldn't you be playing at the other park with other kids your age? ” The stranger said as he knelt down to them.
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Chapter 1 : Black Forest
~Raynel"Xephtys!""Xephtys!""Xephtys!""Xephtys!""Xephtys!"The roaring cries of the crowd echoed throughout the Battle Arena.Cheering.We are here in the Underground City, a hidden location where gangsters, assassins, mafia princes and princesses, reapers, and other people with dirty jobs take shelter or permanently live.The majority of illegal work comes from here, and it is protected by the government because they can profit a large sum of money from here during election season. You know, all the nefarious tactics they’ll do in order to obtain their desired position. The authorities as well had never raided this area. You know, money can make anything work.Not everyone is welcome here though. People can't enter if here if they don't have a UC card, but it can be obtained, they need to be in an assassin guild, gangsters, mafia, or other organization that fits in the criteria
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Chapter 2: The Heiress
~TriciaShit! Shit! Shit! I keep on cursing as I ran fast. My vision started to blacken as I tried to catch my breath and it’s freaking damn hard to breathe with a mask on.It's eleven forty five already and I'm fifteen minutes late. I ran from the so-called "dark forest" up to here, and hello, my class is still on the 5th floor, so I ran a terrifying marathon just to get here hopefully in time but still didn’t make it.When I got to the door, I knocked; a few moments later, it opened. A woman in her mid-40s holds the door wide open, she may be my professor in this subject."You must be the transferee, right? Come on in." She stated this while staring at me from head to toe. Pfft! I can tell because I'm dripping sweat and look very haggard.My body is so wrapped up and so who doesn't sweat?"Yes, ma'am, that's me. And I apologize for being late; I got lost." I said while still catching my breath, I bowed in respect and en
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Chapter 3: New Classmates
~Tricia"Tricia Are you sure you're not going to eat?" Miette asks while her mouth was stuffed. We were in the cafeteria, just as they had told me earlier. Or let’s just say that they dragged me here."No, I'm still full. Don't be bothered with my presence." I replied assuring them. Actually, I’m salivating while I watched them hog down all the food they ordered. But, I couldn't eat with them because I couldn't remove my mask.I just can’t."Isn't it a little bit awkward? We're the only ones eating, and you're just there staring at us." Jaffy's muffled voice spoke while eating spaghetti. So they're still uncomfortable in that situation, eh? They ate almost everything, and if this plate, spoon, fork, glass, and Chuckie container were only edible, they might chuck it in as well. They ordered as if somebody is throwing a fiesta."Miette darling, I'm so full. I can't eat all of this, it'll ruin my figure, and now I have to burn all
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Chapter 4: New Instructor
~AxthonIt's already eight o’clock, Trinity is getting impatient waiting for her to arrive. I catch a glimpse of Seth’s scowling face while tapping the armrest of his leather couch impatiently. I didn't bother talking to him, cause judging by the look on his face, he'd behead me in no time if I said anything.Trinity pace back and forth as they wait for her on the Battleground. I'm wondering if she withdrew. Trinity Gang is a tough opponent; they are ranked second in UC. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't show up tonight and we just wasted our time coming here. I'm curious what she'll look with a tattooed face. I've seen a lot of tattooed women, and not one of them were attractive.It's not that I'm racist or anything; it's just my opinion.We are in the Battle Arena's very top side viewing room. This box was protected by a bulletproof glass wall and a metal door. Nobody else comes here except us. This room provided us with 360-d
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Chapter 5: Blackmail
~RaynelShit! I can't really believe what we just saw. She’s a monster. A goddess disguised as a monster. I believe we have found the rough version of Seth.I was planning to make her as one of my collection but what I saw, I think it is better to back off. To stay out of her if possible.I can't risk making a move towards her. My chance to have her as one of my chicka babes has disappeared, my beloved precious gem may be cut off if ever, and my species is in grave danger.Jeez! Now I'm scared for my precious handsome face.Internally, I shake my head, brushing the thought away from my head.Nah, It’s better to leave that chick to Seth.Maybe they'll like each other or maybe they won't.By the looks of it, I’m pretty sure they will be clawing each other’s neck in no time. They’re brutes. Just to think of them killing each other terrifies me. That thought alone sends shiver down my spine.Speaking of mons
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Chapter 6: Road Block
~SethI was too preoccupied with my own thoughts and to our new instructor. Then, there's this mummy girl who turns out to be the heiress to two of the Philippines' most powerful corporations. I've known Mr. and Mrs. Willsmith for a while, but I've never met her. Why did they keep this from the public?Violet, the tattooed girl, and her ridiculous challenge comes in second. The memories of where I first saw them together with that masked girl. I assume it was Willsmith, I was going to confront her earlier, but our new instructor interrupted me. He introduced himself as Jacob Stan, and I'm not sure if he was related to the Stan Mafia. I'll definitely ask Raynel about it later.Another question that comes to mind is, what exactly are they doing here at Hill Universi
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Chapter 7: Ghost from the Past
~Seth"Willsmith!" When I saw her fall, I cried and ran towards her, cupping her face and lightly tapping it."Wake up!"There was no reaction.“Hey! Sh*t!” I cursed under my breath.I remember her having asthma, fuck it!Oh, no. I scoop her up in a bridal style and rush to my car.I quickly buckled her seatbelt and rushed into the driver's seat after putting her in the passenger seat.What should I do now?I look at her, hoping she will wake up soon. I pressed my ear against her chest to see if she was still alive. Thankfully, her heart was still beating normally.That gave me a sigh of relief.My mind is debating, my left and right brain arguing over whether or not to take her to the hospital.My left tells me to bring her, but my right tells me not to.If Mrs. Willsmith will be informed that her daughter has been admitted to the hospital. She'll undoub
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Chapter 8: Kiss
~SethI came straight here to UC after I took Willsmith to her house yesterday. My men had already cleaned up the mess that Crade had brought.I'm sitting alone at the kitchen counter, drinking vodka.My mind went to that mummy girl. If she's Violet's twin sister, there's a good chance Willsmith looks like Violet. Right?Don't get me wrong, I'm just telling the about what I had observe. I’ll admit, Violet is beautiful. More beautiful that the girls I had met so far.Then, I remember when I caught a brief glimpse of Willsmith's nose and eyelashes. Which exude perfection. And even though only half of her face is visible, I can tell she's stunning. Only if she’s not wearing with those ridiculous clothes.Wait a minute, why would I concern myself with the clothes she wears?Can someone whip me for what I'm thinking right now? This is a total mess! Why would I even concern myself with Willsmith?Mrs. Willsmith hasn
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Chapter 9: Guilt
~Tricia / IslaWhen I got home, I went in through the back door in case anyone saw me in my Violet outfit. I'm still dressed with my fitted black sleeveless top, knee high boots with matching 6'in cigarettes heels, black leather pants, and my brightly violet hair, plus I'm not wearing any contact lenses, revealing my oddly colored eyes.I still have blood smudges on my skin that I need to clean.The people here have given me enough trust that I am free to roam around the house. Without the need to hide my face. Mom only hired a few people she had known for a long time to keep my identity private.I went straight to my room, took a shower, and changed into a cotton camisole tops and cotton pink pants before heading downstairs.Mommy greeted me in the kitchen. I thought she was too busy? What exactly is she doing here?"Mom? What brings you here?" I asked her as I kissed her on the cheek."Wh
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