Belonging To The Two Beast Kings

Belonging To The Two Beast Kings

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A reverse harem (MxFxM) story. *** They are the Beast, ruling over the earth for thousands of years and are the ultimate Kings. They are invincible, powerful and cold hearted. Their words are the command which no one dared to refuse, their actions are cruel which makes people tremble in terror, their presence itself is enough to make death turn it's way. They had everything one could ask for- power, strength, position, wealth and looks. Yet they were not happy. The only thing they ever wanted in their life was their mate. They knew they are cursed to live without a mate, without their other half but it didn't stopped them from searching for their mate. Then imagine their surprise when one night their mate magically appears in front of them out of nowhere. *** The Beast Kings are the one who are merciless. They are the one who are Savage Beasts. They are the one who are Heartless monsters. They are the one who killed thousands and thousands of people. They are the one who causes fear in people with just the mention of them. They are the one who doesn't have enemies because no one dares to oppose them. They are the one who have strength combined of all the supernatural species. They are the one who are the kings of All. They are the one who are The Beast Kings. They are the one who are searching for their mate ever since they remember. They are the one who will do anything to find her. And she is their Mate. Their little Rose. Their Human Mate.

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    120 chapters
    The Beast Kings are the one who are merciless. They the one who are the rulers of the supernatural world. They are the one who are Savage Beasts. They are the one who are Heartless monsters. They are the one who killed thousands and thousands of people. They are the one who causes fear in people with just the mention of them. They are the one who doesn't have enemies because no one dares to oppose them. They are the one who have strength combined of all the supernatural species. They are the one who are the kings of All. They are the one who are The Beast Kings. They are the one who are searching for their mate ever since they remember. They are the one who will do anything to find her. And I am Their Mate. Their little Rose. Their Human Mate. ****Some of the important concepts. 
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    Chapter 1
    Third person's pov.  "Ahhhhhhh" A scream left the male vampire's lips as both the Kings of supernatural, the beast kings ripped his both fangs apart. The vampire's back became a bloodied mess from all the torture he was suffering. Ripping a Vampire's fangs means stripping him from his title, from his the vampire clan.  He layed there on the cold dirty floor with his both legs somewhere far yet near to him. The Beast kings has ripped his both legs apart. Tossing them in the corner of the room as if they are just some used clothes. Blood continued to flow from his thighs from where his legs have been ripped apart.  He had brutal claw marking all over his body and face leaving a permanent marks behind it. His nails have been ripped apart while some fingers were missing.  Any person would have feel mercy for the tortured vampire but the Beast kings didn't.  They never felt it because they themselves were the monste
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    Chapter 2
    Third person's pov.  "My Ki-ings" A red eyed demon called the beast kings while his eyes stayed on the ground. No one should look into the eyes of beast Kings. It's a sign of disrespect to the Kings. Moreover the Kings don't like it when someone looks in their eyes.    There's a saying that the both Kings eyes are so terrifying that whenever someone looks in there eyes they faint from fear. Some elders says that their eyes are black. Totally black. Like literally black with no hint of white in it.  It is said that the one who has seen the kings  eyes some millions of years ago have died due to the fear which consumed them. Who ever have saw the beast kings eyes has been dead. A large amount of terror possess the people who see the eyed of the beast kings.  Their eyes are like a black hole sucking the life of the people. When someone looks in their eyes they feel like the Kings eyes are taking the light away from t
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    Chapter 3
    Third person's pov. The dark night came quickly as the sun was long gone. The whole sky was empty of the shining stars making the night appear more darker. The moon hiding itself behind the dark clouds making the whole atmosphere appear gloomy. Every person present inside the palace shudder. A feeling of terror was possessing them for just being present in the palace. There faces marked with fear as they waited for the beast kings to appear. Every unmated supernatural females were present in the ball including the human females too. It's for the first time the humans are attending the ball of the palace. Otherwise the only work they do is to clean the whole palace. Beads of sweats formed on the faces of the women's as they thought of being the Beast Kings mate. Their body shivering just at the thought of it. Everyone present in the palace knew that all the females of different
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    Chapter 4
    Rose's pov. "Yes" "No" "Yes" "No" "Yes" "No" "Mom please" I said giving her my best puppy dog eyes. Seeing a internal battle in her eyes I knew she was going to say yes. After all no one can resist my puppy dog eyes. It wins every time. "No" Uhh not every time I guess.. Of course it doesn't. You look like a road side pig asking for some food. My subconscious decided to visit me at the exact time and give me her not so important advice. However, as intelligent i am i clearly ignored her. "Why not Mom" I whined angrily at her. "I promise I will be back before eve-" "Because I said so and it's end of the discussion. I don't want to hear anything about it now" Mom said as she gave me a pointed look.
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    Chapter 5
    Third person's pov.  "The Kings met the Queen yesterday" "The Queen was so beautiful" "The Queen ran away when she saw the Kings" "The Kings tried to kill the Queen" "The Kings don't deserve her" "The kings are going mad for her" "The Queen got scared when she saw the eyes of the Kings" "The Kings are killing who ever are coming in front of them" "The Royal beta is trying to calm the Kings but nothing is working" "The Kings will kill everyone if they didn't find the Queen" "But how did the Queen disappeared?" "Is she a witch?" All this thoughts were running in the mind of all the supernatural of different realm. However, no one dared to speak their thoughts loud.  All they knew is that the Kings find the Queen yesterday and suddenly the Queen disappeared. The kings have gone on rampage since then. Killing everyone one who comes in their sight without the informat
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    Chapter 6
    Rose pov The birds chirped while flying in the sky as the sun rays finally graced them by it's presence. The cool winds flowing slowly making the trees dance on it's tune. The animals of the forest woke up, jumping around enjoying the pleasant morning fragrance of the forest. "Free your mind of every thought and put all of your focus on your hand. Lift your hand little upward and move your fist in a circular motion." My mom said to other children of our forest. Sitting alone on a rock I watched her teaching them witch magic. Yes, a witch magic. Since they all are witch here while I am the only human between them. All I could do is watch them from far while mom was teaching them some magic tricks. "Yes exactly like it. Now put more focus on it and try to create some engry in between your hands." Mom said praising them. Mom was currently teaching them how to a create m
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    Chapter 7
    Rose pov "Have you heard about the Kings Rose?" Emily asked me sitting beside me while putting her feets inside the river.  Currently we were sitting near the river with our legs dipped in it.  Looking over to her I gave her a confused look.  "Who doesn't know about the Kings Emily?Every person present in the world knows about the Kings. Every supernatural, human and even animals knows about the Kings." I told her while rolling my eyes.  "Sometimes your questions can be so stupid Emily." I said giving Emily a you-are-stupid look.  My best friend is really wired sometimes.  She is wired all the time.  Rolling her eyes she looked at me. "My question isn't stupid Rose. What I meant to say is have you heard the news about the Kings?" Ohh.  "Huh which news?" "The Kings have finally met the Queen!" She told me with a scared expression on her face.  "
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    Chapter 8
    Rose's pov. A small yawn escaped my lips as I lazily rubbed my eyes. Stretching my arms I sighed. Feeling still sleepy I looked over the watch. It was 6:30 in the morning. Getting off the bed I went towards the bathroom. Coming from the bathroom after some minutes I wore my clothes. It's so peaceful here. Let me tell you, peace in my house is really a odd thing. All the credit goes to buddy though. Speaking of which, where is buddy? I haven't seen him since morning. Where he might be? "Buddy where are you?" I asked as I continued to search him. God knows where he is hiding. "Okay fine. I loss and you win. Now come fast." I tried to trick him. But did he came? No. He didn't fall for my trick. He is so intelligent after all. Ju
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    Chapter 9
    Third person's pov Quick reminder:- Grace is Rose's mother and Emily is Rose's best friend. "That's wrong. You need to pay more attention Emily. If this continues then I am sorry to say but you won't be able pass the witch training." Grace said with a small frown on her face. None of her students are like this. Her every student learned everything quickly expect for Emily. Though Emily the daughter of one of the powerful couple in the forest, she still didn't qualify to a witch. Her powers are not even one percent of the witches. Even if she learns something, it always goes wrong. It always makes her worried for Emily. Emily is a sweet child but such sweetness is of no use. Emily is just like Rose. Sweet and always trusting anyone. But the world is too cruel for such people. "Grace!" A witch called out Grace. Grace turned to look at her. "Yes?" She
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