Running with Wolves

Running with Wolves

By:  Tawarriel  Completed
Language: English
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“You are not human or one of us.” I broke the silence. “What are you?” I wanted to know. Her smell was very strange, lingering softly in the air. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was like a sweet herb with a hint of something spicy. It pulled me in, triggering in me a hidden desire to know more about this girl. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and balled her little gloved hands into fists. When the mysterious woman arrives at Grey Moon, an elusive werewolf pack hidden deep in the mountains, neither she nor the Alpha and his pack could have anticipated the adventures that fate had in store.

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79 Chapters
“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” - George Carlin.➳ Trigger/Content warning list 🐾SexExcessive or gratuitous violenceDeath or dyingBlood➳ Teaser 🐾“When I mustered the courage to reveal myself, he kept staring at me. I suppose he had never heard of my species either, and I must've looked very strange to him.But when our eyes met, I felt something I had never felt before in my life. I was drawn to him in a way that I hadn’t sensed with any other male in all my years. It was mystical, like I could stare directly into the soul of this man and I recognized him as part of myself.”Excerpt from “Running with wolves.”➳
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1 - A G M Y S T H E R
➳ Pernwél   I’ve never been so lost in my life. Everything around me was different, I didn’t know where I was.  The only thing I wanted right now is to be back in my bed and wish that this morning never happened. *Flashback. An ear-piercing sound forced me to open my eyes. I was in my room. I saw smoke coming beneath the crack of the door and alarm bells went off in my mind. We were under attack. I jumped up in a defensive stance and used my years of combat training to look around and assess the situation. I needed to move fa
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2 - W O L V E S
➳ Pernwél   Pushing back the tears that tried to break free from my eyes, I got myself up from the ground and looked at the provisions that I had with me. Counting my weapons I had my sword, bow, two normal and one ignition arrow. In my belt were some knives and a dagger. I pulled my hood over my head and pointy ears to cover myself. The fabric was mossy green so I could hide better in the woods. My long silver hair would reflect the sunlight and I would be easier to spot. I was in unknown land and I had no idea what or whom lived here. Spotting some trees and rocks together I moved behind them to protect myself as I did some inventory on the rest of my belongings. In my bag I had water, some crackers and dried fruit. Typical warrior package for scouting. More daggers, two of which I put between the straps of my boots, handy for throwing. An extra hood and some warmer clothes in case the weather chan
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3 - G R E Y M O O N
🐾 Alpha Jake   My Beta Darren brought in a strange girl earlier. He claims that he found her in the woods on the daily patrol of our borders. Our pack is well hidden deep in the mountains so I don’t have a clue how she got here. We keep to ourselves because we train our warriors thouroughly and we don’t want anyone from the outside snooping around or finding out about our patrol schedule and training. There were a lot of neighboring packs that wanted to know more about Grey Moon, we had some of the best werewolf warriors in existence and we were self-sufficient and wealthy. We had alliances with other packs and we worked together in times of need or war but, being a big pack like ours leads to creating enemies based on border lines and jealousies, also resulting from time to time in a rogue attack. He said she was by herself and it didn’t look like she was planning anything against us. She was start
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4 - P A C K
➳ Pernwél   The leader, Alpha Jake, had come to interrogate me. I get it. I’m on his land and he has to make sure I’m not a threat to his people. I’ve been a warrior my whole life knowing what to do in every situation because I was instructed to do so. This was a different situation. I’m alone, exhausted and definitely not in my village anymore. Even if I tried to make my escape I would be caught in a matter of minutes. I needn’t fight nor run at this point, so I answered his questions the best that I could and hoped that I would be spared. From his explanation of my whereabouts I found myself in a different world entirely. I never heard of shifters, less about werewolves. I saw before that it entailed to transform from wolf into man and vice versa. Just like normal wolves travel and hunt in packs, these people, werewolves, lived together in this little town. They call themselves the Grey Moo
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5 - M A T E
🐾 Alpha Jake   After I left Pernwél in the kitchen with Myriam and Anna, I retreated into my study. I had to think over a lot of things. Wolves mate for life, and there is only one person in the whole of existence chosen for you by the Moon Goddess, or so it says in our folklore and legends. Sometimes it happens that one of them dies before meeting each other after turning of age, and in these cases, it could happen that you would find a second chance mate. It is very rare, but I’ve seen it once before. If you are a werewolf you can find your mate after your eighteenth birthday. The bond can be triggered by smell, touch, or like I just witnessed in the basement, by looking into your mate’s eyes. After looking into those beautiful green eyes I felt my wolf growl to life, expecting us to claim her right on the spot, but I had to approach this differently than a normal mate bond between two werewolves.
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6 - N I G H T M A R E
➳ Pernwél   Sunrays slightly dance around my fur, caressing it with its warmth. It softly plays with the colors of the leaves falling from the trees, welcoming autumn. Before my eyes, guided by the wind that streams through them, a dance of light and color takes place. A breathtaking view, to partake in the beauty of nature. The rustling of the falling leaves onto the mossy ground, littering a carpet made of the reddish and maroon tones of the withering of the summer season. Admiring the sounds of the forest with my enhanced hearing and being able to smell the earthy tones of the trees with hints of herbs and a few flowers that still bloomed, I revel in the connection my paws make onto the surface as I slowly pace through it, taking everything in. I don’t remember this particular forest, it’s not the one I’m used to running in. I sniffed around following the scent of wa
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7 - R O G U E
➳ Pernwél   Alpha Jake looked at me and pointed to the outlines of the field that were marked with a white line. “They are putting up the obstacle course,” he said faintly, almost whispering. “First we run a lap or two to warm up.” I was looking at all the werewolves working in perfect sync, but when they saw their leader, they bowed their head to the side slightly, revealing their necks while uttering “Good morning, Alpha.” in unison. “Good morning Grey Moon pack.” He bellowed, so everyone on the field would hear him. It was a powerful voice and he radiated that aura again. I presumed it was what made him the leader. “Pack, this is Pernwél.” He said gesturing to me. “She will join us today.” They looked at me with questions burning in their eyes, but they didn’t ask anything. I don’t think they were used to strangers walking in on their training sessions, but they didn’t dare question their
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8 - P R O B L E M S
🐾 Alpha Jake   Like every morning, except on weekends, we had pack training. Every adult wolf came to the training fields at the crack of dawn to run across an obstacle course that changed patterns every day and spar. The werewolves of my pack were very well trained and pushed harder in every way to become stronger, doing justice to being one of the best packs to ever exist. I took pride in the resilience of my people. They knew that belonging to this pack also meant having to protect the elders, children and non-warriors amongst them and fight for it very often. That entailed also the importance of training and they took it very seriously. The obstacle course built stamina and speed, keeping them focused and giving options to analyze, strategize and provide a new challenge every day. It kept them on their toes anticipating every possible outcome. I was surprised this morning that Pernwél wa
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9 - E L D E R S
➳ Pernwél   What’s wrong with me? I never used to falter and I could stay stoic and in charge of my emotions. Like it should pertain to a warrior like me. This has all been so strange. It’s like something is messing with my hormones. Maybe these strange shifters are getting to me. Sighing, I closed the door behind me as I got to my room in the packhouse. No, I said to myself, that’s not it. I’ve been on a rollercoaster of sorts the last two days, the notion that my village is gone hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’ve been too busy adapting myself to this new Realm. I jumped at the opportunity to train because it’s where I am most in my element, I’m used to it. The physical exercise was so
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