When Hearts Collide (complete)

When Hearts Collide (complete)

By:  ResaD  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jackie is a 38 year old divorcee who has two kids (13 year old Sam and 10 year old Dylan) and just happens to own and run 5’o Clock Ville, one of the hottest bars around, and is in desperate need of a bartender, amongst other things. Enter 26 year old heart throb, who just so happens to be a bad boy, Bobby, who is in need of a job. She hires him for his skills, but Bobby sure makes her see that everything didn’t die during her marriage. Can the bad boy be tamed? Can the divorcee learn to have fun again? What problems can arise from a little flirtation? He wasn’t looking for love and she wasn’t looking for marriage again; but just how deep were they willing to go to explore these new found feelings with each other?

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52 chapters
~ Chapter 1 ~
Jackie looked around her busy bar and let out a sigh as she kept the cell phone against her ear, her daughter’s anger coming through loudly, even without her voice being raised, yet.                 “Look, Sam, please…”                 “Mom!”  Jackie frowned as her daughter screamed at her.                 “Samantha!  I know you did not just raise your voice to me.”  Jackie let out a breath.  “I know you think you are old enough to take care of you and your brother, but you aren’t.  You are only 13 and Dylan is 10, I’m sorry, but, please stop giving Mrs. Smith a hard time.”                 “This is not fair!”   &nb
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~ Chapter 2 ~
“That’s it…baby…ride me, ride me harder, just like that.”  Bobby looked up at the woman who was currently riding his dick like she was in the rodeo, his hands on her hips as he watched her tits bounce around.  He met her down at the bar he was working at and those same tits are what caught, and sadly held, his interest.  In fact, he couldn’t even recall her name; Jodi, Julie,…hell Jack.  It started with a J but that’s all he could remember.  Not that he hooked up with women to remember their Goddamn name, he hooked up to fuck and they knew that too.  He was not, and hadn’t been, boyfriend material; that was the furthest thing from his mind.                 “God Bobby, you fucking feel so good, better than my…”  She screamed as the door burst open to the room and a leather clad man stood in the doorway, looking like he was going to murder someone.   
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~ Chapter 3 ~
Bobby kept his stuff in the car as he got out and followed Buzz into the bar, his eyes taking in the cleanliness and the layout.  It wasn’t huge but if any establishment needed two bars, he knew it was popular; at least that’s what he always thought when he worked bars.  He saw the bar that ran along one whole side of one wall and saw another that was outside, and that’s when he noticed that the bar had stairs that went down to the beach.                “Shit, you guys have beach front property here?”                “Jackie was adamant when she bought land for a bar; she had to have a beach that went with it.  The land is hers, but the law only allows you to go so far with liquor, so that’s why the patio is so big, and there is always a bouncer at the bottom of th
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~ Chapter 4 ~
Jackie took Bobby’s hand, her eyes catching his and yeah, she could see why he could have all the women.  Those arms, those tattoos, those fuck me eyes and all topped with that ‘come hither’ smile; yeah, could totally see; and she wouldn’t fault the many women who would be throwing themselves at him.  She wasn’t a fool either, she knew that could all be lethal; thank goodness she wasn’t some young, sexy thing or she would be falling for every little thing he did.                 “Sorry, yes, I’m Bobby, but you….you can’t be Jackie.”                 “I am.  Welcome to my bar; my other baby.  I’m sorry I was late.”  Bobby shook his head, his eyes running over the woman before him and smiled.                 “No, you
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~ Chapter 5 ~
Jackie took a step back to watch Bobby; he was a really good bartender.  He mixed drinks effortlessly, offered out smiles and had even pulled a few tricks.  The bar opened an hour ago and the crowd was slowly trickling in, a lot of the regulars sliding up to the bar and other than lending a hand on a few of the specials, Bobby had it under control.  She was even willing to step up and help when he got an order for a round of six shots, three beer bottles, two specials, two small bottles of wine, and two rums and cokes, but he waved her off. She watched as he lined up the shot glasses on the left side, the bottles on the right and unscrewed the lids on the bottles with his right hand while his left poured the shots with his left hand and then he made the mixed drinks.  She rang up the order and then handed the guy the receipt and card back before she turned and looked at Bobby.           &nb
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~ Chapter 6 ~
Bobby walked out of the building and kept an eye on the time as he walked down the street.  He only needed a few things, everything was in the apartment; but he wanted a king size bed, a couch and his own sheets.  And on top of that, he wanted a bike, which he knew that Harley store wasn’t that far away.  And then on his first day off, he was going to take a drive down the coast and enjoy the most gorgeous beaches; and okay, maybe some bodies.                 Although, he had some gorgeous eye catches at the bar.  That included his boss as well; something he still couldn’t quite wrap his mind around.  She was single, that much he knew; well divorced but there still wasn’t a man in her life.  And that he found out by over hearing a customer talking to her last night.  Not that he meant to listen in, but they were talking right by where he was making the drinks. <
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~ Chapter 7 ~
Jackie watched Bobby for a moment while she had a slow stream of customers and really had to give him props; he knew his stuff.  And yes, knew how to wow the crowd, in other words, how to flirt and be amazing eye candy.  And damn, how she wished she was younger and had a body like those younger girls, for she could admit she wouldn’t mind catching his eye.  She sighed to herself, though, knowing this was all a useless train of thought.                 “Hey hot stuff.”  Her head snapped up and she smiled at the young man before her on the other side of the bar.  Now, she knew she didn’t look her age, but never thought she’d see men in their 20’s hitting on her.                 “Hey, what can I get you?”               &n
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~ Chapter 8 ~
That night, after she locked up and counted the money and put it away to be deposited, she sat at her desk, hearing the man above her moving around.  She couldn’t say the kiss felt wrong, because it didn’t.  But it was, for a few reasons.                 For one, she was his boss.  Not that that was a big thing in her book.  She worked under the thought that as long as the atmosphere and work environment was okay, you could do whatever.  But she didn’t know where he stood and what his thoughts were.                 Two, the 12 year age gap; he was sexy and good looking and why in the world would he even look at her?  It was obvious many females were eyeing her new bartender and that was great, and she knew she held no candle to those young sexy lines and curves.  Not that she looked ol
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~ Chapter 9 ~
Well, shit, she walked out to talk to him, not to admire the new bike.  But how could she not when the black and blue body paint was calling out to her?  And the moment that her leg went over the side and she sat down, she had quite a few images come to mind, and none of them was about talking.  That wasn’t good!  So, she took what little will power she had, climbed off the bike and faced him.  They needed to have this talk; okay, she needed to have this talk.                 “Can we talk?”  His gaze narrowed slightly at her but he nodded.  “About last night...”                 “That hot ass kiss?”  She couldn’t help but blush, which made her only curse at herself.  She wasn’t a fucking virgin or someone who didn’t know her way around.      &n
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~ Chapter 10 ~
Jackie cleaned up around her house, her thoughts focused on one man and for the first time, it wasn’t that jackass of an ex husband.  No, maybe thinking of him would be easier, but nope, her thoughts were focused on Bobby.  And she wanted to yell.  She knew it wasn’t fair, but for the moment, she was going to dwell on it.                 To her, the funny part about all of it, in fact, was that she had already had this talk with herself.  She knew she couldn’t get involved with that man, so why be upset?                 Jackie sighed as she put the last plate away.  She wasn’t dumb, she knew the emotion.  And as much as she hated to admit it, it was straight out jealousy.  Bobby did things to her body that she had long forgotten.  And the bad part about all of it was that she knew
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