From Rags to Richmond

From Rags to Richmond

By:  Wilkey Isaacs  Completed
Language: English
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Warren Cole was living his life as an average student at the University of Flemond. He just finished his programming class when he received a call from back home. Taking out his phone, he was confused to see that it was Uncle Geoffrey. "Please come home, Warren. There is something important you have to know. Make sure to be here in the next three days." A click was heard and then it was quiet. Warren arrived at the dorm room and packed his bags. When he arrived at the airport, it was still unbeknownst to him that when he would return to Flemond, his whole life would be turned upside down...

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191 Chapters
Chapter 1
"I promise to be there for you, no matter what happens," Warren pleaded with Jennifer. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he swallowed the disappointment of catching his girlfriend red-handed, holding hands with the most popular student on campus. "Warren, love doesn't always pay the bills," Jennifer snorted in return. It was like something straight out of a novel. Seeing the person you love with all your heart, looking so happy and carefree with someone else, was something that Warren Cole never expected to see. Just last week they promised each other that they would be married the moment when they graduate. How things would change...Jennifer seemed as if she didn't have a care in the world as she looked with eyes of admiration at Charles Chamberlain. Charles' father was the richest man in Flemond. He could afford anything he lay his eyes on. Money was something that the Chamberlains could blow through without blinking twice. "Who is he?" Cham
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Chapter 2
Early the next morning Warren walked towards the room next door and knocked softly. There were giggling noises coming from within and Warren could feel his heart skip a few beats.'It's best if I face the music now and get it over and done with,' Warren thought to himself. He was greeted by the familiar face of Claudia who opened the door. She wore her pajamas as it was still early in the morning. She rubbed her eyes a few times to make sure that it wasn't playing any tricks on her."I'm so sorry. Is Lloyd home, there is something I..." Before he could finish he was greeted with a loud slap across his face. Claudia couldn't wait to make him pay after the embarrassment she had to face the previous day."You have some nerve showing your face here again. Lloyd he's here!" she shouted. Within a few seconds a rather burly man appeared in the doorway. It was Lloyd Williams. The tank top that he was wearing exposed his rather bulk
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Chapter 3
Later the day when Warren arrived on campus to attend his classes, he could feel a lot of eyes piercing his whole being. It wasn't a surprise considering he just became famous for being the punching bag of Lloyd Williams.He ignored the stares that people gave him and went to attend his classes as usual. Inside the classroom the stares became even more evident, with a few students snickering among themselves while passing comments. "Some people are really shameless. To think after being dumped, they would then spy on innocent girls who are taking showers." It was Lauren Cooper who made the remark.It is no surprise that Lauren knew that Jennifer dumped Warren, since she and her sister, Lisa, were Jennifer's close friends. Warren pretended as if he didn't hear a thing. He could only endure the immense shame he was feeling at that moment. Being innocent or not wasn't the issue anymore. His name was already quite famous as he was the fa
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Chapter 4
Time flew as Warren was lost in thought. It wasn't long till he heard a few voices near him. Looking at the source, he was surprised to see Samuel walking with Lauren.'When did they meet and why do they look so intimate?' Warren wondered. Not wanting to bother or waste any time with Lauren, he got up and prepared to leave."Warren, it really is you," Samuel said. He smiled as he approached his friend. The smile on Lauren's face, however, turned into a frown."Samuel, I think it's best that I leave. There are certain individuals I don't want to be associated with. If it's alright with you, I'd like to take a rain check," she said.Samuel could only smile awkwardly as he knew about Lauren's relationship with Jennifer. He also didn't want to put Warren in an awkward position, that's why he didn't refuse Lauren from leaving. As Lauren disappeared from sight, Warren couldn't help but look at Samuel with a hint of disappointment in his eyes."So you guy
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Chapter 5
It was the girl from the food stall that Warren 'met' that one time he almost scorched her with his coffee. She didn't look as aggravated as she seemed then, but nor does she look very friendly. This man did almost ran her almost into the ground. "I'm really sorry Miss. I didn't see you there," Warren said as he avoided her gaze."Forget about it. Next time look where you are walking," she said.Warren could only nod shyly as he quickly left without having to explain himself any further. As he left his phone suddenly rang. It was a familiar number and the name that appeared. He answered and said with a polite voice "Hello Aunt Joanne. How are you?" "Not too well. Your uncle isn't feeling too well. I am just wondering when you can come around to visit us. He has something he wants to share with you."Warren could hear in his aunt's voice that something might really be wrong. "I'm not sure when I can go home Aunt. I'm a li
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Chapter 6
Warren saw his uncle sitting on his usual chair with a gloomy expression on his face.  However the moment he saw Warren, his expression immediately changed. He hurried over and embraced him. It was a little bit awkward for Warren since his uncle was never one to openly show emotion like this. Something must be bothering him, otherwise he would never be so affectionate now.   "Warren, it's good to see you my boy. It has been way too long!" Warren responded by smiling and saying "Yes Uncle. It has been too long, I hope my absence wasn't too much of a hindrance to you and Aunt Joanne. " "Not at all," Uncle Geoffrey laughed.  He made small talk with Warren until Aunt Joanne called them for dinner. Time really flies when you're having fun, and since Warren and his uncle had so much to talk about, they didn't even notice that almost 3 hours have passed. Aunt Joanne made her specialty: fried rice with braised po
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Chapter 7
"What do you mean when you say he was my mother's greatest loss?" Warren asked puzzled. Thinking about what he just said, Uncle Geoffrey immediately frowned and said "Never mind.""Although we kept this a secret from you for such a long time, I want you to know that your mother had a very good reason for it.""She had know an indescribable joy when she met your father. But you should know that when someone learns to love so deeply, they are even more vulnerable to disappointment and heartache." Still trying to come to terms with the fact that his father is one of the richest men in all of the Cape Continent, Warren couldn't help but feel that his uncle's reasoning made sense. What happened between his mother and father? Even though something terrible might have occurred, it didn't make sense that he and his family had to suffer in poverty for such a long time, when he had a father who could afford anything he wanted. "Warren, I know that you're confused
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Chapter 8
'He just had to say it, didn't he?' Warren thought to himself.It is true that 'Wax Man' is just a name that Gary came up with in order to taunt Warren, but the name in itself also carries a lot of weight. Back in high school, Gary was a real bully. He had his ocassional pranks with which he would unnerve a lot of students. One time he poured super glue in Warren's hat, and when Warren put it on, the hat became stuck. Warren had to forceully remove his hat, but in doing so, he lost the majority of his hair. In order to avoid any more embarrassment, he cut his hair bald. This action, however, caused a lot more harm than good. A lot of his other classmates also started bullying him more fiercely when they saw his bald and shiny head. Warren had to stay at home for two to three weeks so that his hair may grow back. The bruised ego he suffered back then, caused him to become even more introverted as well as enhance the fear he felt for Gary. He could never forgive nor forget that
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Chapter 9
After he paid for the groceries, Warren walked back home. On his way there, he encountered a little girl sitting on the sidewalk. She couldn't be more than five years old, and her neat and clean dress, oozed wealth. What caught Warren's eye was the trace of a teardrop down her cheek. 'Why is she crying? Where is her parents? Is she lost, or something?' Warren had a lot of questions running through his mind. He couldn't handle his curiosity any longer, so he approached the little girl and asked her "Hello, may I ask where your parents are?"The girl stared at him and just shook her head. 'She doesn't trust me enough to tell me anything. Guess it can't be helped. Especially since I'm a stranger and I often come across as shady because of my sense of dressing.'Warren didn't want to bother her any further, since he felt that this was a scenario he didn't want to get too involved with. So he decided to leave. However, the
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Chapter 10
Still looking in awe at Warren's back as he was leaving, Miss Sun's thoughts were interrupted when Kayla pulled on her hand."Miss Sun, could you please call my mommy. I want to go home. It is not right of me to bother you on your day off." Kayla didn't want her teacher to feel bad, since she already felt as if she was a burden to her. "Don't worry, Kayla. I will call her immediately so that you may be reunited with her." After that Miss Sun called a number and conversed with a certain individual for a minute or two.30 minutes later a Porsche Taycan arrived at the school gate. Out stepped a very beautiful and elegant woman. She looked as if she was in her mid twenties and her exquisite and classy demeanor could turn any men's knees into jelly. She greeted Miss Sun and after a few pleasantries, she left with Kayla. Warren, on the other hand, just arrived at home. His aunt was waiting for him with her arms crossed in front of her c
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