Since Then, It’s Already You

Since Then, It’s Already You

By:  Clarice Concepcion  Completed
Language: English
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Brilliant, fanciable, wealthy, most sought after man, Engineer Kenzo Vasquez... Simple, kind-hearted, but possesses a bewitching beauty and a voluptuous figure, Secretary Yara Gomez... Adorable, witty, cute, friendly but the most talkative of them all, Baby Dream Gomez... A bachelor? A bachelorette? A child?

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58 Chapters
Chapter 1
It's been 10 years since he knew her. And in that span of time, how he wished to see her again but time didn't allow it. And now, the girl he's been wanting to see is only a few meters away from him. Will she remember him after what happened to him and her sister back in highschool? She didn't change at all but became more beautiful and attractive than before.  Kairo, Kylo, and Buster were looking at their friend who was in dazed, holding the resume of their new found secretary. "What happened to him?" Kairo asked looking at Kylo and Buster pointing at Kenzo but the two men only shrugged their shoulders.  "Bro!" Kylo called Kenzo. "Yes? What are you saying?" Kenzo was brought back to his senses when he heard his friend's voice. The three men laughed at their friend. Kenzo creased his forehead. <
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Chapter 2
It's Monday, Emma woke up early to cook breakfast for her daughter and grandchild. School for Dream and work for Yara.  Yara woke up next and after washing up, she walked towards Dream's room. "Good morning, Big Sister. Please guide Dream to her school and of course me, to my work." Yara said talking to the picture of her sister.  Yvette and Yara were opposite poles. One is conservative and the other one is vulgar. Yara is a homebody while Yvette likes to go out with her friends. Yara is humble while Yvette is boastful. But, though, they have their differences, their love for each other didn't change. Yvette is a good sister to Yara. Not a perfect daughter but, didn't forgot to respect her mother.  When Yvette got pregnant, Emma didn't got angry but instead, she hugged her daught
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Chapter 3
Kenzo was the first to reach the door of Abstract Worx and when he saw the front door, he raised his brows. Kairo, Kylo, and Buster were right behind him and they all smiled when they saw bouquets of flowers at the door. Yara furrowed her forehead when she saw that her four bosses were still standing outside. "Looks like our new secretary already gained admirers from the start of her fisrt day." Kairo said and looked back behind them where Yara is still standing, waiting for her bosses to come in. "Yeah, I think, we need to remind them that before they could court Yara, they need to pass through us." Kylo said that made Kairo and Buster smiled.  Kenzo got a card and read it. "Welcome, Miss Cinderella. Hope we could be friends." The message said and it was from the law firm. Kenzo picked another card. "You're so beautiful. Let's have dinner together one of this days." The card came from the medi
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Chapter 4
The whole morning, Yara spent her day by answering the phone, scheduling clients' meeting, looking for files, etc. etc. But she was used to it. Her previous works were just the same as now. And these things are not new to her. The clock hit 12 noon, meaning, it's lunchtime! "Yara, come, let's go to the third floor and have our lunch." Kairo said. "Yeah, it's your first day so we're treating you." Kylo said. "And we don't accept a NO for an answer." Buster said. Yara doesn't have a choice so after arranging her table, she stood up and walked towards her bosses who were patiently waiting for her. Before Kairo could open the door, Kenzo's door opened. "Are you all leaving me here?" Kenzo asked. His three friends furrowed their forehead. "Are you eating with us?" Kylo asked. "Yeah, can't I eat with you?" Kenzo said. "But you're always out for lunch, we can count how many times you're eating with us and that's, once in a blue
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Chapter 5
After coming back from their lunch, they proceeded to their office. But before Yara could close the door, someone stopped it from closing.  "Hi!" The man said. Yara furrowed her forehead. "Anything I can do for you, Sir?" Yara asked. Kairo saw there was someone at the door talking to Yara. "Who is it, Yara?" Kairo asked and came out from his office. Kylo and Buster came out too because of Kairo's voice. Kenzo, even inside his room, can see the people outside through the magic mirror wherein you can see the outside view while the people can't see what's inside. He creased his forehead seeing a medical doctor standing at the door.  Yara opened the door widely for her bosses to see who's their visitor. "Dr. Hernandez, what a surprise? You rarely visited us here unless you needed to refer a client for us." Kylo said looking at the doctor with puzzleme
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Chapter 6
Kenzo looked at the young girl hugging Yara and he felt something different towards the child but he can't name it. His mother, Olivia felt the same way too when she first met Dream at school. Dream looked like her mother, Yvette, so she doesn't looked different from her auntie. They would really be a mother-daughter tandem through their resemblance so no one will suspect that they were only on Auntie-niece relationship.  "Hi Auntie!" Kairo said when Olivia walked towards them that made latter smiled.  “Happy birthday, Sky!" Kylo, Kairo, and Buster said simultaneously. "Thank you." Sky said smiling but not looking at them but on Yara.  "Pretty Sister, are you really the mother of my best friend?" Sky asked that made Yara gulped before nodding. “Of course, who else wou
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Chapter 7
Yara and Dream went inside their house. Yara already informed her mom, Emma, that Dream was with her and she will tell everything to her when they come home.  Emma was watching her favorite drama in the television when the two arrived.  "How's the party?" Emma asked. "I enjoyed a lot, Mooma, the food is great especially the cathedral." Dream said with excitement in her voice. "Really? More delicious than your mom's?" Emma asked and Dream looked at Yara. "Oh, no, no! Mommy's cathedral is the best!" Dream said and smiled at Yara. "What a sycophant!?" Yara said smiling.  "You know what, Mooma, Sky's big brother is too kind. He helped me in doing my assignments." Dream said that made Emma furrowed her forehead and looked at Yara. "And he's handsome too." Dream continued. "Really?" Em
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Chapter 8
Kenzo and Yara have reached a restaurant where a client is waiting for them. The waiter ushered them in a VIP room and there was a man sitting on the couch. Yara can tell that his handsome but he can't be compared to Kenzo. "Girl, you're crazy." Her mind said to herself.  "Welcome, Mr. Vasquez." The client greeted  Kenzo but the latter furrowed his forehead when he saw that the man greeting is not looking at him but instead, he is staring intently at Yara. Kenzo cleared his throat. "It's my pleasure, Mr. Castillo." Kenzo said and offered a handshake but still, the man is looking Yara. "Mr. Castillo?" Kenzo said that made the man looked at him. "Oh, I'm sorry." Mr. Castillo said.  After handshaking with Kenzo, Mr. Castillo approached Yara. "Hi, I'm Ryker Castillo and you are?" Ryker said and Kenzo cre
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Chapter 9
Yara woke up with a severe headache. She rose up and walked towards the CR. When she came back, she stiffened.  "Why is he here? Why does he looks like he didn't sleep the whole night?" Yara asked to herself.  Kenzo smirked. "You're finally awake." The guy said that made Yara furrowed her forehead.  “Ouch!" Yara said when Emma spanked her behind. "Change your clothes!" Emma commanded her. Dream went out from her room. "Morning, swee... What happened to your eyes?" Yara asked when she her niece’s swollen eyes. Dream didn't answer her and just looked at her with sadness in her eyes.  “Get dress, we have a lot of things to talk about." Kenzo ordered her that made her brows rai
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Chapter 10
"What happened?" Kenzo said asking Yara. They were at the living room. Dream was in her room sleeping because she didn't have  enough sleep last night. Emma go to their grocery/eatery because one of the staff called her for the supplies are already short. Yara sighed deeply. "Big sister got pregnant. She didn't want you to know because you're relationship became unsteady and she said it was all her fault and she didn't want you to suffer with her. We left the house and spent her nine months pregnancy in the province. During her early pregnancy, the doctor said that her body is weak so we should take care of her so as not to have early abortion." Yara said continuously. Kenzo was listening intently.  "Then her nine month came. We had to stay at the hospital for her and the baby's close monitoring. I had to stop my studies to accompany her at the ho
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