Fated to the Alpha

Fated to the Alpha

By:  Mhiz future  Ongoing
Language: English
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Precious an orphan and raised by her aunt is mated to alpha kelvin who didn't want her and refused to reject her instead he tortured her through the mate bound. precious decided to make him jealous by being intimate with her childhood friend Micheal. will alpha kelvin who decided to make a girl he met during his training his Luna, just not to be tied down by the mate bound fall into precious trap and get jealous because of the relationship she had with her childhood friend or will he go ahead and make the girl his Luna.

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Precious is an orphan and loses her parents unfortunately since childhood. Luckily, she has a kind aunt who is willing to adopt her and bring her up until she grows up and becomes an adult, owning the ability to live alone. it’s uncertain that God will bless her or let her suffer,her mate should be alpha Kelvin. She was ignored by him for a long time because he doesn’t accept her as his Luna. Disappointed and grieved, she is determined to irritate him through building a close relation with her best male friend since childhood. Will Kelvin be jealous? More details are in Fated to the Alpha novel books.

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30 Chapters
Chapter 1. Presh's POV
"Presh let's go" favor my friend called out to me as she badges into my room without knocking with Flourish following right behind her. "To where?". I asked as I dropped the book I was reading in the lamb stand. "Don't tell me that you have forgotten" "Forgotten about what?". I asked confused. "Flourish, look at this girl, she did forget about it" favor lamented. "Favour don't act surprised as if we are not used to it,she always forget Everytime we have to go shopping or party, we are lucky that she didn't make any appointment". "Oh my gosh". I exclaimed as I remembered. " Flourish,she did forget it". Favour complained. "Alright girls, stop complaining, I will go get ready,wait for me in the living room". I told them and went to pick out some clothes. I selected a black jeans trouser and a pink long sleeve and a black sandals to match and pack my hair into a ponytail. I went downstairs and went straight
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Chapter 2 Patricia's POV
The Butler showed me to my room and after arranging my luggages in my room, I took my bath and rested for awhile. When I came out of my room,I asked a guard about Kelvin's room. After being directed to his room,I knocked on his door and he opened the door with just a single towel wrapped around his lower part.i just felt like having him inside of me. He was so hot. " Yes?". He asked me when I didn't say anything for some time. " Erm... I want to go and pick up a dress for the evening from the mall" I answered coming back to my sences. " Alright, I will appoint a driver to drop you at the mall" he answered. " Ok, thanks" I answered hugging him.i can't help it. I know that my dad told me not to fall in love with him,but which girl will see such an handsome guy and not fall in love with him. It will be torture. After hugging him, he excused himself and went inside and I went into my room to get ready. Presh's POV We got to
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Chapter 3 Presh's POV
I got home and went straight to my room and lay down to take a nap before evening. I slept for about three to four hours and there came a knock on my door. I woke up and checked the time and found out that it's a few minutes to eight and the welcoming ceremony will start by eight, that's when I woke up fully and another knock came to my door, followed by favours voice. " Precious, open the door,it's time already". " Am coming". I said and walked towards the door. I opened the door and favour and flourish walked in looking stunning. " Oh my gosh,what's wrong with this girl?" Favour asked. " She is not even ready yet" she added. " Sorry girls,I was sleeping and lost track of time". I apologized. " Let me go and take a shower,I will be right before you know it" I said as I walked towards the bathroom. I took a shower and dressed up. " Now sit down for your make up" flourish said picking up the makeup she selected.
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Chapter 4 Alpha Kelvin's POV
Around eight in the evening, the welcoming ceremony started. I dressed up and went downstairs. My dad introduced me to some of the pack members,garma- leader of the soldiers of the pack,the elders and other important members. By eight thirty my dad started the introduction. " Hi everyone" he stands on the podium and tried to get the attention of the pack. " We all know why we are here" he continued after making sure that he has everyone's attention. " We are here to welcome my son, the new Alpha to be, Kelvin.and his beta David. Am glad today because, I have been waiting for today for years and am glad that we are here today". He paused and looked at the crowd,then he continued. " Am happy and thankful for all the support,respect and faithfulness you all showered me and I hope that you all do the same for the new Alpha. My son.and his beta. David.". He said as he turned to look at me. Then he continued while still looking at me. " You have gon
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Chapter 5 Alpha Kelvin's POV
She let out a pleasant purr,which pleased my wolf to the extreme,he seems to be taking his time to explore her body. " Mayor,if you mark her without her permission,did you believe me that she's going to hate you for life"I asked him drawing his attention. And what I said made him to rethink and he stopped abruptly. " Ok fine, I accept" he agreed. " But I want to stay with her like this for a while and take in all her scent" He said as he held her in his arms and hugged her for a while. ," Fine,it's ok"I answered growing inpatient. "Alright". He said as he moved backward and gave the control back to me, I looked at her face that's when I saw the reason why my wolf didn't want to give the control back to me. Standing before me is the most beautiful being I have ever seen, even more beautiful than Patricia,but still I don't want a mate. Her eyes as bright and blue as the sea seems to be looking directly into my soul,her lips as red as plu
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Chapter 6 Alpha Kelvin's POV
I went back to my room fuming with anger. How could she leave like that without saying anything or giving me any answer to my suggestion. she should be grateful that I didn't reject her. A knock came to my door. I opened my door. I opened my door and David came inside with Patricia. " Hey man, what's up?, what's wrong with you?". He asked as he sat down in d cushion. " Hi babe,what's wrong?, why did you stum off like that?". Patricia said circling her hand around my neck. " Nothing, am good". I said removing her hand around my neck and going to the tea table and picked up a cigarette and lighter. " Are you sure?" she said hugging me from the back and her hand moving around my body restlessly,as I light up a cigarette and took a drag. I removed her hand from my body, blew out the smoke in my mouth. " I need to take some rest,today is too tiring". I said moving away from her and opening the door for her.  " please Pa
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Chapter 7. Presh's POV
I woke up by five thirty the next morning feeling refreshed. I stood up from my bed went straight to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face and washed my face. I parked my hair into a ponytail and wearmy sport clothes, and shoes and left the house for some run.     It's either I train at the pack training ground, run in the woods in my wolf form or go for a jog. And now am going for a jog. I left the house and went for jogging. Three hours later,I came back at getting to the door, I felt the presence of my mate. I don't know how,but I felt it. I took my mind off it as I dont believe that he will be here.    "Aunt, am home"I said as I opened the door and came in . Immediately I came into the room and looked at the sitting room, the first eyes that I met was Alpha Kelvin's. My mate. 'Mate,mate' lala, my wolf said as she stood up.    She have been rather quiet since yesterday night,after meeting her mate.
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Chapter 8. Alpha Kelvin's POV
I was woked up by a knock at my door I walk to the door and opened it and some David standing at the door."Man, you are just waking up? "he asked as he entered my room.  "I couldn't sleep last night "I answered. "That is unlike you, let's go see my parents "."Ok give me some minutes" I answered as I went into my room and headed for the bedroom.Thanks for my wolf speed I was done in no time. I came out and we headed to his parents house. When we got there I saw his mum after a pleasant greeting she headed back to the kitchen which looks like it is where she was when she had the door bell she invited me to breakfast and I waited. After about 20 minutes I preserve my mates scent I was surprised. I waited as her scent got stronger which seems like she is headed towards the door to the sitting room. Where I am. Immediately the door opened I heard her melodious voice and she closed the door and looked at me. I was also looking into her eyes when D
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Chapter 9. Presh's POV
We got to school but I don't see myself attending classes today,as I walk to my locker with Mike right behind me, I met flourish and favour waiting for me. Donald doesn't have classes today."Presh what's wrong?" Flourish asked as she looked at my face. Tears ran down my cheeks as I looked away."Presh why are you crying" favour asked concerned. I couldn't hold back anymore. Michael hugged me while comforting me."I don't think you are in the best state to attend classes now let's go to the summer house and cool down till evening or after classes" flourish suggested." Ok, am in"favour supported."Me too" mike joined in.We headed for Mike's car and headed to the summer house. Summer House is a house in a few miles from the humans. It has a beautiful scenery and view. We bought it for resting and vacations. it has a kitchen, sitting room, wine cabinet, dining room, swimming pool and five rooms, each of us with our own rooms excepts flourish
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Chapter 10. Alpha Kelvin's POV
Immediately I enter the Pack house, I went straight to my room and lock the door. I don't know what to do, I threw my glass flower vase on the floor but it didn't disperse my anger and frustration. A knock came to my door. I opened it and saw Dave standing out the door. "It's time for meeting with the elders of the pack. Let's go". He said and turned around and headed for the meeting room. "You know, sometimes I always think that am not the Alpha anyone, you are too mean and bossy" I said closing my door and following behind him. " It's because you are such a jerk ". He answered as he entered the meeting room. We finished our meeting by 2 p.m. but it didn't end well because I was on the edge. I left the meeting and headed towards my room. I was stopped in my tracks by Patricia. "Kelvin?"she called out to me. "What did you want? "I asked impatiently. "Let's go hang out for a while" she requested. "No" I answered.
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