Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession

By:  Seunpeace  Completed
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"It was a mistake! I apologized already," feeling so terrified as I moved backward."You should have known me better than this, little sparrow," He chuckled deeply, his gaze fixed on me."Lucas please!" I cried, now stopped by the wall as my heart beats faintly."Don't worry it's just a little game, you and I will play, you'll love it, little sparrow," He smirked.I knew this was a trick, Ben lied when he said he wouldn't hurt me and I stupidly fell into the trap.Now, I was alone with him and in his room.I think this is the time for me to announce my funeral..."Strip!" His cold voice snapped me out,as he stared at me with a deadpan expression while I gazed at him in ultra shock.******************Camilla Evans is a gentle nerd in her finals at Watermark Highschool. As a nerd, the stereotypical notion of her wearing thick rimmed glasses, out-of-vogue clothes and shoes which were eighty percent of the time, twice her size still stands. Having been at the bottom of the food chain in Watermark Highschool, Camilla was liable to predators and the most annoying one of them all went by the name, Lucas Liam.Camilla had no idea why the hottest guy in school would even spare her a glance not to mention actually spending the whole day bullying and teasing her to no end.Could there be something else to these false acts of bully and teases from Lucas?Find out what happens when the Cheerleader, Jenny Layton put Camilla's life at stake?Will she be able to handle all the torments she's passing through especially when her mum died and her sister left her behind?CONTAINS EXPLICIT CHAPTERS!!!

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" Camilla!!!" My mum shouted from downstairs.   "I'm coming mum!" I said as I hurried down the stairs quickly with my hands clutched on my school bag.   " You gonna be late for school, Camilla," My mum said smiling a bit at me as she served scrambled eggs and toast for me.   "Mum, she's such a weirdo," Lillian said rolling her eyes.   " Whatever," I murmured adjusting my big frame eyeglasses before sitting on the dining chair.   " Mum, you need to give your daughter a lecture on dressing," Lillian said as she gave me a smug look.   " Leave her alone!" Mum said with a sigh as she looked at me.   "What's wrong with my dressing?"I asked.   I was wearing a long black pleating skirt with a white shirt that has a black dot print on it.   I tucked in, I Know I was lagging when it comes to dressing and fa
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" Long time no see, little sparrow"   I felt like peeing on myself due to terror.   All my prayer was that he's not the one, the guy that made sure he made my life a living hell.   But no one calls me little sparrow except him, I wonder why he ever calls me that.   Sometimes, I think he's a psychopath.   I shivered as I turned to face him.   The one I dreaded the most my life, he had already trapped me in between the locker.   " Miss me already sparrow," He said devilishly.   " No, leave me alone!" I tried to say boldly for once in my life but it came out as a little kitten begging for its life.   He seems to be more taller and built than the previous session and I was getting shorter each time we're together.   Lucas, yes that's the name of my tormentor who made my life so un
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"Get your freaking hands off her!!" Someone shouted making Jenny move back in surprise.   I turned my head to look at who just made those angry statements cause I know for sure, it wasn't Beatrice she would have lunged on Jenny before giving her the curse of her life.   I was surprised and at the same time somewhat happy and relieved when I realized it was Charles standing up for me.   He looked so angry as his jaw clenched.   "Wow! Who do we have here?" Jenny cooed as she stood arms akimbo.   "New boy saving poor little nerd, that just makes it so interesting, what do you think Jenny?" Susan said as she stepped forward while Bella chuckled.   "Perfect combination!" Jenny said smirking at me.   "What the hell just happened here?" We all heard someone screaming and I sighed covering my face with my palms.   'Beatrice,
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"You're are nothing but a crazy psychopath that needs a check-up in the hospital, what did I ever do to you or your bastard friends, why must you make life a living hell. I hate you with every being of my body Lucas Liam," I shouted angrily with all the frustration in my body as I looked him in the eyes without breaking contact for the first time in my life.   His eyes grew, even more, darker as he moved closer to me.   "What did you just say?" He growled.   And I did the craziest thing in my life.   **Ppppphhhhhhhaaaaatttttt**   There was gasp everywhere as everyone became silent.   OMG! I can't believe I did this.   I just fucking slapped my bully in front of everyone.   "That's the spirit girl!" Beatrice cheered up behind me but hell no I just fuelled more trouble for myself.   He looked taken
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"You should be taught a lesson for what you did out there and I will make you pay for it in every possible way," He growled furiously as he dragged me into the shower.   He took the clothes from my hand and threw them on the sink and he slid my glasses on the floor.   I was at least grateful he didn't smash them on the floor.   Too scared to do anything, I watched his lunatic attitude.   He came to me and his hands gripped the waistband of my skirt.   "Wh-What are you doing?" I asked as I panicked holding his hands immediately.   He smirked as he pulled my waist closer to his body, "Something you'll like bitch," He growled.   "Lucas, no, please stop!" I begged to try to stop him but he ignored me and I watch him pull down my skirt.   My eyes widened as he trailed his hands on my exposed skin.   I
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"This is getting out of hand Camilla!" Beatrice fumed as she placed to and fro in my room. I just sat on my bed like a muted video staring at my friend who was going nuts after I told her what happened between me and Lucas in the boy's bathroom. "His bully is not enough? Now he's taking it to sexual harassment,"  "How dare he? We need to act fast on this before it's too late," Beatrice said angrily staring at me with arms crossed. I sighed, "So what are we going to do?" I asked frustratedly already. "We gonna report to the school Author--" "It's pointless," I interrupted. "They don't care about we the poor, so let's just leave it alone," I shrugged as I took my pillow and hugged it. "Then we report to the police!" Beatrice suggested as she walked to my bed and sat beside me. "Police!" I mutte
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Putting on my grey baggy jeans and an oversized black hoodie, I grabbed my old sneakers and tied the lace neatly. I sneaked to my sister's room when I realized she came out. I stole some little quantity of concealer, I needed to use to hide the hickey on my neck. I don't own any make-up items and I don't need it either. "What are you doing in my room?" My sister's voice terrified me as I thought immediately about what to say to cover up. "I need a lip gloss," I said quickly as I grabbed her lip gloss immediately from her table and waved it in her front as I smiled. She arched her brow at me questioningly as she crossed her arms. "Is there something, I'm missing out on?" She asked amused with a smirk. "There's no something, I just felt like using a lip gloss," I rolled my eyes applying the pink lip gloss on my lips as
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I got to my locker and the happiness on my face drained as I stared at the Shrew in front of me with her crews. Jenny... They smirked as they rested on the side of my locker and eyed me but that of Jenny was much more different, it was full of raw hatred and jealousy. It was visible on her face. Trying to act like they were invincible, I moved closer to my locker and gasp at the mean things, they wrote on it. Bitch...Whore...Slut...Wench...Loser... I stared with agitation at Jenny who was taking her time skinning me alive with her eyes. "Are you done reading whore?" She yelled in that annoying high-pitched voice of hers. Luckily, everyone had gone to their class and those on their way minded their damn business. "Such a slut!" Bella scoffed as she popped the gum in
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I cleaned my face and wore my glasses as I opened my locker only for a paper to fall at my feet. I picked it up curiously and it read, 'From Charles,' making my heart constrict painfully. I opened it with shaky hands as a tear slipped down my face. Dear Camilla, The first day I set my eyes on you in the classroom, I knew behind those pair of eyeglasses lies a very beautiful and special girl. I'm so heartbroken writing this letter to you and I want to say sorry. It's such grief, I had to leave without getting to say goodbye and see that lovely and cute face of yours one more time.I didn't wish to leave but my parents got angry especially my mum when the school authority reported I got into a fight.My mum made sure of it, that I was transferred to a farther school, I tried to convince her and with the support of my dad who doesn't want his reputation to be spoilt by me saw it to be a go
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Camilla POV. It was Biology class and I sat close to the window as I dozed off as Mrs. Justin explained the cell and its structure. Everyone was yawning while some of my classmates began to sleep. I tried to keep my eyes open but it was always going back to its sleeping state and that only happens in Mrs. Justin's class. Let me put it this way, her class is so fucking boring. They should have done an oral interview for her instead. The more she talked, the more I dozed, it's just as if she was singing us a lullaby. The worst thing about her is that she's so wicked. "Hey, you! Stand up!!" Mrs. Justin shouted pointing at Evangelina who was already sleeping. Her seatmate tapped her and whispered into her ear as she sprang up from her seat. "So, you're sleeping in my class while I was taking my time a
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