CEO'S love for his assistant

CEO'S love for his assistant

By:  Bella  Completed
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Bella Sanders is 23 years old who just graduated from University and is looking for a job. One day She came across a job opportunity at King Consolidated. The CEO is in need for an Assistant. She was ecstatic. It was the No.1 company. So without thinking twice she applied. But she didn't know what she was signing for back then Xavier King. The most eligible bachelor who is the owner of King Consolidated. The man had everything. Money, Power, girls throwing at him. He is workaholic and does everything for the success of his company. He had it all. Or so he thought until he set his eyes at the beauty in front of. The moment he saw her, he knew she was his. And he always gets what he wants. He's in for a ride. _____________________________________________________________ "The moment I saw you, you became mine babygirl. No one, not even you can separate you from me." he whispered into my ears as I shivered from his voice. It wasn't a statement. Its a promise. And there is no running away from it.

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29 chapters
Chapter 1
Bella's POV.I pulled my leather jacket tighter as the New York city's cold air hit me. I was walking down the city with my cup of tea in my hand.It was chilly at this point of time in New York. I was a fresh graduate from Columbia University. Currently, I was looking for a job. I have been looking for sometime but came up with nothing.Read more
Chapter 2
Bella's POV.I wake up as my alarm blared off. I off my alarm as I rubbed my eyes. When I look at the time I saw it was 8am. Why did I put the alarm so early?That is when I came to realise that I have the interview. I got up excitedly and went to shower. After taking a shower, I put on my interview clothes. It was a pencil skirt that went from waist till slightly above me knees.I put some concealer, eyeliner, mascara and baby pink lipstick. I don't want to go all out but I need to look presentable at the same time. I put on my flats as I hate heels. They are torture device from hell.I took my portfolio, chain bag, handphone and keys as I locked the doors went ahead for my interview. On my way, I thought of grabbing a cup of tea to calm my nerves. Once getting my tea I went to the nearby bus stop.When I reach the bus stop, the time was 9.30. Just nice. Once I got into the bus, I put on my ear piece and listen to songs to calm my nerves down.
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Chapter 3
Bella's POVCurrently I am walking towards my office building. I am nervous as hell. Yesterday when I heard the news I was shocked. I couldn't believe at first. I understood whatever Andrew said was true.But then I realised something. If I did my work right and be diligent there's nothing for me to be afraid. With that set in my mind, I walked inside the office.Read more
Chapter 4
Xavier's POV.I was going up in my lift to my office. I hope the new assistant is not late. Or else I'm firing her. I was tapping on my foot impatiently.This is the thing about being in the last floor of a big building. It'll take forever. Just as the lift door open, I received an message. I was looking while I was going into my office.Read more
Chapter 5
Bella's POVIts my second day in the office. Mr King has yet to come office and is now is 2pm. I have been sitting in the desk for hours waiting for him. He has some files to sign and he is not in yet. Maybe he is not feeling well. I thought to myself.I started to type in notes of everything when I heard the lift. I lift up my head to see Mr King. He was walking to his office when he saw and gave me nod which I return.

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Chapter 6
Bella's POVIts been almost 2 weeks since I joined the King Consolidation. Works has been great. I have been enjoying my time here. Also Ava and me became good friends. We have even went shopping together.Mr King have still been a mystery to me. I am unable to understand him. Its hard to read what's in his mind.Read more
Chapter 7
Bella's POVIts Monday and I am back at work. Today was different. I don't know why. Today there seems to be more work. Like a lot. Work has been just piling and piling without non-stop.My office has been also moved back to the old place. But what surprised me more was that Mr King has not called me the entire day. Like at all. Something seemed off.Read more
Chapter 8
Xavier's POVThe entire week I was disoriented. I couldn't think properly. Everything was a mess. My head was haywire. I was a mess.The moment I saw the boy in her apartment, I was crumpled. I didn't know she had a boyfriend. I mean why wouldn't she? Of course she did.She is beautiful, smart, simple and
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Chapter 9
Bella's POV.There it was. It was a blood red ball dress. It looked amazing. I couldn't keep my eyes away from it. It was magnificent.It was an off shoulder with heart shape corset and princess style. It was just unbelievable. Beside it was a red plump that had sparks of gold in the heels.What was Andrew
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Chapter 10
Bella's POV"Andrew?"Andrew was standing behind Mr King. What was he doing here? I went to him and gave him a hug."What are you doing here?" I asked him surprised. "Well my company is the event photography crew, in charge. So here I am." He simply said. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked him shoc
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