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Gabriela is everything a man needs. Courageous, independent, smart and lovely. She is the type of woman you want to be with everywhere but queens don't surround themselves with servants. Gabriella is a queen. She is a drug queen. She rules her empire, her enemies. She rules the world itself. She runs every business in her country. She is involved. She has great relationships. So many husbands and boyfriends. To live after betraying her is a gift you don't want to have. Meet gabriella

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~los angeles."We can't miss her this time. Heard me?" Detective Wallace told his men."Yes sir." They all responded.A group of soldiers snooped towards the door of a warehouse. It seemed an important operation for the two detectives who were leading it. Detective Diana and Detective Wallace. Suddenly, Wallace's phone vibrated.He took the phone from his pocket, pressed answer and to his ear he whispered as he gestured for Diana to proceed with breaking the door. "I said am in the middle of an operation lieutenant Rivera.""The hashish has been taken from the storage Detective." Rivera uttered on the phone." The cocaine too." Another officer behind Rivera's phone call said."There is nothing here, no one." Diana screamed from inside the warehouse as well as wallace turned off his phone heading into the room."She played us twice this time." Wallace growled in anger."Your infor
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Teca company is a chain company that transports and manufactures powdered coffee. They are located in eight powerful countries. Spain, Columbia, United states of America, Mexico, France, India, China and Japan. The main branch is in the United states. These companies are a solo proprietorship owned by Thalia Sanroman.Teca runs seventy five percent of the coffee market in the whole world making Thalia Sanroman one of the most powerful and talked about women in the world, nicknamed the Astro.She runs the main branch of the business working with thirty seven employees.Marie Alvarez the receptionist. George Canela who manages road transportation using four trucks and working with six others. Four drivers and two mechanics.Brian palacio managing the sea and plain transportation working with fourteen others. Four plain pilots, six boat pilots, two plain mechanics and two boat mechanics.Daniela Nuñez and charles Nu&n
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Several hours later.USA.Camillo heads down the jet stairs smirking at Thalia whose smile filled the moment. "Great to have you in my arms." sighed she hugging camilo tightly. "How was your flight?" "Weird but okay. I'm so tired. All I need is to get home and rest." He headed into the car with Thalia in his back. "I will have to apologise but you might not have that much of a rest. We are heading to mexico." Thalia fastened her seatbelt. "Well, I would give anything to be in Mexico for a short while. I mean, apologise? It's quite the best news I've had today after the weird disappearance of George." "Well don't worry about George. He is alright. I just asked him to run an errand for me that's all. Julian, please let's head to the house. Brian is waiting." Read more
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“Good morning.” granted Camilo and Brian who walked in Gabriella’s bedroom with a tray of milk. “You too had a lovely night, didn’t you? “Chuckled Camilo at the ladies who still laid asleep in each other’s arms.“Come give me a hug you two boys.” Baffled Gabriella getting upright to Camilo who ran in first. “And I wasn’t missed, was I?” smirked Thalia at Camilo. “Obviously you were.” Replied Camilo.“Then I deserve one, don’t I?” insinuated Thalia as Camilo went in to give her one.“Okay, I’m happy to have you all boys here, and your mother. Let’s enjoy this week and work as well. Brian, you need to get everything ready son.”“Wait love.” Snapped Gaby at Thalia who was still chanting. “I haven’t seen you for the longest, all of you and I think, before we talk about
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"For how long will it be? I'm really going to miss you. So much." Stated Thalia holding hands with Gaby as they walked through the coffee field.   "I don't know. A couple of months. As long as we manage to get what I want. All will be good." Responded Gaby.   "Look, I've made that place very secure for you. A few guards will always keep an eye on you. I have a couple of ladies inside as well. I did just the same for Canta."   "Oh! About Canta, he recently asked me if I can let him take a couple of months off after this mission."   "And what did you tell him?" Questioned Thalia.   "Of course I said yes. Why wouldn't I? He been very good at his job. I would love to appreciate him as well."   "People like him don't get vacation honey. People like Canta can only be really to shot whe
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"I couldn't believe my eyes. It was beautiful. I loved everything." Muttered Thalia as they headed to the main house with the boys walking them.   "I could tell in your eyes. Just like the way they tell me right now that you want to be with me today and the next but your anxious that you can't stop thinking about work. And the mission." Denoted Gaby stationed.   "I'm so sorry. You know how I get with you involved. I just think everytime I stay off the plan it feels like I'm risking you."   "You know one thing I've learnt from you. Is that I will always know who I want to get back to. Who I will always keep living for."   "Can we talk about the mission then?" Thalia inquired.   "Sure." Snapped Gaby.   Thalia then turned her eyes at Brian gesturing him to get the package to the hou
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Thalia had yet settled down to have a talk with her team that with all the grumpy stairs were questioning what she was doing their in the first place looking very at ease and smiling.   "I wouldn't mind introducing myself once again to you guy." She muttered. "My name is Thalia Sanroman. Your new boss. Well your new drug trafficking boss."   "This must be a joke." Cried David.   "Not to me. You have just passed the taste excellently. Well I can say George passed excellently about average. As I was saying, we have a mission we are passing. Me and Gabriela work together. Sort of. She is the boss as you have always known and she needed at team to stay. Her trusted ones are going with her on a mission and you guys came to my mind."   "Can we go loose. Please." Muttered Daniela.   "Oh. Rivera. Please."  Read more
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Obliged with their new duties, Brian landed them at a large mansion named the La Rico. They passed the excitement by the fact that La Rico was extremely gorgeous and highly underrated to what they expected. The big house itself was glass lamented on the left and the other designed with bricks material is a rather stimulating manner. Right in the midst of the outer house was a large face pool clean enough to dive in. the building was painted in a sky blue articulated way and the interior in a bright and sparkling white. Thalia walked out first out of the jet having the rest of the follow in her back with the eyes possessed with the beauty. “You own this?” Daniela inquired from Thalia as they walked beside each other. “Well, for a week. I will be. Listen up guys. I want you to feel a home. Grab a room for yourself. There over twenty of them in the house. There won’t be work for the mean time until the boss arrives. I will live you all in the care of two
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It was about eight thirty when Mr. Edward himself came to pick me up my slumber.   "Come have breakfast with me dear." Exclaimed he with a knock at my door as I was staring through the window of my bedroom.   My room placed up the last floor of the mansion with it's window view pointing straight to the villa fields that were filled with yellow flowers. Out where over twenty workers trimming the fields and at the very end of the gardens caught my eye.   There sat a young man with his back facing the front. He looked lost in thoughts and rather disturbed by his work.   I walked out my room finding Mr. Edward turned at the support of his walking stick gazing at me.   "Breakfast. I shall pass." Said I locking my door room behind. "You can go on. Have your breakfast Mr. Edward, I will be by the field
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‘You have to stand by the fact that your father was different. And you too. You’ve seen nothing yet. Duksta wasn’t always like that. He was a very fine gentleman. A Father of three and a very beautiful wife by him since. He wasn’t rich to say but he would get food at the table. He was happy twenty years ago until he lost everything.”“What do you mean by he lost everything?” asked I in wonder as we headed out of the mine through the coffee farm. “He resided in frosthaven town. The first city dimwharf took over. They killed most of the men and a couple of the bold ones where taken as servants for the dimwharf army. Women where used and hanged to death falsely blaming them to be witches. And the children were killed in cold blood. They showed our people no mercy at all. And he was among those whose family died at his sight. Your father had been out for a trip disguised as a doctor when Duksta c
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