The Kings Mate

The Kings Mate

By:  Beth Venning   Completed
Language: English
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Clara Jacobs didn't like being in the spotlight, she actually tried her hardest to stay out of it. She had a few issues such as abandonment issues, the fear of talking to anyone she wasn't familiar with, she sounds so confident right? She always assumed she'd just be a side character to everyone's life, she was never going to have an important role in society so it was acceptable for her to be that way....or so she thought. It turns out she had one of the most important roles in society, she was the kings mate which made her the queen. Not something she ever thought would happen for her to be honest. She gets thrown in at the deep end and somehow has to navigate her way through her new life, with her mates help of course. Just when she thinks it's all going smoothly, people from her past throw a spanner in the works sending her life in a spiral once again. Follow her story to see how it really is, to be The Kings Mate.

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62 chapters
Meeting The King
I was sitting watching Netflix on my laptop finally having a lazy day, with work and pack chores I don't get many of these. I sit back smiling but the bedroom door opening breaks my relaxing moment. Emma, my brother's mate, walks into my bedroom, she frantically runs to my mirror fixing her hair.    "We have to go to the pack house, the Alpha's holding a meeting," she tells me still fixing her hair.    The Alpha is really strict when he's holding a meeting, you have to look smart or he gets very angry. I quickly get up fixing myself too, once I was ready we both walk down to see Kyle, my older brother, standing by the door. He sends me a nervous smile, he hated the Alpha but was also rather scared of him.    "You don't have to come Clara, I could tell everyone you're feeling ill"
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New Home
I finish packing the final bag, I know this was a good thing but I couldn't help but feel sad. I mean it's great that I've found my mate, but it meant I had to leave my brother who's stood by me through all the hard times. He's angry now but I know he'd tell me I was being stupid and how good of a thing this was, it's not like I'll never see him again, I hope.    I zip my bag up with a sigh, I hope Grayson is nice and doesn't treat me poorly, I've saw first hand what some people are like to their mates. I pick my bags up walking towards the door, once I open it more of the guys were standing outside my door. They bow their heads before two of them take my bags off me, while the other two escort me out my bedroom.    "Where's my brother?" I ask, this actually being the first time I've spoke since I left the meeting, they quickly walk me down the st
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Think Out Loud
I lay in bed looking at the ceiling for hours, I managed to get maybe 3 or 4 hours sleep but that was all. I had this problem when Kyle and me first moved into my old pack, no matter how hard I tried I could never fully get to sleep. Kyle always said it boiled down to our past and how I haven't fully accepted the things that happened, he thinks if I try to accept them it would help me get over it. But I don't know if I'm ready to do that yet.    I turn my attention to the window to see the sun beginning to come up, I guess there's no point trying to fall back to sleep now. I decide to get up and start getting ready for the day, the early bird catches the worm I guess. The amazing thing about this room was there was a bathroom connected to it, which meant I didn't have to see anyone else I could just start getting ready. I round my things up and hop in the shower, hoping that would help to kill time.Read more
New Friends
After breakfast, Grayson was giving me a tour of the huge castle, which was just getting even more beautiful. My favourite part had to be the huge ballroom, he did tell me when I first arrived that I'd love it. It has huge with murals on the ceiling, it had gold statues it was beautiful. The last part of the tour was the garden, he said he thinks I'll also like this part too. The doors open my mouth also hanging open, I couldn't believe my eyes! I stop at the door just staring at the beautiful garden in front of me, I think this might have topped the ballroom.    "The garden was always my mothers favourite, so my father would add more and more to make her love it more" he smiles standing beside me "I confess I have let it go a little, the gardeners make it look great but I've just forgotten about it since she left" he sighs looking down at the ground, I don't know what's happened to his mother or father for that ma
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It’s Tradition
Daisy and I sat there and chatted for awhile, she was actually super nice and told me what to expect when living here. She also told me about her family and where she comes from, she was born in America but moved to the uk when she was 5. Her family quickly settled into a pack a few hours away, she doesn't get to see her family much now she's with Josh. As Josh is Grayson's beta he can't be away from this place for very long, but Josh doesn't want Daisy to be away from him so she just has so wait until he can get a few days off.    She was actually being so open with me, she told me how lonely she's felt since she moved here. She said she's so happy that she's found Josh and wouldn't change it for the world, but as he's always working here she's alone as she doesn't have any friends. I told her how that's all changing now I'm here, honestly she would be helping me because I'd be just like her if she wasn't here.Read more
The New Queen
For the next few hours, I was stood up straight on a little platform thing with two woman poking and prodding me. Daisy was there the whole time though keeping me company, I felt I could have a full conversation with her as the two woman were wrapped up discussing sizes and poking me!    The two woman leave for awhile telling us not to leave the room, this gave me and Daisy time to do our hair and makeup, which wasn't a lot as she said I didn't need to wear any. They return with a full dress where they asked who would help me put it on. I immediately look at Daisy who nods causing the two woman to leave, I sincerely didn't want one of them poking me again.    "You're gonna look amazing Clara" Daisy smiles going back to do the back up, I mean it was absolutely beautiful, probably the nicest thing I've ever worn.&
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The Coronation
The past week as been so hectic! Most of my days have been filled with plans and tasks all about my coronation, I was under the impression that it would be a simple ceremony, this was far from simple or easy. Gray has tried to be around and help as much as he could, but his days are full of his work and duties which does suck a little, but I know it's his work so I don't mind. Daisy has actually been keeping me company, she's helped to keep my head focused through all this chaos. The next day after the whole presentation thing, Kyle rang me on the phone here which was so nice to hear his voice. He told me he would have contacted me sooner but the pack was prohibited from doing so, which is exactly what I thought before. We arranged a day for him and Emma to come see the castle, I had to run it passed Mason so I could actually get the day off.    Today was Sunday, the day of my coronation, according to Daisy it was
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First Duties
It's the morning after my coronation, also being my first day or duties as queen, let's just say I'm so nervous. Last night Mason went over what we'll be doing today, I have to go to an orphanage to see all the children and speak to the people that run it. When he told me I had to speak to people, the little nervous voice started to talk into my ear. But I soon remembered that I'm now queen and just have to suck it up, this is what I was born to do so I have to do it.  I was just getting ready for the day, I managed to find a few outfits that would cover my neck. It's a bit of an inconvenience but until I'm marked it's what I have to do, I don't know when I'm going to be ready to get marked but I hope it's soon. I was slipping my shoes on when the door knocks and in walks Grayson, he smiles at me closing the door behind him.  "Good morning my love
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Zero Sleep
After a little drive, we soon arrive in a little town. As we make it past the sign, people just lined the streets, as we drove by they all cheered and waved. Did all these people really come here to see me? In no time we pull up at a building, outside stood a man in a smart looking suit, either side were railings where people with cameras stood. My guards stand either side of the railings as my door is opened, I put a smile on my face climbing out the car. Immediately, the cheering got louder as I take a look around, I send a few people little waves before walking over to the guy in a suit.  "Welcome your majesty" he smiles bowing his head, we shake hands where I say hello " I'm Mike Falcon, these two are Maria and Jackson" he smiles walking backwards a little where two children stood.  "These are for you" Maria smiles handing me a bunch of flower
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Death Warrant
This week has had to be the most hectic in my life, now I know I've said that a lot since I arrive her but this one, well it hit a peak. Mason has been sending me here, there and everywhere. He keeps telling me it's to get me out there and seen, the people need to know I'm the type of person who will go into the community.    Thankfully, it was Sunday a day I can get off, in no way did that mean I was getting a lay in. Today Kyle and Emma were visiting, I haven't saw them in nearly three weeks. It feels like a lifetime since I got to give Kyle a hug, a hug I've definitely needed.    I was fully ready and waiting outside the castle, I asked them to come early so we had more time to spend together, with my schedule you never know when my next day offs gonna be. A car pulling into the gates makes a huge smile fill my lips, I begin to slowly walk down
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