By:  Riyaana Sushant Karkera  Ongoing
Language: English
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This story is all about Bella’s single step mother who grown up like phoenix just to be with and protect little Bella and her little twin brothers. All step mother’s are not wicked this is what I wanted to illustrate in this story.. sometime things are not same as what looks like… Bella going to narrate the story for you all.. Hope you guys support my little Bella

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23 Chapters
Character Introduction
Bella Characters introduction…Family 1*Mr.Gavrav Raghuvanshi- 50yrs old Rudraksh Raghuvanshi’s father. Who is just opposite to Rudra. He is sweet in nature and humble and caring person. Down to earth person*Mrs. Meera Raghuvanshi- 43yrs old sweet and kind person and famous cardiothoracic. She is everything to Gaurav. And for her, her family is everything. Mr and Mrs Raghuvanshi is made for each other. They have 2 son’s elderone is our male lead.* Rudraksh Raghuvani-  (male lead)  29yrs old business man. He is ruthless and is burning in the fire of revenge. Actually his character is just same as his grandfather late. Mahabala Raghuvanshi.*Ranvijay: 24yrs old handsome and fun loving boy who is just opposite to Rudra. He know how to keep everyone happy and kind hearted. Just like father.Family 2*Nandan Verma- Maya’s father. 49 yrs old business man. Smart bu
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BellaPrologue. Maya sat on the edge of the bed in daze while reading divorce agreement that her husband Mr. Rudra Raghuvanshi threw at her and she felt so cold and she started shivering.(Flash back)Some hour a go … He squeezed her neck from his right hand while questioning her –“who’s basterd child you are carrying? Who is the father of this bastered?” pointing at her pregnancy report in his left hand.. “Okey… it’s my mistake I underestimated you, I will forgive you and I will accept you but you have to terminate this fetus. Or else I will kick you out from my life… Think twice I will give you whole 60 seconds! ” “No… I choose my baby..” this is only one sentence she finally said in low voice…“Good… Now let me see how you gonna survive ever after betraying me…” a vengeful smirk emerged in his face. He called his attor
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Chapter 1
BellaChapter 1Maya and Rudra are childhood friends. They are neighbors played together and fought together.. Their friendship was so pure. But when they became Maya fall in love with Rudra and Rudra also had some special feelings for her but he never understood what was it! Maya was very brilliant student and she got scholarship and as her mother’s wish she moved London to pursue her graduation in London medical college. She gave her 100%to achieve her dream. And Rudra completely surrendered himself on his business. He did his master’s in business administration and started workin in his father’s company and with in few years he became ruthless young business magnet.. In these 5yrs many things changed.Tanya spent her childhood in her grandmother and in Bangalore. After her death she moved back to Mumbai permanently. Tanya and Rudra developed good relationship and their family supported them and without objection they got married
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Chapter 2
BellaChapter 2   He did not trust her in the least bit that was why he could be so cruel and send her to hell…turning her efforts and sacrifice into a complete joke. You owe me too much in this life! She cried bitterly.Bella and Maya moved out from his mansion. Rudra never thought such thing going to happen!  Rudra pov  When the time truly arrived why did he feel as if a piece of his heart was missing.When Maya left him he first time felt empty. Today he felt some special terrible feeling in his heart “yeah! Am missing her.. but why? Maya how can you do this to me?” Some tear drops fall from his eyes. He don’t know why he kept silent when she left him.“Where is she now? he tried to search her from all way but he failed… she hide her somewhere! Is she hate me that much? Not even tried to know my well being.. Bella baby dada miss you Bella
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Chapter 3
BellaChapter 3Her two little angels looks like same Siddhant and Eashan. Both her babies are healthy and cute boys. Both look same but their eyes color was different one Had black eyes just like Maya and another one chocolaty like father.. dark black curly hair and dimple chin was more attractive. Bella finally got her favourite toys!!!  She knew something was wrong between mom and dad so they are living far from Raghuvanshi’s and she was missing her dad… She started calling Krish dada in school just to save her self from bullies! He was actually her savior in all ways. So she started liking him and loving him. For her he was like her god father… Her responsibilities increased she was handling 3 kids both boys are very naughty even her nanny was getting tiered behind two munchkins. She moved near hospital where she works just to save her travelling time and Bella started going school which was close to her house. Sometime
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Chapter 4
Bella Chapter 4  “Krish…” she couldn’t complete her words… she was just sobbing.  “Shhhh….. calm down no one gonna take you away from me or my kids.. am with you today and always. He kissed her forehead.      Next day she Went to buy some groceries from supermarket which is near by to her house with Eashan.      Just then black Mercedes Drove past behind them. And Rudra was with his assistant in that car.  His sight locked onto something, and he ordered the driver abruptly, “stop the car!” The chauffeur hit the brakes and asked “sir… what happen?” When he turned around again the figure he saw earlier was gone from broad stretch of road. ‘was I mistaken? Why did I suddenly feel that view of the back looked so much like hers?’ Rudra shut his eyes agit
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Chapter 5
BellaChapter 5With in few second a call came in. Pradhan smiled and picked up the call only to hear Rudra bellowing on the other end.“Where did you see this?”“Indian supermarket” Pradhan reported the license plate number details which he got just now so Rudra could run it. Then continues “They got into this car! I was shocked at first glance and only remembered who she was after a while. I must say that little naughty brat looks exactly like you! I won’t believe that he is not your son! Bhaae! Muje meri future beti k lia husband milgaya (brother i got a husband for my future daughter) heheheheh”Rudra who was on the other end just hung up at once and ordered someone to find her whereabouts. While grabbing his phone tightly he was unable to tell whether it was excitement or anger he felt his heart beat increased.. suddenly his expression turned dark “How dare you Maya you deliver my child in secret
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Chapter 6
Bella..Chapter 6Eashan’s heart clutched the moment when he saw Rudra.’inse ise milne ka tho mein ne kabhi nahin sochata!’ (This way I never though to meet him .) And with in n second later he jolted awake and slammed the door shut! Aaaaahhhwchhhh!!! This was the first time some one slammed door in his face! And that also from his own son! He thought ‘great! I deserve this? This kid!! Is he really mine? But deep down he thought that his son certainly inherited his mannerisms and was weirdly gratified… He smiled to himself like an idiot for a while before knocking on the door again.Just then he heard his witty son’s voice “maa, don’t bother it’s probably some neighbor’s prank!”Rudra boiled. Where did this brat learn to lie through his milk teeth? Hense he directly landed akick on the door, and this time Eashan was startled. He held himself again
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Chapter 7
Bella...Chapter 7 Maya’s heart instantly turned cold! She suddenly opened her eyes ‘why is he here! How did he know about us? Is he here …. To…take….. my children’s away!!’ no… no… no….. It can't be true. It doesn't even have to be true....’overthinking Maya’s eyes turned red and. She gritted her teeth.. but when she saw his face she realized what actually happened. She felt really sorry and she dragged him to bathroom and flashed few mug water on his face but his eyes burning like coal. He was screaming in pain. After some time she gave him medical eye mask with soothing gel.He felt better, He closed his eyes but he heard what Maya was telling to her baby “ don’t worry baby, I will never hand you over to the bad guy.”Upon hearing this Rudra strode over spiritedly but he saw Eashan was standing in front of him A little boy who
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Chapter 8
BellaChapter 8Maya did not reply to him Eashan realized that he couldn’t stop him so he quickly ran towards his mom and grabbed her arms..”maa it’s ok, let’s go to our room.”The mother and son turned around together, planning to ignore the Rudra completely.“Stop right there!”A voice that filled with rage from back and Maya’s whole body shuddered. Even Eashan could feel her hands shaking. Rudra was so mad that he laughed instead. “Are you not going to explain to me about this kid?”“What’s there to explain Mr. Raghuvansh! Haan! What you want to know about this kid? Wait! I will explain you. Rudra go play with Lester. I will come to pick you. Jab tak mein na bulaaun wapas math aana. (Don't come back until I call)”Eashan ran out but stared at his father one last time.“Yeah! Mr.Raghuvanshi you throwed me out from your house and your life. Why
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