Reborn Through Fire

Reborn Through Fire

By:  Kazuya Higan  Completed
Language: English
78 ratings
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Kisa Becker loved Gilbert Kooper with great care. In Gilbert's mind, however, she was a cunning and evil plotter.After marrying him, she believed if she played the role of Mrs. Kooper well, she could eventually win his heart. Little did she expect that man to send her to prison, where a fire burned her years of infatuation with him into ashes.When the two met again after her near-death experience, Gilbert realized her affection for him had long gone. And now it was his turn to be distraught.

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Kisa Becker loves Gilbert Kooper very much and marry him happily and she always believes that he will love her someday if she perform well as his wife. While, she doesn’t know that she is a cunning and plotter woman in Gilbert’s mind and he hates her so much, which is difficult to change by her efforts. She was sent to prison by him, which is like fire burning out all of her passion for him. Reborn through fire, she becomes stronger and sober. When Kisa’s love for Gilbert is gone, Gilbert seems to be regrettable about what he did to her. What will happen? Read Reborn Through Fire.

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user avatar
Hezi Kaliah
Please update the story already ............
2023-09-12 00:52:43
user avatar
Quek Geok Beng
nice ending
2023-05-20 21:28:20
default avatar
rodeo rod
what a useless crap, start chapter 1580 suddenly this novel genre changes to fantasy with supposedly orphaned children being trained to be mafia via ring target readers changed?
2023-04-28 22:15:57
default avatar
if you are new reader to this novel, don't start. waste of time, author has no intention to conclude. even after all mysteries & conflict solved, they create new problems so the story never ends. gave 5* so this review won't be pushed behind
2023-04-27 22:22:05
default avatar
rodeo rod
author drags it too long. however, with all these happenings now, neverending failure of kisa, I hope author just make kisa die in the end, so Gilbert and Jensen will live suffering with regret. really,i hope kisa die with the baby, then it'll be worth it to read all these messy chapters. satisfyin
2023-03-30 19:46:03
default avatar
Monitha Mohan
Story is amazing, very interesting, but for readers we are expecting some more chapters
2023-03-30 17:12:17
default avatar
why only 2 episodes a day now ...?
2023-03-29 17:10:21
user avatar
Natasha Singh
come on. im tired of Kisa being treated like crap by the whole kooper family. please hurry up and let everything unravel quickly.
2023-03-28 10:58:14
default avatar
Nina Ragusa
It’s dragging to long and it’s sad to pay
2023-03-25 11:28:58
default avatar
please don't stop translating this novel. it's been very dragging but I continued reading because I wanted to know the revelation. but today only 4 chapters uploaded so I fret they'll leave this novel hanging..please don't! I've read so much!
2023-02-14 21:45:14
default avatar
i tried to not give so much emotion to this book given that it's dragging this much, but I feel sad with Jensen latest change. always sad when someone decided to change to a bad person...i wished Adrien & grandma fight their own & not involved the younger family members
2023-01-12 22:57:05
user avatar
When will the author be done with torturing the poor dying lady?This story is sickening.I'm starting to hate this shit
2023-01-05 17:15:04
user avatar
the story is now so messed up, I'm curious how the author wants to make the come back and conclude the story in the end with revenge upon revenge interception ... but it takes too long and too many chapters, wake me up when it's completed and I'll just read the last 10 chapters hahaha
2022-12-30 22:04:37
default avatar
true love dominates all... all suffering, all hatred, all indifference. kisa's suffering is too much and Gilbert's indifference is unbearable. but still the hidden love description brings tears to eyes while reading. love the novel.
2022-12-29 23:05:09
user avatar
this is driving me nuts it's all over the place and costing a fortune to read half this story is pointless there is no need for that many chapters it's draggin on
2022-12-29 12:01:49
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1616 Chapters
Chapter 1 She is… Dead?
Kisa Becker was in a women's prison. She held her bulging belly and slowly crawled toward the door. She had been locked in for three days, and because of one man's order, she had eaten nothing until now.The floor near the doorway was strewn with breadcrumbs. Kisa stretched out her painful hand. She picked up the dirty and cold hard breadcrumbs and put them into her mouth.Suddenly, the door opened. A voice said, "You have a visitor."Before Kisa could rejoice, she was roughly dragged out of the cell, cleaned up, and pushed into a visiting room. Through the bars, she finally saw the man she had loved for ten years.Kisa held back her tears. "How is Grandma?""How could you still have the nerve to ask?" Gilbert Kooper grabbed her by the neck. There was a ruthless look on his face as if he was going to kill her. "Thanks to you, Grandma will never wake up again."I can forgive the fact that you climbed into my bed on purpose and abducted Sara, but you shouldn't have harmed Grandma."
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Chapter 2 Running Away
It was still the same cold, unforgiving voice that Kisa would remember to the day she died. She trembled, filled with grief and fear, telling herself she must not let him recognize her.She crouched on the floor and swept her eyes around. Her gaze finally fixated on the hotel's back exit. A second later, she sprang to her feet and ran as fast as she could for the exit."Get her!" a stern voice shouted.Kisa's knees went weak as she was scared. She hurriedly overturned the signages and banners to slow down the security guys coming after her. Running out the back exit, Kisa still did not dare let up but ran toward the side aisle. The sound of hurried footsteps came from behind her, but she did not dare look back. She just ran for her life as if a terrifying demon was chasing her.Gilbert went out of the hotel and searched around in a panic but never saw Kisa.Meanwhile, Sharon and Davian Park, Gilbert's assistant, also rushed out after Kisa. Sharon asked Gilbert anxiously, "Gilbert,
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Chapter 3 She Can Never Run Away From Me
"Aaaaah!"Startled, Kisa tossed her phone and shivered in the corner. Her eyes stared in horror at the phone on the floor as if a monster was inside.'It's Gilbert's voice. How could this be? How come Gilbert called me on Ariella's cell phone? Has he found out so quickly that I'm working for Ariella? If this is the case, he will soon find this place and send me to prison again. I don't want to go back to that goddamn place where I can't see the light of day. I don't want to suffer those inhuman tortures again.'Kisa shuddered in fear at the thought of the inhumane torture in prison and that tragic fire. She told herself she must escape, not be caught by Gilbert. She scrambled to get up, haphazardly packed some clothes, and hurried out the door.Inside the hotel lounge--Because of Gilbert's appearance, the atmosphere in the lounge became strange and somewhat depressing. However, it was also a little exciting to those little-known supporting actors and actresses eager to ingratiate
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Chapter 4 I Don't Want to See Him.
"Ms. Watson, Mr. Kooper would like to see you. Please come with me." It was Davian.Kisa spun around and tried to run, but several men in suits surrounded her. These men's actions alarmed the people in the surroundings, and they all stepped back in fright.Kisa's pale face and bony body made her look as if she would collapse at any moment."Wh-What are you all going to do?""Mr. Kooper wants to see you, Ms. Watson. Don't be so alarmed.""Who is Mr. Kooper? I don't know him." Kisa's body shook. "Get out of my way. I don't know Mr. Kooper. He probably has the wrong person.""Mr. Kooper has mistaken no one. Come with us, and you will find out, Ms. Watson," Davian said, then signaled the bodyguards to apprehend her.Kisa's emotions flared up. "Let go of me. What are you doing? I don't want to see him. I don't want to see him. Please let me go. I don't want to see him. Help! Help!"She told herself she must not meet Gilbert, who hated her so much for abducting his first love and hur
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Chapter 5 Kill Me If You Dare
"Don't hit me. Don't hit me."She shivered involuntarily as the horrible experience of being beaten up in prison kept coming back to her.Gilbert frowned. He grabbed her by the collar and lifted her. "Why are you still pretending? You think that will make me not punish you for what you have done?""I'm not Kisa. You've got the wrong person. My name is Raine. I'm not Kisa. I'm not." Kisa shook her head in panic. Her bony face looked extra pale from fear, the scar on her forehead even more appalling.Gilbert stared sullenly at her, gritting his teeth with hatred. "You think I won't recognize you after you change your name, your voice, and even your appearance? Heck! Let me tell you; even if you turn into ashes, I can still find you." His eyes were filled with hatred, just as they were five years ago. The ruthlessness in his voice was such that he could not wait to cut her into pieces.'Is he really that disgusted with me, so much so that he won't allow me to live in this world for a
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Chapter 6 You're Looking For Trouble
Gilbert looked at her reddened face. He suddenly came to his senses and let go of her.Kisa coughed violently as a sudden burst of fresh air rushed into her lungs, and her bony body slumped down the wall. She kept trembling terribly because of the cough. Under Gilbert's condescending gaze, she looked like a gnat struggling to stay alive."Don't worry. I won't kill you. But I will make your life worse than death."Kisa ended up being locked up in the garret by Gilbert. She desperately kicked and punched the door and hissed in a frenzy. "Let me out. Who are you to lock me up? I almost died five years ago because of you; so why are you still locking me up now? Let me out. Let me out.""You had it coming to you five years ago." Gilbert's bitter words came through the door. "Grandma hasn't woken up yet, and Sara hasn't been found. As long as you live, you are to pay for what you have done." He forced the last sentence through his teeth, carrying a full load of hatred and disgust.Kisa
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Chapter 7 Stop Shedding Crocodile Tears
"Kill me if you dare."She deeply hated being shut in, as in prison, which only made her feel suffocated and despaired.Gilbert gave her an icy look. He suddenly got up, lifted her injured ankle, and immediately took a medication bottle out of his pocket.Realizing what he was about to do, Kisa jerked her foot back as hard as she could and sneered. "Stop shedding crocodile tears here.""Kisa Berker!" Gilbert gritted his teeth and spelled out her name, so furious that veins popped up on his forehead.Kisa stared at him with a mocking face. "Aren't you just afraid that I will die of pain and you won't have the chance to torture me anymore? I'm not going to give you the chance.""Well. Very well." Gilbert nodded with a sneer. He threw the medicine bottle at her. "You want to die, right? Then you can go to hell."The door was slammed shut once again. Kisa looked at the mess on the floor with irony and sadness inside her. 'Since he hates me so much, he should have just let me perish
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Chapter 8 Do You Know Who My Mommy Is?
'This woman is a bit like the one in the photo in Daddy's wallet. Could she be Mommy?' The boy was so excited with the thought in his mind that he ran up to Kisa.Kisa stared at them in astonishment. "Who are you? Why are you here?" She did not recall there were children in the Kooper residence."Ma'am, do you know who my mommy is? Where is she?"The questions startled and puzzled Kisa. "I don't know who your mother is, and I don't know who your father is. But how did you guys get here, and who brought you here?"Andrew had a disappointed look in his eyes."This is our home. Ma'am, why did Daddy lock you up?" Ada asked.Kisa's heart skipped a beat. 'Daddy? Their father is Gilbert? Gilbert has children? There are two of them, and they are already this old?!'She tried hard to fight back the shock. To be sure, she asked in a trembling voice, "Is Gilbert your father?""Hmm." Ada nodded.Kisa took two unsteady steps back instantly.'It turns out that he already has children. But
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Chapter 9 Do You Know Who You're Holding Hostage?
"Kisa Becker!"Gilbert gritted his teeth and growled her name. He wished he could strangle this heartless woman who was holding his son hostage in order to escape. He clenched his fists with blue veins popping up on the back of his hands, his face ashen.Kisa looked at his grim, murderous face and smiled bleakly. 'He must hate me even more. But it doesn't matter anymore.' She gripped the knife tightly, looked into Gilbert's icy eyes, and said in a deep voice, "Let me go."Coming back with him was Sharon. After five years, Sharon had become even more beautiful, dressed up fashionably and with classy makeup, looking like a movie star. When Sharon saw her, she obviously froze for a moment, followed by a touch of surprise and delight surfacing on her face."Kisa, you're really alive."Kisa ignored her. She just kept a close eye on Gilbert.She told herself she had to get out of here today, as she knew that someone as astute as Gilbert would have quickly seen that Andrew was deliberat
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Chapter 10 A Special Contract
Gilbert looked at her with a frown. "What do you mean?""I heard Ariella say that she still has a special contract with Kisa in place.""A special contract?""Yeah. Wasn't she Ariella's assistant before?"Gilbert looked at her and waited for her to continue."If Ariella is the one who dismisses Kisa, then Ariella is to pay her a sky-high amount of compensation. Of course, if it is Kisa who resigns, Kisa is to pay Ariella a considerable amount of money. With that contract in place, Kisa has to return to Ariella as an assistant, and you can find Kisa easily then.""Who drew up the contract?"No one in their right mind would sign such an unreasonable contract. It was akin to binding the two together. Yet Ariella and Kisa had signed it. As a female artiste, Ariella would not ask her lawyer to draw up such a contract. Kisa was not capable of drawing up such a contract either. So Gilbert wondered from where such a contract had come.Sharon shook her head. "I don't know who drew it up
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