The reincarnation of the Demon King

The reincarnation of the Demon King

By:  VIVID   Ongoing
Language: English
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A 25 years old boy named John is suddenly shot by his friend, which results in his death, but is reincarnated again as the new Demon King. Unfortunately, he agains dies in a battle. This time also he is reincarnated but as a human. Follow Vis' adventure as he gets revenge, becomes a demon and makes his own harem.

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Arrival
John roused up, feeling dizzy, his head was feeling hefty, he was having an oblivious countenance on his face. He was regaining his blurry vision, slowly by slowly, he said, "Where am I? If I remember correctly, I was shot by my friend, and then..... uff! I can't hark back what happened after that, in other words, I can't remember anything but my name, age and how have I died." Two figures out of the blue appeared in front of his eyes, resulting John to have kittens. One of the figures indicated John they were not his enemies and introduced herself, " I am the Goddess of the light of the blue sky — Theia." Subsequent to, the other one said, " I am the primordial God of darkness and the consort of Night —Erebus."  John was flabbergasted or perhaps, he thought he was in his fantasy world without any indecision, so to investigate if that was dream or not, he tweaked his skin, however, at first he hesitated, but soon he understo
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Chapter 2: Grim Reaper
24 hours later   Capital Daemonum Regnum,Demon Kingdom  The sun was dim outside, the vociferation of the greetings for the new Demon King was sounding everywhere outside, and the devil tree, Alstonia scholaris, stood outside as silent as ever, not its leaves of course — they were dancing to their heart's content, assisted by the howling gales. The villa of the Demon King was, immaculate, this whole procedure from moping to making it more tidier, was taken out by the Demon King's butler, Fidelis , Servus De Fidelis. The door of the villa opened, welcoming the dim sunlight inside of the villa, illuminating a coruscating kaleidoscope of dazzling brightness. And a well proportioned young man in his 40s imposed himself between the two Royal Demon guards at arriving, upon recognising and apologizing to the man, the guards allowed some space for him to pass and closed the door without further ado after the man had got through them, clearly
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6 days laterCapital Daemonum Regnum, Demon Kingdom  It was a cold - icy dark night, the moon was as grand and bright as ever, the storm petrels, Hydrobatidaes were on their nests, there was no omen of death; the waters were frozen, everything was engulfed with fresh snow. Something freakish was seen among all — two figures stared vacantly at the Demon King villa from quite a far unascertained distance, standing on a cliff. One of them said to the other in a vulgar tone, " So... What? ... We the strongest fighters from the whole Human Empire are sent here to defeat a lousy, bastard Demon King on this cold night — it is snowing also, are they considering us rapscallions? What fiddlesticks! " The person was about 5 feet 9 inches tall, he had silver eyes and long red hair in other words, he was quite handsome, his face was hidden under a robe and looked pretty much tempestuous and pissed off, but the other person somewhat maintained his equa
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Thirteen years later
years later, The king's castle, Kingdom of Duolis, Human Empire It was a decent morning, the birds were chirping producing an unbelievable melodic sound that won anyone's heart as soon as it reached their ears, the hustle and bustle of the kingdom market was also somewhat relaxing as always it was, many voices in glee were heard from the king's garden — three children played to their heart's content — among the three was Vis (after being born there, John's father .i.e. the king of Duolis and his mother, the queen named him Vis) and two other children — Dux, the son of the Duke of Probitatis and Char ( short name for Charlotte), the daughter of the Duke of Richmond and the fiancee of Vis.  In 13 years the world had been changed, completely, so much that new kingdoms were rising , the Demon Empire was been decreased ( leaving only 3℅ of their territory) all this was happening due to a certain change —i
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First Victory
Everyone, including Vis was dumbstruck, they hadn't witnessed a 13 year old boy to become a user of chaos magic. The two children, and the two men gave Visa once-over, furthermore shifting their gaze from the hologram to Vis, as if he was an uncanny animal; Ubi rubbed his eyes, to see if it was vertical or not, after corroborating it, he bellowed out loud of rage, " WHAT THE HECK? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? HOW DOES A CHILD LIKE YOU HAVE THAT ABILITY! Huh, Oh! Sorry I got a little carried away, anyway congratulations! I will take my leave now, the competition will begin at 9 am tomorrow at the Royal Arena! Bye! " He quickly got out of the garden, with egg on his face, being chagrined and appalled. After his leave, Char came closer to Vis and imprecated her curses for Ubi, later cooling down.  "Son, I've something to talk about with you, please come to my room... it's urgent. " The king enunciated and got out of the garden, bumfuzzling the children. Read more
The God system
The spectators were not expecting the match to end so quickly, they were more amazed by the fact that this was so sturdy, Drake was also having the same reaction as the others, he was astonished; he was not believing his eyes, he was paused for a couple of minutes, after he got a hold of him, he blazoned abroad, " Vis Duolis is the winner! "After, 7 hours The Royal Arena , Kingdom of Duolis, Human Empire A long time had passed since the opening of the preliminary competition, ultimately, one hundred fifty nine teenagers came to give the exam but nevertheless, 4 among them were only selected." Now then let's start the finals! " Drake announced to all, displaying and broadcasting a hologram in front of the spectators and participants. *****"[Rank 1 : Vis Duolis Wins : 12 Magic type : unknown] [Rank 2 : Charlotte Richmond Wins : 9Magic type : Elemental (spirit)]
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A knight and horse
Vis was in an open-mouthed situation , by the discovery of the God system and furthermore, nonplussed by the unforeseen and instantaneous male voice if this was not enough, an interface formed right in front of Vis , which grew Vis's curiosity to a greater extent.   Vis was a novel reader in his past life, so he read some system-type novels also, it was native wit that Vis knew how the system worked. Still, Vis wanted to experiment, if his theory was precise and unerring, so he asked inside his mind, " Hey! can I communicate with you like this? " Vis hadn't contemplated the possibility of his theory to be correct, but it was accurate. Magixtio spoke up inside his mind, " Ya! You can! " Vis was a little surprised, but nevertheless, he asked, " Magixtio, I have a question.... " Just as Vis was going to complete his sentence, Magixtio interrupted , " Vis, this is not the right time, I'll answer your questions late
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The sin of pride
Vis was satisfied, with the results; he was possessing a grin from ear to ear; the kind of grin one felt when one became excited and thrilled, arousing the inquisitiveness of one's to a greater extent. Magixtio remarked exclaiming, " How intelligent of you! " Vis didn't wanted to talk to Magixtio at a time like this — perhaps, it meant nothing but a nonsense, but the incident which was happening right in front of him was — he commanded the muscular figures, who stood in the arena emitting fearful auras, " Defeat that filthy wench who dare to stand in front of thou, mine soldiers!  Yet  do not  dispatch her, for thy pride's sake, for thy pride!! "; the spectators and Lienne thought that it was impossible for Vis to summon the figures — of course, it was, if Vis was a normal teenager, but too bad for them, he was not, he was the former Demon King, Asmodeus. Lienne was terrified, when the creatures moved for the fi
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The knight was on the point of pulling the trigger, but Vis stopped him at once.   "My chevalier! Halt! "    Vis gave the command to the knight; the knight lowered his head, ultimately, bowing to Vis, after he stopped to pull the trigger and turned towards the direction where Vis was standing.    Vis once more ordained the creatures, almost at the same time as the knight turned to him,"The sin of pride, thou hast recovered thy pride, and proved thy loyalty hence return to where thou came from!"   The knight acquiesced, though he and the horse were reluctant, but still as an order, from their master, they became evanescent into the atmosphere at Vis's behest, leaving no dust behind.   The spectators were in awe, there was no way, they could believe what they had seen, a moment or two ago, Vis was dominated but now, what a miracle did he show! He utterly changed the proph
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 Ya! Ask" Magixtio replied in a calm tone.    " So, I will be asking a couple of questions to you, are you okay with that? " Vis straightforwardly asked.   " Well, let me hear the questions. "   "Okay, the first question — just what is the God system? " Vis asked with a serious tone in his voice.    "Well, then, let me say this to you — the God system was made by different High-Gods to determine the abilities of one in a million talents, that includes humans from Earth or Betsuno Orbis Terrarum, even creatures of different parallel worlds like elves, skeletons and others. The God system is something you say, 'The Heaven's blessing or the Hell's curse', in other words it is a, double-edged sword."    "What? A double edged sword? Please explain yourself! "   " Vis, you are one of the selected beings, and it's thanks to your intelligence - it
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