Alpha Kayden and His Hybrid Mate

Alpha Kayden and His Hybrid Mate

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Fate has terrible plans for Ariyana, the only daughter of one of the most powerful power-couple Alpha King Kian and Luna Queen Nyla. She has been separated from her parents at the age of two and leading the life of an Omega in a neighboring pack. Her wolf doesn't surface even at the age of seventeen and everyone thinks she's a human. The other paranormal half, hidden inside her, can still sense her mate and feel drawn to him. Her mate is none other than the Alpha of her new pack of course. Unfortunately, he can't feel the mate bond because of reasons unknown to him. On her eighteenth birthday, he ends up having sex with her and wakes up in regret the following day. With an important pack member's brutal murder, and the Alpha blaming her for being a dangerous enchantress, Ari is in deep trouble. As she fights the cruel fate and finds her true identity, would she ever have another chance with her mate who despises her? Was their mate bond cursed for good, and by who?

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31 chapters
Prologue | Coronation Day
~Nyla~My heart fluttered with happiness as I took slow steps towards the Grand Hall, accompanied by my best friend, Maya, and my lovely sister-in-law, Rachel."Luna, you look beautiful." My good old friend Olivia greeted me at the door.She was standing beside several other omegas, and there were cheerful smiles on all of their faces—unlike two years ago when I first arrived and saw their scared or angry faces. The feeling of being loved by everybody filled me to the brim with contentment.The most awaited moment of the year had arrived as I passed through the entrance doors and looked up at my mate standing on the dais. This felt just like walking down the aisle to get married to him, the jitters and the excitement.Alpha Kian was sporting an extra dazzling smile today. He was dressed in a well-fitted charcoal gray tuxedo and a striped purple bowtie, which he was forced to wear at my insistence. I wanted something on him to match my flowy p
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Chapter 1 | Haunting Dreams
FIFTEEN YEARS LATER~Ari/Kendall~Lightning bolts, thunderclaps, and colossal waves.Rain was pelting down relentlessly. I was caught in a raging storm, with my body swaying back and forth at the whim of the waves. I tried to scream, begging to be rescued, but ended up swallowing a good amount of water."Mamma..." I cried out, coughing and trying to stay afloat.Salty water stung my eyes and nose, filling up my lungs as I struggled to stay conscious. Darkness engulfed me now and then, and I could feel my body drifting off out of control, caught in massive tidal waves. Everything was pitch black, but I woke up again to find myself in the same situation. Angry waves were colliding with raging winds, throwing my body at high speeds into random directions. The only difference was that it was now night instead of day.Something didn't make sense. A shiny blue tail kept presenting itself to me. I thought it was some large fish following me, or mor
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Chapter 2 | Secret Crush
~Kiki~Walking to the farther end of the horseshoe driveway, I got into a new black RAM 2500. It was a loaner car the dealership gave my dad when he dropped off his old pickup truck for servicing yesterday. I used his pickup truck solely for doing my job and walked to school or beaches and other places.My parents drove fancy cars while Megan inherited my mom's old Chrysler. She was going to get a nice loaded BMW on her eighteenth birthday next year. I was hoping they wouldn't trade in the Chrysler and give it to me instead.I took a sip of my delicious hot chocolate and set it in the cup holder before keying the car.Wait, what? Why would my dad bring a loaner with a manual transmission? He knew I sucked at driving a stick shift.Checking my watch, I hopped out of the car and darted towards my friend Benjamin's house, which was next door.All the elite warrior families were treated on par with the other high-ranking members. We didn't need
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Chapter 3 | The Alpha
~Kiki~I froze at the look of his fuming face and shut the engine off. Pushing the door open, I was about to step out when I saw that I had knocked off one of the bike mirrors when swinging the door open.Why doesn't the ground next to the curb just open up and suck me in? He looked like he was going to swallow me whole when the earth refused to help me escape."What the fuck, Kiki? Are you drunk driving or what?" His usually deep and calm voice was seething with anger and agitation, and so was his face, which was typically void of any expression when he saw me. I bit hard on my lower lip to stop my chin from trembling and shifted on my feet anxiously. He moved his hands off his hips and yanked his damaged bike from under the car.To be honest, it didn't really look that damaged except for the missing mirror. And perhaps a few scrapes here and there. Oh well, everywhere. Damn!After several beats of silence as he inspected the damage,
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Chapter 4 | The Former Alpha
~Kiki~A pool of anxiety coiled inside me when I heard those words. Where was I going to go?I only knew how my actual parents looked. I had no idea who they were or where they lived. Were they even alive and would they want me back after finding out I had no wolf?"Are my actual parents werewolves?"Crying didn't bode well with Alpha Dimitri in the past, so I wasted no time on tearing up and begging him to keep me. He sounded like he had made up his mind to kick me out already. Alpha Kayden will have to say the words, and I will be banished once the bond with the pack breaks.Alpha Kayden... my toes curled at the mere mention of his name in my thoughts."Didn't you hear me? Alpha Wyatt's your dad. He was one of the strongest alphas to have existed. He would have made a great Alpha King if not for your scheming mother, who got him killed and handed everything over to an asshole alpha from the Storm Moon Pack."Storm Moon Pack, huh. No
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Chapter 5 | Steamy Makeout
~Kiki~I sucked in a sharp breath, and I swear my heart was ready to burst. Can there be anything more embarrassing? I threw his shirt on the floor behind me and stood there like a statue.Once I found my voice, I came up with a bullshit explanation."The omega who... who d-does the laundry wanted to check if anything needed to be taken out for la-laundry so that I could take them to the laundry for the omega who does the laundry." Jeez!"Okay, the omega will do the laundry. But why was my shirt pressed to your nose?" He towered over me, wrapped in a towel, with beads of water clinging to his hard abs and taut chest muscles. More water dripped from his hair, but that was not where my attention was. I licked my lips at the sight of the hard-on tenting up under his towel.  "I-I didn't d-do that," I choked out. I was talking about the shirt, but my eyes were fixed on what was under the towel.His eyes had tu
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Chapter 6 | Sienna
~Kiki~ My adoptive parents were back before dinner, and they had some news for tomorrow. Twelve days from now, on the full moon night, Alpha Kayden's chosen mate was supposed to be sworn in through the Luna Ceremony. I was feeling quite apprehensive about it lately. His chosen mate, Sienna, has been his girlfriend for years. About five years, to be precise. When he returned to Thunder Bay Pack at the age of sixteen, he brought her with him. She was a White Warrior wolf, a wolf who wasn't bound by the mate bond or pack rules, unlike a common werewolf. White Warrior wolves were born fighters and loners who were exposed to rough, life-endangering conditions by their parents right from a young age. They were typically attracted to the alphas of various packs, probably because they are equals in strength and endurance. I had been jealous of her from the moment I laid my eyes on her. I was only twelve then, about to turn thirteen, when I bumped heads with h
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Chapter 7 | Pit Fight
"I don't care what happens today. Lexi doesn't stand a chance with me. Just stay alive and we should be fine." "Did you really not lead her on? Why is she suddenly after the luna title? You have been hiding something from me. Why don't you come clean? You fucked her, didn't you?" Sienna sounded pissed.Alpha Kayden let out a low growl before cupping Sienna's face."Ci, for the last time, I did NOT fuck her or anybody. Don't push it with me, okay?""Oh yeah? Whose smell was on your lips yesterday then? You think you can go around kissing others just because you are the Alpha? Tell me who it was and I'll stop asking."Alpha Kayden fell silent. I lifted my arm to my nose. What did I smell like to him? And to Sienna? He didn't deny kissing someone who wasn't his girlfriend."Who are you protecting, Kay? I'm going to kill that bitch after I'm done with Lexi."I heard him hiss, and I couldn't help feel scared and excited at the same t
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Chapter 8 | Birthday
~Kiki~'Luna Sienna!''Go Luna Sienna...'These words were ringing in my ears long after I left the arena. My mind knew this was inevitable. Alpha Kayden would mark her in front of the entire pack and then proceed with the mating ceremony. She will give him the cutest and strongest pups ever known. My stupid heart had a hard time digesting the inevitable.The only consolation to this whole thing was that I wouldn't be there to witness it if they banished me on the full moon night. I will become a rogue while Alpha Kayden begins his wonderful new life with the love of his life.From the way he kissed Sienna in the locker room and then showered her with love and affection after she had won the fight, it was obvious even to a blind person that he was very much into her.Whatever he did with me the last two times didn't make any sense. Why lure me in when he had someone like Sienna as his girlfriend? I just needed to keep my distance and not get
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Chapter 9 | Losing Control
~Kiki~If looks could strip someone bare, I was buck naked in front of Alpha Kayden's hungry eyes. My stomach did several flips in response to the way his eyes raked my body before settling on my lips.I looked away in dismay, reminding myself that his one arm was wrapped around Sienna even right now. What kind of a man stares at other women with such lust when he has a beautiful woman right by his side? He was no good, and neither Sienna nor I needed someone like that.Benji and the others went over to greet him, and Leroy shared some inside joke with the older guys before we walked over to the bar area to get ourselves some appetizers."It's a bummer neither of you got one of these." Leroy pulled out a fake ID and handed it over to the bartender. "One Tom Collins."Clever. He ordered a drink that looked like water to someone who would question his underage drinking. I always wanted to taste the alcohol, but the smell never appealed to me. Megan d
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