The witch and her wolf series

The witch and her wolf series

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Soleil Summer is a rather ordinary 17 year old School girl, a bit shy and unassuming … at least until her world is turned upside down. First she meets the very handsome Luca, the New boy in school … and she also can’t help but notice the alluring King of the vampire goths. And then of course there is the fact that on her 18th birthday a coven of witches comes to knock on her door. Soleil is a witch, fated to kill the werewolves, what she doesn’t know is that her beloved Luca is a wolf and her mate, a mate she has to kill to break the ancient curse. And in the background the dark one, an immense evil power lurks, and he has his eyes on Soleil. This is a full series of 3 books in one … each New book starts with a chapter marked 1. Warning: Every chapter starting with *The vampire* may contain violent murders and kinky sex

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260 Chapters
1: First meeting
 book 1 *Soleil*  I open my eyes, blinking away the sleep. The dream still fills my senses, but what it was about lay just outside my reach. There is only this warm content feeling left. I can't remember sleeping this well for a long time and I stretch my body, feeling utterly content, before closing my eyes, drifting off again. I sit up, something is wrong ! Something is missing.. Shit ! I jump out of bed. "Fucking clock". I hiss and throw open my closet. A pair of jeans and a jumper later I skip out into the kitchen, a sock dangling on my foot. I grab a piece of crisp bread on my way. A packed lunch I have to imagine again today, if I don't want to be even more late. I grab my bag and hurry out the door and
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2: Enter.. the vampire
*The vampire* I look down on the streets below me. The noise and the stench doesn't bother me right now.; I have locked them from my heightened senses. It is what lies underneath the pulsating nightlife of the city that entices me. I jump down from the roof landing smoothly and elegantly on the flat roof of the next building. I jump up on the ledge turning my gaze to the small side streets below and their dim light. They are like vacant grey streaks hidden behind the inferno of the city. A breeze caresses my face; I close out all the noise and let the evening air fill my lungs. My body quivers lightly with pleasure and I enjoy the smell of the asphalt, sending the last warmth gathered through a long day of sunshine towards me. Spring is on it's way. Once again I breathe in feeling delighted, but something makes me stiffen, my eyes flashing open. Something tempting has hit my senses and I open my mouth slightly tasting the scent in small gulps. Spicy sweetness, a feminine note.
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3: Dreaming of him
 *Soleil*  Every second I spend in the cantine or hallways that week I find myself scanning the rooms for Luca and sometimes I am lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his tall muscular frame in the crowd. He was as expected accepted by the guys hanging around the Elites and he looked like he felt right at home with the IT crowd. From the table where Davina and I usually sit at lunch, I can easily catch glimpses of him, as he hangs out with the other guys. He has such a handsome face, with a cute nose and full soft looking lips. Most days he has stubbles, like his facial hair grows very fast. It suits him, even if it makes him look a bit too old to be here. There is something endearing and charming about him and he always seems to smile. Everytime I catch myself staring at him for too long, it is his wonderful hazel eyes drawing me in, but
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4: Greeting the Goddess
*Soleil* I walk down the pathway running along the football fields. On the other side of the path is the Church stonewall. And I notice how everything is luscious green and ready to bloom. Wild daisies make a beautiful contrast to the grey stones and it is like everything gives off a soft humming sound. I breathe in the scent of flowers from the cemetery and smile happily. Here everything else is gone. There are no guys with alluring hazel eyes, best friends wearing too much black or anything else to mess with me. There is just spring, beautiful green and yellow colours. Before continuing I throw out my arms, twirling around myself feeling so very free, sucking in everything like it is the first time I see it. Out of the corner of my eye I notice that a breeze is playing with the treetops, looking almost like they are dancing around me. I stop to enjoy the sight of the wave-like motion it would create through the trees down along the path, but it didn't happen. It seemed like the
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5: Getting ready
 *Soleil* "Oh Seriously Davina". I complain when I look at myself in the mirror. "You can't be serious".  It is the day I have dreaded all week and we are getting ready in Davina's room. I look down on myself. She has put me in skin tight leather pants, a tight black shirt, low cut enough to let the lace of my lucky black bra peek out and on top a black corset. The corset is tight and my normally soft figure now has the smallest waist and a totally flat stomach.  "Get out of the clothes and come to the beauty chair". She totally ignores my protests, helping me out of the corset. "If you hadn't been my best friend Sol I would have been offended by Your critice of my amazing clothes. Every chick at the club is dying to get their hands on my creations. By the way the corset is a one of a kind and the material was expensive, so please be careful". She says it with a smile.<
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6: At the goth club
 *Soleil* When we get into town my stomach is doing flip flops. What am I doing here ? I can't go around like this in public, what would my mother think, seeing me like this ? I grab Davina's arm. "I am not going to survive you know".  "Of course you do. See it from a positive point. Down here, tonight, you are not standing out in a bad way". She wink at me.  I look down on myself, I am not so sure.  "You look so hot Sol, believe me". She says smiling. "You look so beautiful, all the guys are going to notice you".  She pulls me up to the entrance. Saying a quick hello to the two doormen, before walking inside. I am following her like a lost puppy. Looking in a mirror on my way in I look more like a scared rabbit than a femme fatale.  "You are not you, you are someone e
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7: Another dream
*Soleil* "So what do you think of the Grotto ?" Davina asks, as we are sitting on her bed, clearing off our makeup. "You were really brave, talking to people and you seemed to have fun". "It was kind of crazy and I think I got a bit drunk at some point". I answer. "Nah it wasn't bad, I kept an eye on you". She giggles. "Poor Casper, he tried so hard getting you fired up to him. Actually a couple of guys did and even one girl I think". "Wow, really.. I didn't even notice". I scrunch up my forehead. "I remember seeing that Lefu guy and..". I cut myself of, unable to explain. Davina smiles teasingly. "Oh Lefu, he went right to Your knickers didn't he ?" "What are you talking about ?" "Because you are the colour of a tomato right now". My hands fly to my burning cheeks. "Don't worry, everyone goes through that in the beginning". I swallow. "I have no idea what 'that' is. Could it be the red wine ?" "Two glasses of red wine and one shot during a whole evening, that won't get even a
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8: Hunting or fishing ?
*The vampire* The party is going strong. People are starting to get drunk from the alcohol and the monotone rhythm of the music.  Hunting or fishing ?  Slowly I move around the Grotto along the walls, keeping in the shadows, were I can study people without them noticing. I enjoy the scent of every one of them. I stop several times, seeing if I can spark a desire, but none of them catches my attention.  At the bar I spot two beautiful girls. I recognise one of them, but honestly I have never really looked closer before. She is wearing a long tight dress glaring out at the bottom, it hugs her sexy figure perfectly. Her ample breasts are caressed by soft blondes and to midnight black hair framed a classically beautiful face. The red lips invites to be nippled at.   I smile and remember her scent. This is a
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9: Comparing notes
*Soleil* The whole weekend I have been kind of in my own World. Somehow having convinced myself that I must be something special, having been blessed by Lefu's magnetic gaze. Somehow I have magic abilities, and they have turned me into this dark creature of seduction that not even the King of goth can resist.   What if it is all real, if I am really a witch ? How crazy would it be if I could make things happen, just like it was described on the wiccan pages. I just can't wait to get to school and show them the new me. This is the start of a new life for me.  When I am about to enter the school through the big main door, a group of elites comes walking down the path. They apparently know nothing about my big change, because the head right for the doors, not even seeing me. I have to step aside at the last moment so as not to be trampled.  T
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10: Crushing on Luca
 *Soleil* Luca is leaning against the wall, looking at his phone when I step out of the school. Unfortunately there is no way I can get past him, without him seeing me. And being as tall as he is, towering over everyone else, he would never believe that I couldn't find him. So the only thing I can do is walk over to him. He looks up, flashing me a smile that makes me forget why I wanted to run.  "Hi, is your house far away ? Because I didn't bring my bike today". He pushes off the wall and pockets his phone.  "No it's not far, just down past the church and across the road, I live in a house down there". I say.  "Nice, Let's go then". Luca says and starts to walk. I hurry up to keep up with his long legs.  For a while we just walk in silence down the church path. It annoys me that I find the silence awkwa
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