I Saw You

I Saw You

By:  Sham Cozen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Serra Hilario saw you die. Death is wonderful. Death is like a rain you cannot stop. Are you bound to be saved? Or bound to die?

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140 Chapters
Death is like a rain you cannot stop.   On the island of Vitam et Mortem, people with extraordinary capabilities exist and they are called medius which means middle. They are creatures that lie between the living and the dead. They can either see, hear or feel ghosts. The ordinary people of the island or the mormians do not acknowledge these creatures. They witnessed what a medius can do but they keep on invalidating such creatures accusing them of sorcery and witchcraft. One day, the owner of Silverio University required each student to stay in the university's premises by granting them the school dorm for free. Thirteen days after the students moved in, when the school's huge clock struck at 3 o 'clock in the afternoon it suddenly made an endless ringing sound and a body fell from the clock tower. The same scenario took place every after thirteen days. Everyone pointed out
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SERRA “Serra. ..” a scratchy voice of a woman called my name.I pretended that I didn’t hear her. I just continued walking and increased my pace. I tried to lose her in the crowd of both the living and the dead that were passing by the pedestrian lane but she was very persistent.“Serra Hilario!” She appeared right in front of me with messy hair covering almost her entire face.“Holy cow!” I cursed and swiftly took steps backward. I even dropped my travel bag because of shock.Who wouldn’t? Her voice alone was terrifying what more seeing her gloomy face. The skin surrounding her eyes darkened. She was pale and her chapped lips purpled. I could only see her left eye and the corner of her grinning lips.I held my chest as it pounded fast as if I was being chased by a wild hound. I took d
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“Show yourself,” I firmly demanded.The ghost immediately went out of the body. I was glad she didn’t get locked up.“I tried to stay away from you but I can’t,” she explained even though I didn't ask her to.“What do I have to do with you?” I crossed my arms on my chest.“Maybe I’m asking for help for something I don’t know either or maybe you had something to do with my death.” She shrugged her shoulders.Now a ghost is accusing me of murder?“You shouldn’t enter someone else’s body in front of a grim reaper if you wish to stay longer in the world of the living,” I warned just to change the topic.“Grim Reaper? Where?” She roamed her sight before stopping at the man behind me. “Is he the reaper?” She put her hands together in a praying
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SERRA Seeing my room number attached to the wall made me want to break the door.“Six six six,” I bitterly whispered.666 was known to all medius as a beast’s number and was purportedly used to invoke Satan. Some mormians also avoid this number especially in their businesses because according to them it was bad luck.“Is there something wrong?” the caretaker asked.I just shook my head and after that, she left. I thrust the key in the knob and twisted it after. I opened the door and cold eerie wind kissed my skin. Something was odd in this room.“You feel it too?” the ghost asked and I just nodded.We didn’t have a choice but to enter. We were welcomed by a cream wall filled with paintings of every part of the school. We continued and what we saw next astonished us.Read more
“I was inspired by a medius who saved a girl from getting hit by a car. If you are watching this. . . Hi, brave girl!” Bruce said with a wide smile while looking at the camera and the video ended.Bruce Collins was a hot topic these past few days after he saved a toddler from falling down an apartment building last Saturday. He was able to do that since we were allowed to go out of the university on weekends. I was able to continue my part-time job too. Well, my boss was considerate.Almost two weeks had passed and my school life was like a cycle. All I did was getting up from bed, walked to the cafeteria, went to my classes then back to sleep. Up until now, I haven't met my roommate.“Why is the reaper still not showing up?” Gugu frowned.I just shook my head. She was like this for three days straight. Everything that escaped from her mouth was about the reaper.“I need a daily dose of his handsomeness,” she fan
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SERRA   “Bruce!” I called running after him, again. “Stop, Serra. You’re getting on my nerves.” He increased his pace making me do the same. “Bruce just listen-” He halted and faced me harshly. “If ever I die it’s none of your business, Serra. I’d rather die than seeing you every day.” His words were like burning arrows fired at me. He walked away leaving me hopeless. “You tried your part, Serra. It’s not your fault if he dies,” a familiar voice uttered from behind. My fist clenched. He was not helping, he made me felt worse instead. “If he dies it only means that what I did wasn’t enough." I stormed away with heavy feet. “Stubborn,” he whispered but it didn’t escape my ears. I felt him followed me. We’ve been tailing Bruce for two days now and I didn't not
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“Where is Gugu?” I asked Grip but he just shrugged. I glared at him making him sigh.“I saw her run after Bruce,” he answered.A resounding curse escaped my mouth. Demons are feed up not only by human souls but also by other spirits whether a ghost or evil.“Of all creatures, it’s you who’s knowledgeable enough that she might end up eaten by a demon. You shouldn’t have let her!" I jabbered. “If something bad happens to her I’m going to make you the main ingredient of my steamed dumpling you annoying cat!” I stomped my foot and walked out.“Go ahead. I’m fine with it. At least you get to eat someone delicious, like me."I looked back and threw him my death glare. I saw him smirking while biting his lower lip. How can he do both and still look cool? Damn it!We looked all over the university but I couldn’t find her. I’m getting nervous and at the same tim
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BRUCE I stared at my trembling hands and then at Amara. She looked pale and weak. I want to caress and embrace her. I promised to protect her but I couldn’t even protect her from myself.“What have you done, Bruce?” a voice echoed in my head and it was followed by a peal of wicked laughter.I held my head with both hands pulling my hair wishing that the laughter would cease. In my turmoil state of mind, I walked away.“Bruce...” she called, soft and weak.Her voice receded the voice in my head. I glanced at her with eyes full of love.After seconds of silence, she replied, “I love you too.”I gave her my last sweet smile. The smile I refused to give to other ladies, only her. She smiled back with a slow nod. We’ve been through a lot that we could understand each other
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I groaned feeling the pain on the side of my head. I opened my eyes and I was welcomed by blinding lights.  “Blinding lights. . .” Serra’s voice rang in my ears again. I blinked twice to adjust my sight. I turned around and I could see nothing but darkness. The only source of light was the swaying lamp above my head. The cold breeze kissed my skin waking the fine hairs on my entire body. I was dying to touch the side of my head because of the raging pain the impact left. My skin in that part tightened because of a dried foreign substance. I tried to move but my hands were tied behind me, a rope was looped around my bare chest and shoulders making me intact with the wooden chair and my feet were also tied at the chair’s feet. I examined my body and I found myself naked. I was agitated by the reiterating click-clack of a shoe in the room. I don’t know where to focus my sight not until a lady revealed herself in front of me from the dark part of the
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My face was saddened but I didn’t regret what I did even if it was an accident.“That’s the nastiest thing I’ve heard in my entire life.” She wiped her tears and laughed. “Love? What is love? Anger, obsession, envy, there are but love? There is no such thing as love.” She emphasized every word with contempt.She picked up her red thong and went around my back. She pressed it on my wound to stop my gushing blood. How ironic!“The truth is I want to know why girls were so crazy about him despite being sexually harassed they still wanted him. Now that I tasted it I thought that I’ll finally put an end to my thirst but I’m very disappointed.” She gently caressed my shoulder and blew warm air in my ears. “Watching other’s suffer is still the best entertainment and pleasure giver.” She gently nibbled my ear and licked it. “Besides it should be me, Bruce. I should be the one to ki
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