Revenge Heart In Love

Revenge Heart In Love

By:  Serena Harry  Completed
Language: English
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Sidney fell in love at first sight with a man whose family have so much to do with her family, and the secret ran deeper than she could ever imagined! Will she ever get past the betrayal? Bradley never knew what it was like to fall in love with someone, only to lose them for something his family did or didn't do. Will they ever forgive each other?

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38 Chapters
Chapter One
The rain was falling heavily outside her cabin, and she was sitting near the window listening to the music the rain on the roof created.She had always loved her alone time in the cabin, it allowed her to think, vent and processed things. She closed her eyes and hummed with the rain, and then she smiled.Something disrupted the sound from the rain, something that wasn’t there a few seconds ago. She opened her eyes and that was when she noticed a creature coming towards it. It was more like staggering towards it.She frowned.Sidney Morgan had always came to Bradford ever since her father had died.The cabin was on the west side of Bradford among the woods, so it was far from any road, people knew it was private property and she had never been bothered before, until now.She heard a knock, well, more like a pound on the cabin front door. "Open the door." the voice said behind the door.Her hands began to shake, and her heart jump
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Chapter Two
It was six o’clock when she woke up the next morning. She stood up and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and have her bath. Minutes later, she was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt, a wool sweater she had inherited from her mother, and a form fitted jeans. She went into the living room, where she had left Brad last night, but he wasn’t there anymore. She checked the kitchen, back room, and the storage room, but he wasn’t there. She went outside to check the surrounding, but he still wasn’t there. Sidney began to wonder if he had left. She didn't know if that was possible but she knew that anything could happen. What was to be expected from someone she knew nothing about anyway?  Why would he leave just like that? Maybe he wasn’t who he claimed to be, and he slipped away in the night before she could find out. Maybe he was a thief, and he had stolen something from her. Was that even possible? People lie about who the
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Chapter Three
“Good Morning, sleepy head.” Brad voice interrupted her lovely sweet dream. “Breakfast is ready.” He said.Sidney moaned and rolled over, facing him. The top she wore rode up her belly, and her creamy skin was on display.She looked so different while sleeping, and it made her look so innocent. She moved, and her hand moved from her chest. He could see her nipple through her top, and her thighs were on display. Brad gritted his teeth against the impulses traveling up his body. He would like nothing better than to stretch beside her, and pull her into his arms, and make love to her. He wished he was her man, he would love to be the man of this sweet, delicate, and strong woman. He could ask her if she had a boyfriend.“No.” he muttered, and shook his head.He gently nudged her shoulder and prayed that she woke up, because seeing her like this made him as hard as rock.“Sidney?&rdquo
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Chapter Four
Sidney called her mother as soon as she got back to Queensbury, and she heard the message she left for her in the machine.Her mother had left her a message that she wanted her to take over her step-father’s boutique that was in Queensbury.Who left that kind of message on a voice mail? Why would she even think she would be interested in taking over his business? When her mother picked up, she refused the offer outright. Her pride and thoughts of her father wouldn’t even allow her to consider the option.Claire on the other hand knew that she would turn down the offer because she knew the kind of strong-headed woman her daughter was. Apart from that fact, she knew she would feel guilty, but what Sidney didn’t know was that her father wouldn’t have minded at all, in fact, would be proud of her.Claire had helped her gotten her job where she worked now with so much pestering before she accepted.Her words were tha
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Chapter Five
When her office intercom buzzed, it yanked her away from her thoughts.She picked up the phone on her desk, and her boss's voice bumped into her ear so loud that she pulled the phone from her ears for a second.“Sidney, can you please come into my office.” He said.“Okay, sir.” She said and dropped the receiver.She crossed the room to pick up her jacket and went out of her office. When she got to her boss’ office, she met the person she least expected. Brad.What had gone wrong? She wondered.She had wondered why Brad was in their company, and why she was summoned when he was there.“Um… there you are Sidney, meet Mr. Humphrey, and Bradley this is Sidney Morgan.” Williams introduced.The innocent look on Brad’s face made her smile. She understood Brad didn’t want her boss to know that they knew each other, and she was so grateful.“Brad’s father is
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Chapter Six
As soon as Sidney opened her office door on Tuesday morning, Brad’s voice interrupted her legs from entering inside.“Good morning, Sidney, how was your night?” he asked, smiling.“Good morning, my night was splendid,” she replied. "I hope you had a great one too?"He nodded, yes. Sidney wasn’t sure if she had a splendid or a disturbing night because she couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about how she would cope with the countless time she would be spending alone with him.Brad was a good guy, she thought. He was a nice person, so she could relax. Coupled with the fact that he was also the sexiest man she’d met in… well, ever.She’d thought she preferred dark men until Brad. Now a tall, broad-chested, muscled up man with golden blonde hair was her idea of perfect.Forget the suits and ties he wore now; give her a guy in a t-shirt and a faded almost white jeans, with a r
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Chapter Seven
Sidney wondered why her mother had hanged up the phone. Could it be that she knew the Humphreys? If the answer was yes, then what could she be hiding? The phone on her desk rang. When she picked the receiver, her mother's voice prank into rushed words.  “Sidney, I’m sorry I hanged up on you, I was in the meeting when you called. I will talk to you later today, maybe tonight. Bye, darling.” She said and hanged up.  This time, Sidney's mind was at rest that at least she would hear something from my mother later.  When her mother called that night she told her that the Humphrey she knew was her father's business partner. So when Sidney had slept with the impression that night and woke up the following day had forgotten all a suspicion.     Eyes still closed to prolong the dream, Bradley pulled the pillow closer. His creative mind had turned the pillow to the woman he had come to love so much. 
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Chapter Eight
The rest of the evening was uneventful to Sidney because this wasn’t really her thing. Parties like this, with men talking business and the women gossiping about each other or the latest trend in fashion wasn’t what she was used to.Brad introduced Sidney to his father and mother and then his sister so she wouldn’t have to be bored. Brad knew there was a lot about each other they had to learn, but he could tell she wasn’t really enjoying herself, and he wasn’t exactly available to keep her company. The truth was, he really liked her and he would appreciate it if he didn’t blow it before he got a chance with her. Valerie wasn’t exactly good company at the moment as she couldn’t handle the alcohol she had been downing since she arrived and his sister had to take her to the guest room to lay down for a while before they can call her a taxi. Finally, when the party was already slowing down a notc
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Chapter Nine
  Sidney pushed the elevator button as she typed a message on her phone for her mother. She had been trying to call her for a few days now but it kept going to the voice mail so she decided to text her. She was already two minutes late for the meeting she was schedule d to have this morning at the office. She also had a meeting scheduled for the afternoon to meet a client for lunch. She jabbed the button on the panel for the floor number, as she was already getting irritated by the elevator that decided to crawl today of all days. She muttered under her breath and promised to take the stairs the next time she was late. It seemed to be a better option than taking a crawling elevator, even though she knew that was nearly an impossible task with her heels and her dress. She breathed out a sigh of relief when the car of the elevator finally pinged and opened on her floor. She stepped out of the elevator. "You'
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Chapter Ten
 Bradley took her to a rooftop restaurant with the second best view in town. The best view was Sidney. She was wearing a short fitted blue dress that exposed her back. It stopped at her knee and had only one sleeve. The color brought out her eyes and made them pop, and filled out her brown colored hair. She was a light skin woman with caramel soft, almost milk white skin. The dress molded to her body, showing off all those curves she loved to hide. Bradley had been checking her out from the moment he arrived at her apartment to pick her up for their dinner. His jaw had dropped to the floor and he was unable to pick it up for a moment. Sidney was a very beautiful woman that made his heart beat faster than normal any time they were in close proximity. It was as if it recognized her and always had to acknowledge her presence. It was difficult for him to control himself of his stares at her across the table. He couldn't even focus on t
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