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After having success in his own career, Ronald Madrigal's next goal is revenge. Revenge for whoever brutally killed his beloved father. And he knows that whoever killed his father is not an ordinary human being. It is something else, something mysterious and dangerous. And he has someone in his mind. A woman he once adore from the past. Cristine Lumiere is not an ordinary human being. She belongs to a pack. She spend almost her life in serving the alpha of her pack, she loved that alpha that she will do anything just to protect him. But after finding out that the alpha has another mate she felt useless. Because of some circumstances she needed to guard that alpha's mate and that's when she met a guy, a nerdy guy named Ronald Madrigal. As fate slowly pulls them to each other, can they find love in between? Or they'll find each other as enemy? What if fate controls them and gave them bond that everyone can't avoid? Would Ronald still hate her when he knows that he is mated to her?

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93 Chapters
Disclaimer!This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places events and incidents are only the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to the actual persons, living or dead, actual events are purely coincidental.There is no soft copy of this story. Plagiarism is CRIME! (Warning: There's a typographical and grammatical error ahead so bear with the author because she's still learning and trying to be better day by day. And also some scenes are not suitable for young audiences as it contains violence and sexual scenes!)BLURB: After having success in his own career, Ronald Madrigal's next goal is revenge. Revenge for whoever brutally k
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PROLOGUE My heart is beating fast as I roam around my eyes. Everything that my eyes could lay off are all burn down. I can hear a loud shot of a gun that coming from the humans who attacked our place. I looked at Fin who is now in his wolf form. He also looks at me so I spoke to him. "Where's Alqamar? Where's Alpha Qimar?" I asked. Fin looked away and shook his head. I closed my eyes intently. Damn it! How dare these humans did this to us? We never attacked them! We never hurt them or touch them and now they are doing this to us? I baled my fist and turned myself into a wolf. I ran as fast as I could while searching for Alqamar. I know that among us he is the one who's in pain right now. At Fin's look earlier I can already tell that our alpha and his luna are now dead. And they are Alqamar's parents. I can imagine how angry Alqamar right now. And there I saw Alqamar in his human form, sitting in the branch of a tree. I s
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CHAPTER 1 I was so pissed! The feeling of throwing of everything that my eyes could lay off is filling my system. I want to punch something. My jaw clenched as my heavy footsteps are tracing my way towards our place. I just followed Lexis towards her house and now I'm done to my work. But I am damn still fucking piss for what happened. That fucking nerdy guy is blind. I don't know what's with him. A normal guy would always say to me how beautiful I am and compliment how perfect my green eyes and red hair. That's what I'm expecting! But that damn nerdy guy seems like a stupid. This is why I hate following Alqamar's command. I don't want this work! I don't want to guard Lexis! This why I hate humans! They are fucking weak! They are fucking wasting my time! "What's with the face little princess?" I heard Fin mocked me when he saw me entering the barrio. I ignore him. I am not in the mood to entertain a
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CHAPTER 2 I am smirking while staring at the reviewer paper I am holding. I am now sitting in a branch of a tree under the dark night sky. I can't help but to think about for tomorrow. I am sure that he'll find me and I'm gonna make sure he'll beg for my attention. Let's see if Ronald Madrigal would still ignore me. Am I too bored that even a nerd can pissed me off easily? Well, I don't know. Let's just say he caught my attention so I can't help but to bother him so bad. I smirked. I just got distracted when I felt Fin sat down beside me here in the branch. "You aren't still sleeping?" He asked and looked above the dark sky. The stars aren't seen. Maybe because it's too cloudy. "I will sleep if I want to." I shrugged and fold the reviewer. I saw him looking at the paper I'm holding. "Where did you get that?" He asked like he knows what it is. Of course he knows it. Rael, Fin and
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CHAPTER 3 While thinking about everything I know that it's wrong to interfere with Lexis and Alqamar's problem. I don't know what's gotten into me. I just know that I am extremely pissed with Lexis. I feel like it's has nothing to do with Alqamar. Then what is it? A man came into my mind. So what if Ronald likes her? Ronald is a nerd. He doesn't know about girls. And he's probably blind. I shouldn't waste my time thinking about that hopeless man. From now on, I will never let our paths collide! I was quietly sitting in the branch of a tree when Rael called my name. He looks weary and nervous. My brows furrowed. What is it this time? I told him to guard Lexis for a moment while I'm gone. "What?" I asked and jumped down from the tree. "Lexis...went to a bar!" He exclaimed. My eyes widen. What? That girl is crazy! Without saying anything I ran faster towards the only bar here in thi
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CHAPTER 4 I don't know what I'm thinking but I followed Ronald. I told him I hate him and that was because he's pissing me off too much but somehow talking to him makes my heart peaceful. I was so sad earlier and feel so down but everything lifted up when he started talking to me. And now I'm following him for unknown reason. Maybe because...I still don't want to go home. I still want someone to talk to. While he's walking down the streets I am just behind him following him wherever he goes. I don't hide or something so I know he knew that I am following him and it's new that he's not complaining. I intertwined my hands behind my back while walking slowly. I saw him hold his glasses and wiped it off before wearing it again. My lips rose for a smile. Am I crazy? Why am I smiling in his simple moves? I don't even understand myself now! Maybe I am just really bored that even a simple and nerd boy makes
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CHAPTER 5 His brows furrowed as soon as he saw me. I swallowed hard and looked away, afraid that he saw my tears. I am not a weak girl. It will take a lot of pain before someone can make me cry. I also don't cry in public places. I always hide my pain to others, so they won't underestimate me. "What are you doing here?" I heard him asked. I inhaled deeply before turning my back on him. "I...was just passing by..." I said and was about to leave when I heard his footsteps coming towards me. I clenched my teeth as my heart boomed loudly. "You're crying again?" He asked. I bit my lower lip and was about to shake my head when he suddenly held my wrist and pulled me somewhere. My lips parted as my eyes lifted to him. We stopped in front of the convenience store. I blinked twice when we entered that store and stopped in front of the fridge where ice creams are. He took two ice cream and
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CHAPTER 6 I can’t believe it. I can’t move. I was stuck and my mind can’t process it properly. I feel like I was locked in my own darkness and it slowly eating me up in a slow manner. Our eyes are fixed on each other. I saw how he tilted his head; confuse why I am standing in front of his house. He slowly advanced towards me and because I was tensed and nervous, I stepped back. His brows furrowed.“Do you need something—” I didn’t finish his words anymore and without glancing back at him I left. My mind is in total haywire. I feel like I am falling into an unending darkness. What the hell is happening? I am mated to that guy? Is that why I was attracted? Is that why I want his attention? Is that why I like to tease him that much?I am mated to a human? Is this fucking serious? Why? Who is Ronald Madrigal? How the hell did I get mated to him? Is the Goddess of the moon playing tricks on me?Fuck!
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CHAPTER 7 A typical day for a wolf like me, I would wake up in the morning and checked the others or the villagers. Everyone is busy to complete their task or the things that they needed to do for the betterment of our pack. I always made sure that everything is under control, and I always report to Alqamar if something is wrong. Obviously, I am the alpha’s eyes. And I am always good at my work. I never failed Alqamar.“What are you doing here?” I heard Fin’s voice behind me. I am sitting over the rock near the river. I was staring at the view. I was always get fascinated with it.“Killing some time,” I said. I felt him sit beside me. I don’t know why Fin is here. He should be in Gray’s side. Gray was badly injured because of what happened last night.“Thinking of him?” he asked. We’re both watching the beautiful view in front of us. We can hear the stream of the river, the pe
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CHAPTER 8 I feel so disappointed at myself. Until now, I feel so embarrassed. Ronald saw me there and maybe he’s also thinking that I wanted to steal that goddamn book. I sighed heavily and I almost punch the tree behind me, but I felt someone watching me. I rolled my eyes when I saw Rael and Fin. What are they doing here? It’s almost midnight.I gave them a serious look when I saw them smirking at me.“What’s with that look, princess?” Rael asked with his usual teasing tone. I ignore him and jump up above the branch of the tree. They both did the same and took a seat on my sideways.“Where’s Gray? Is he fine, now?” I asked while staring at the setting sun. The sun was large from here where we are sitting.“He’s taking his rest. Alqamar is with Lexis—”“I did not ask about Alqamar, Fin.” I cut him off. I heard Rael chuckled, so I glared at him t
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