Hidden Marriage: My Adorable Wife Is A Domineering CEO

Hidden Marriage: My Adorable Wife Is A Domineering CEO

By:  Lee min ah  Ongoing
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MO HIUYAN The only child of the Mo family, she was once a bubbly and cheerful girl but became a cold and domineering CEO due to a terrifying trauma. Men became plagues to her and she always detest men touching or having any contact with her. Would she be able to find her true love, Would she able to reconcile with her teenage lover.... •• MU FEIBAI The eldest son of the Mu family left the country to further his studies but not without comforting the love of his life "Yanyan don't cry I promise I will be back in no time" "Are you sure, if you don't come back I will get married and bear another man children hmmph.." "I promise you, by the time I am back we will be of legal age to get married" " Yah.. then we will be the most adorable couple ever I will be the most beautiful bride and you most handsome groom ever." She smiled. Then after that she placed a kiss on his cheeks and he turned and left. But unfortunately on her way home she hot involved in an accident and muttered ''Brother Feibai' before she lost consciousness. But when she woke up she had lost all memories of him. TEN YEARS LATER After searching for her continuously he finally found her at the most unexpected place - A charity event "Yanyan I missed you so much"He said when he saw her and wanted to hug her but was stopped because of her shout "Don't touch me who the hell are you? "Yanyan it's me brother Fe.... "I don't know you who are you?" she asked but he couldn't answer because he was in a state of shock. She doesn't remember me SHE HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT HIM

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22 Chapters
Mo hiuyan is a sweet bubbly and well behaved girl being the only child of her parents they both like to spoil and pamper her but this didn't affect her attitude at all. She is a beautiful girl with a wavelength jet black hair, a well curvaceous body and a face like that of a goddess.     During her third year in Greenville university she had a crush on a guy who was also in her department --Business department Xiao lizhao, he had an average height a little bit of muscle and was very handsome and was practically the dream guy of all girls in the university including hiuyan, she had a crush on him since second year she had always tried to confess to him but couldn't find the courage because she was an amateur when it comes to romance. She had a best friend who was also her roommate --Zhao yuanan who was a great support for her but she didn't like the xiao guy she always felt something was creepy about him and told hiuyan but she(hiuyan) did not listen because of
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"OK yanyan if you say so but be careful OK?""OK I will be careful"After their little chat they both left the hostel for their classes. Mo hiuyan was a brilliant student, she had a photographic memory she could remember anything she comes across or read so she was one of the best students of her school  ...Its been a year plus since Mo hiuyan and Xiao lizhao became a couple and they were preparing for their final year exams all the students were happy, because they all would soon become graduates but Xiao lizhao has been pestering Mo hiuyan for sex but she completely rejected his advances. On a particular day he couldn't stand it anymore and he confronted her "hiuyan why are you against us having sex we have been a couple for some time now or don't you love me""Lizhao how can you doubt my love for you, I love you ok but it's just that I don't feel comfortable about it""but hiuyan we are adults already aren't we yo
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"hello dad, how are you and mum doing what's with the sudden call" "oh it's nothing sweetheart I just called to know how you are fairing and...uhm... are you outside your campus" "Yes Dad I'm going for grocery shopping, why do you ask is there any problem" "oh no cupcake make sure you go back on time and call me when you get back ok?"  "Ok dad my regards to mum" After father Mo ended the call he called the head of his secret bodyguards and asked them to follow his daughter and ensure her safety but before they could get to her location she had already been abducted •~•   Inside a spacious room laid an unconscious girl who was half naked and her hair scattered all over the bed  "Don't you think she has overslept the drug should have faded by now"said a make voice "No need to worry she would wake up soon but don't you think we should have a taste of her before the boss"said another male voic
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Because of the bang of the door he could not continue and had to stop with an irritated face. "Who the hell are you to barge into here like that?" he asked the men in suits, looking like characters from men in black. "We are here for the young miss, and who are you to touch the boss daughter? Do you know who she is?" "Of course she is just a worthless poor girl" Lizhao said  After he said that the head of the secret bodyguard- Arrow of death,as he was called— was already boiling in anger but controlled himself. He took off his coat to cover their young miss since there was no other cloth to use. After covering her he attempted to bring her out but Xiao Lizhao did not let him and ordered his goons to beat them up. "Deal with them boys and clean it up. Bring all of them including this bastard to the underground dungeon blindfolded" he said raising his chin to Lizhao after he said that he exited the building and headed for the car pa
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It was six months before final year exams and all the students were busy studying to be able to graduate except Mo hiuyan. She had to go for psychological therapy because after the kidnapping incident she suddenly developed a phobia for men. No man could physically touch her without her hyperventilating including her father. After four months of serious therapy she could finally touch a man but only shaking of hands anything more than that would make her have another trauma attack except with her father.Because of her therapy she had only two months left to study, but because of her photographic memory she excelled in her exams and finally graduated. She had a small party at home to celebrate her birthday of her turning twenty two and also her graduation and the only guests were her friend—Yuan An, her parents and the house helps . After she graduated her father insisted that she took over the company affairs, she agreed under the
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Don't you think it's time to settle down
After attending all of the day's activities, Mo Hiuyan could finally go back home. "Master, the Young Miss has arrived," their maid, Aunt Chen, declared before rushing to open the door. "Welcome back, Young Miss. How was work today?" she asked."Thank you, Aunt Chen. Work was fine," she answered, causing a smile to form on Aunt Chen's face. "Where is my father?" she continued"He is in the sitting room," Aunt Chen replied.The voice of Mo Hiuyan's father suddenly came from the sitting room. "Welcome home, princess. How was work today?" "Good evening, dad. Work was fine!""I hope you didn't have any trouble at the office""Haha, no dad – although some of them were shocked to see me as their new CEO. They used to see me as your assistant, and the others were afraid of having issues with their work affairs."Oh, dear, I see…" There was a sudden pause before Mo Hiuyan continued. "By the way dad, where is mom?""Oh, your mother," he began, "she is busy in the kitchen with Nanny Che
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I finally found you!!!!
 After searching for a long time – having sleepless nights – he had finally found her. He found her at last.Mu Feibai had used all his connections in finding her, but it was to no avail; it was as though there were someone blocking him from gaining information on her. Although he only knew her first name, and not even her surname, after a thorough check on the country database, only Mu Feibai was denied access gaining information from one Hiuyan. Even still, he didn't give up, and continued searching for her to the point his subordinate thought he was searching for a ghost – not a human. But finally, all his efforts have paid off."I finally found you, Yanyan," Mu Feibai mumbled."Huh… what did you say?" Mo Hiuyan questioned."Ya-Yanyan, I missed you so much!" he cried with a voice filled with joy, while trying to hug her and ignoring the question she just asked. But before he could bring her into his arms, she shouted in a voice only the both of them coul
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I thought I was kidnapped again
 When Mu Feibai opened the door, he was shocked at what he saw. The figure that was supposed to be lying on the bed was missing, and the blanket was tossed to the floor.'Where could she have gone? She was just right here'. He immediately turned around to see if she was downstairs, but a light from the bathroom caught his eyes. Seeing the light, Mu Feibai walked to the door and knocked gently.  "Hiuyan, are you in there?" he asked. When he heard no reply, he turned the knob of the door and found that it was locked from the inside. Urgently, he knocked for another five minutes before the door finally opened, and he was met by a petite figure. "Hiuyan, what happened to you? Why are you so pale?" he questioned worriedly upon seeing an almost ghastly expression on her face. "Ah… Mr Handsome, it's you. I thought I was kidnapped again so I locked myself in the bathroom," she nonchalantly replied. Despite her collected demeanour, the words which stood ou
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Can we be friends not just mere acquaintances
 The sun was brighter than it usually was, and it shined on the face of the body lying on the bed. Mo Hiuyan woke up in a conflicted state of mind. 'Where am I? Who am I?'. Waking up to an unfamiliar room and bed, she was shocked and wanted to scream. Suddenly, the events of last night flashed through her head. Although she was drunk, she could still remember all that happened and was extremely embarrassed – especially at the part where she continuously called a stranger 'Mr Handsome.' While she was busy organizing her thoughts, the door unexpectedly opened, and a tall figure walked into the room."Good morning, Hiuyan How was your night?" Mu Feibai greeted her."Good morning to you too, Mr Mu. I am extremely sorry for what happened last night. I was severely drunk and didn't know what I was doing," she sincerely replied. The unwanted image of her vomiting on the maid last night appeared before her, causing Mo Hiuyan to blush out of embarrassment."No need to apologise, Mi
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You slept at a Man's house!!!!
"WHAT?!!!" Her parents shouted at the same time. "You slept at a Man's house!!" Her father questioned."No no that's not the most shocking news. So you slept at his house willingly?"" Mom dad no need to panic ok we didn't sleep on the same bed ok we slept in separate rooms. I was drunk and I fell asleep before giving him the address so he brought me to his house. And brought me back this morning."" As far as I could remember you didn't bring any extra clothes or shoe so I am guessing he bought them for you am I right" She said raising her chin to the clothes her daughter wore." Yes mum he did so you have no course to be worried he is a perfect gentleman and he is friendly as well."" Ohoo.. So now he is friendly and also a gentleman man huh"But I am not doing anything dear your face is stating the fact. You practically look like a teenager in love" Her mother teased her "Mum I can't possibly like him when I bare
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