Life and Death Holder

Life and Death Holder

By:  kyubi3  Ongoing
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Kali once said, "be careful who you trust. Remember, demon was once an angel." ... Manuel Kagura Anastacio is a simple and family oriented guy. His fate in mortal world which is the earth was a big misfortune, because first, when he was born, his father died. Second, he became the center of bullying because of his physical appearance that called ugly. Third, he confessed to his best friend then, he was rejected by his best friend. After that rejection, accident happened and cause him to die. Then, he went to the place called Purgatory - where all the soul being judge whether they go to Paradiso or Impyerno. As he wake up, he met his guardian angel named Guardian Toki, and find out to be his attorney in Purgatory. As the destiny start to play with him, Manuel Kagura Anastacio was given a chance to live again and reincarnate to Mundo da Fantasia where magic(Hold) exist. Together with Guardian Toki, they will fight against the creatures with evil intentions and eliminate them. But before they reincarnate, the ruler of Purgatory, which is Supreme Dea Justo, was given a new name for Manuel Kagura Anastacio into Sephtis Kali, also given a new name for Guardian Toki into Vita Guia and given a title The Twins of Purgatory and became the Life and Death Holder. What adventure awaits to Kali ang Guia? How they manage to fight and eliminate evil deeds? How will they encounter love in the midst of their adventure?

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51 Chapters
The Other World
Manuel Kagura's P.O.V The sky throughout Mundo da Fantasia was clear as crystal. The animals known as Neutral fera in this magical world of the terrestrial, aquatic, fiery, and aerial are flying freely in and playing around while others are singing. I’m standing in the air like a free bird as I watch the unfamiliar but enchanting world. I’ve never been to this place but strangely, I don’t know how but I know a lot about this world… The Mundo da Fantasia, a world so different from the world I am living in. Mundo da Fantasia, a vast beautiful world divided into six kingdoms. The Fantasians in the various kingdoms perform their respective duties and tasks entrusted to them…The Fantasians who live on the Plane of Water, purify potable and drinking water, ocean water, and guards the Tears of Water Deus – It is a well believed to contain the Tears of the Water Deus, Deus Mar Fluindo, that can null
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Make a wish
Manuel Kagura's P.O.V “A-AHHHH!” I shouted and woke up briefly, then I took a series of deep breaths because of that dream. Jezz. What was that dream all about? Gosh! It gave me chills. I got off my bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then I went downstairs and went to the table for breakfast…When I got there, I noticed that mama was gone. Maybe she went to work early so that she can take a break early. But good thing, mama had left me some fried rice, dried fish, and milk, so I immediately ate it. I enjoy eating this combination of foods as these are my comfort foods, also this is too Filipino…After I took my breakfast, I hurried to run to school so that I wouldn’t be late………While we were taking up our recess earlier, mama asked my professor for permission to pick me up and excuse me for my next classes that has been granted, so now we are walking to Memori
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Manuel Kagura's P.O.V I was about to finish breakfast, because mama didn’t want to let me go if I did not finish my breakfast.     “Mom, I’m leaving! It’s already 7:30 AM and that’s my first class. Bye-bye,“ I said and kissed her cheek and ran away from the house. After leaving, I immediately rode the jeep and when I saw the entrance gate of our campus I immediately said, “Para po.” Which meant to stop the jeepney. After that, I immediately ran to the school entrance... A few hours of boring discussion by my teachers passed and now it is recess time, so I am here in the canteen with the twins.  “Hey Kagu, my friend and bro, I have something to say,” Mae said excitedly that caught our attention, “I have a new crush and the first letter of his name was engraved here.” Mae sai
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Manuel Kagura's P.O.V I slowly opened my eyes as I sense that I'm lying on the ground... When I completely opened my eyes, I could only see red color in surroundings, as in red ground, red atmosphere and red sky. "Where am I? What place is this?" I asked myself while in shocked. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from behind me so I turned around, then I saw that there were so many people lined up in the distance so I went there ... When I got close to the queue, I backed away a bit because I saw the people in the queue were floating in the air and their bodies seemed to be transparent. So they were ghost shocked! But when I looked at my feet, they were also floating like the people lined up in line. Do you think I'm dead? Am I a soul too? Suddenly I felt a pain in my head, then I saw some scene that happened before, so I remember what happened before I was being like this...  Mama was calling when
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The Twins of Purgatory
THE TWINS OF PURGATORY... TOKI'S P.O.V Hey guys this is your one and only beautiful, sexy, and good Guardian Toki, I don't have a last name so don't ask and if you ask what my life was like before I became a gurdian I will only answer you, "I don't know." I don't know where I came from or what my real name is, even my parents' name I can't remember, because once you go to Paradiso, you will lose all the memories you have accumulated in your world origin. Also, when you ascend to paradise you will immediately be given a duty to be a guardian of a baby that about to give birth in different worlds, Deuses or Gods said – who will be seen in paradise. There are 23 worlds that they need to watch out, you might think that only the souls who go to paradise are enslaved ah, you are mistaken then, because what we are asked to do is for oir sake only, if we can send one thousand souls to paradise we will get the reward of being born again , so I really persevered. By the way, S
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GENDERLESS... AURELIA'S P.O.V One week after I planted the seeds of purgatory that given to me by Supreme Dea Justo, it has now become a beautiful plant, it also has fertile leaves and has two flower buds or two flowers that has not yet opened. But I knew it would be bubbling in a few hours and I would have my twins. I was happy to look at the flower buds, because I could see a small Andromeda within that flowers. Also, I'm super excited to finally open the flowers, hays I have long lost dreamed of being a mother – but because of the role and responsibilities that given to me I chose to be alone and also, the only Fantasian in my heart, the only man who made my heart beat was vanished, so I just choose to not love again. I cut my monologue, when suddenly the whole sky of Floresta Encantada, The town I lead, went dark. This caused apprehension in my constituency, as they knew it was impossible to have a storm or simple rain here in Floresta Encantada,
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She's our Mother
SHE'S OUR MOTHER... KALI'S P.O.V "Kali, Guia. Mother Aurelia is calling you, she said she wants to talk to you about your plans for your birthday tomorrow, guys. Gosh you will be ten years old tomorrow! Advance happy birthday." Xavier screamed at us. He was our childhood friend, playmate, and housemate, her mother taking care of us when Mother Aurelia was away. He was only a year older than us – but as Xavier was so sensitive and not too mature, we don't treat him as our older brother, because we treat him as our younger brother. "Oh my gosh! Brother Kali, Mother Aurelia will pinch our cheeks again if we went late to the house, let's go, let's hurry!"  Guia said to me. Our cheeks always pinch by Mother Aurelia when we do something bad or we don't immediately follow her orders. But while we were walking, silly thoughts stoke on my mind. "Guia, I have something to say. Come closer to me." I said in a serious tone to Guia. So she nervously approache
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Sweet Brother
SWEET BROTHER...   Kali's P.O.V   She's Mother Aurelia, the Fantasian that raised us with full of good maners. Also, she's not aging, because she holds the Hold that everyone hopes for and that is the Eternal Youth Hold, Bearer Class.   "Mom, Brother Kali pinched my cheeks!" Guia said irritatedly, so I'm little bit shocked and it cuts my monologue.   "You did that, Kali?" Mother Aurelia asked me while approaching us.p   "Yes." I said while bowing my head. I felt so embarrassed, I think I look so immature when I did that to Guia.   "Guia, come closer." Mother Aurelia said and ordered Guia, so Guia approached her... after Guia approached, Nay Aurelia immediately pinched his cheek.   "Ouch Mother Aurelia! I thought you were going to scold Brother Kali but why you did not scold him and worst, you pinched my cheeks too." she shouted angrily at
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FIGHTING... KALI'S P.O.V We were enjoying playing with our fellow kids here at Floresta Encantada when Mother Aurelia suddenly called us using TeleCom, "Guia, Kali, go home now, it's too late, also, this morning at one o'clock you will face your Hold beings, so you need a lot of rest, so go home and go to your bed early." Mother Aurelia told us, so we ran home immediately... [Hold Beings- The Human form of Fantasians' Hold (Magic or Talent).] When we were at the door, I saw Nay Aurelia leaning at the door, so Guia and I approached her immediately. "Mom, we're already here, let's go to sleep." I said. I'm so excited to face my Hold Being, Nay Aurelia said to me, Hold Beings are creatures that become the twins of every Fantasian that is born, when you are born here in Mundo da Fantasia Hold Being is already destined for you. "Yes, Mother Aurelia, we're going to sleep early." Guia also agreed with me. "Are you guys so excited? Jus
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RIDDLE...   GUIA'S P.O.V   Suddenly my senses woke up when I felt something very hot but I felt so comfortable with this sensation that enveloped my body now, so I slowly opened my eyes to see what it was ...   When I finally opened my eyes I looked at the whole place, all I can say is that, this place is amazing, because I have now stepped on the clouds and-and in front of me is the Solis, wah! My beauty will be burn here!    But for a few more minutes I waited for my death to come while I closed my eyes, because I was in front of Solis and I didn't feel anything strange in my body so I opened my eyes ...   [Solis- stand for Sun.]   When I woke up I saw a strong man in front of me now, gosh! His pointed nose , his jaw line that is so obvious, his not too pointed chin that gives him a Deus-like features, and his puffy eyes that melt you when you stared a
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