Death Bed

Death Bed

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"Don't stay awake for too long..." "Dont go to bed... I'll make a cup of coffee for that head of yours and I'll get you up and going again. I promise." ***** Ashleigh Riot is due for marriage in seven days time. As she listens to Death Bed on the radio, she remembers her first love. The one she thought was the love of her life. The one she loved with everything she had and everything she was. The one she lost to a brain tumour 7 years ago. Damien Frost. Just because he's gone doesn't mean her feelings for him died with him. Just 7 days away from marriage, she let the feeling surface and remembered...

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    Don't stay awake for too longDon't go to bedI'll make a cup of coffee for your headI'll get you up and going out of bed Yeah, I don't wanna fall asleepI don't wanna pass awayI been thinking of our future'cause I'll never see those days I don't know why this has happenedBut I probably deserve itI tried to do my bestBut you know that I'm not perfect I been praying for forgivenessYou've been praying for my healthWhen I leave this earthHoping you'll find someone else 'Cause yeah, we still youngThere's so much we haven't doneGetting married, start a familyWatch your husband with his son I wish it could be meBut I won't make it off this bedI hope I go to heavenSo I see yo
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    "Mm... this is just what I needed," Ashleigh moaned taking another bite of her extra large chocolate muffin.  "I knew you were stressed about upcoming exams so I thought I'd take you out for a break," Damien smiled before taking a sip of his coffee.  "But you know I can't be eating unhealthy." "A little cheat couldn't kill anyone. I was going to get you a whole meal of desserts but I thought I should rather not or you're going to kill me." "Are you trying turn me into a fat pig?" "No! Though I do love bacon." Ashleigh rolled her eyes as her boyfriend laughed at her reaction.  "So, how are things going with Richard?" he enquired. Ashleigh sighed, "It's alright. I mean he's trying to get me to like him." "Thats good." "I don't know. I don't know if just being a fake like the others or if he's actually genuine." "Well, what do you know so far?" "Hes a head manager at some insu
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    Ashleigh woke up and looked left then right. Damien wasn't there. She tried to sit up only to receive a sharp pain in her abdomen. She tried again, slower. Unfortunately she got the same result. She sighed. She lay on her side and threw her legs over the edge of the bed, this time sitting up from the side without much pain. She got on her feet and made her way downstairs. There, she heard music gently flowing out the speakers, filling the place with a soft tune. On the couch Damien lay asleep with his arm dangling down. She picked up the empty wine bottle and glass at the foot of the couch heading with them to the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen, she looked up and out the window to meet eyes with a pair of dark brown eyes.Those eyes scared her. Those eyes scarred her. Those eyes belonged to a dangerous man. A man who hurt her mother. A man who hurt her. Paralyzed by fear she forgot she was holding the glass objects and dropped them.
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    The car came to halt as they arrived at the cabin. "Here we are," Damien sighed.He got out the car first and walked around to open the door for Ashleigh. "Thanks," she sighed stepping out of the car. She took in a deep breath. "Nothing like the smell of the ocean.""You can say that again, we have to first drop off our bags then maybe we can for a swim or a little stroll maybe even have a make out session," Damien suggested opening his car's trunk."Maybe."He took out their bags and led her into the cabin. "Hm... it's much cleaner than we left it," Ashleigh pointed out."Thats cause my butler came and did some cleaning two days ago," Damien stated heading to the master bedroom with the bags."And when do I finally meet the man behind the scenes?""Soon.""Where is he usually anyways?" she enquired."He lives in my parent's mansion in Hollywood. He has been the butler for..." he returned to the living room
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    "He got you Hollywood tickets?!" Heather exclaimed. Ashleigh nodded. "Yup! I'm so excited.""Damn Ash, that's big. We all know how much you've dreamed of that place and here you have Damien flicking the wand to make it come true," Bethany pointed out as the trio walked out the clothing store."He said he wants to make my dreams come true so yeah," Ashleigh told them tucking her hair behind her ear. "Well how's he doing now?" Bethany enquired. "Well... we got back on Wednesday, i saw him on Thursday and he seemed stressed, like on the verge of an anxiety attack. He wouldn't tell me what's wrong. Since then he's disappeared. I bombarded him with calls and texts yesterday but I got nothing.""Hectic," Heather commented. "Maybe go to his place, check in on him.""I will cause this is weird. He never leaves me in the dark. Ever. So something's up.""Definitely." They roamed the mall, entered shops which were on sale and bought clothing they liked. They found picture perfect areas where
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    Ashleigh found the right floor and walked down the hall. She reached the apartment and knocked on the door. It was opened and there stood Damien."Ash," he greeted."Damien." She gave him a small hug. "Come in," he told her. He closed the door behind her. Ashleigh looked around. To her right she saw canvas on a stand and a table which held a tray of paint. As she got closer she saw some canvases on the floor, along with tons of crunched up paper. "I've been struggling," Damien stated.Ashleigh understood that. Courtney was the one who got him into painting. Since her passing, Damien hadn't touched a paintbrush. She understood why he was struggle. But she knew painting was his greatest from of expression and if he couldn't express himself, he'd fall apart inside out."What are you trying to paint?" Ashleigh asked turning to look at him.Damien sighed and looked at the floor below him. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he stated, "The pain I feel inside."Ashleigh gave him a hug
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    Author's Note
    Hi ReadersI apologize for the lack of updates. I have been severely stuck in a writer's block. The lack of inspiration is driving me crazy plus, school is being over-demanding lately so I've literally got no time for me time. My mental health as a result is dying, yay, and on top of that I unfortunately lost the next couple of chapters. About five or six so I have to replace them. Update will therefore unfortunately be delayed a bit further. I'm really sorry.As soon as I finish each one I'll publish instead of publishing in bulk. Again I'm so sorry for the hold up. 🙈
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    "Hey! Gimme!!""No!""Gimme!""No!""Damien!""You've eaten enough for the day!""No! I want more!""No!""Please!""Shut up!"Ashleigh gasped dramatically. "Did you just tell me to shut up?""Yeah I did," he smiled warmly. "So shut up."Ashleigh rolled her eyes then grabbed the bowl of popcorn from him. "Thanks again for Movie Monday, I really needed this break." "You've been studying really hard for these exams and we haven't had time for us so I thought why not.""That's sweet of you.""I know," Damien stated wrapping his arm around her waist. He kissed her neck making her giggle slightly. "I'm going to deliver Mrs Jillian's paintings tomorrow," he stated with a sigh, "she wants to meet you."Ashleigh stopped eating the popcorn and looked at her boyfriend. "Me?" she repeated.He nodded. "Yeah. She wants to see who the lucky lady is.""Well... I wouldn't call myself lucky cause if anyone is lucky in this relationship its you," she stated with a sly smile."What?! You're lucky to ha
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