Working for Klaus

Working for Klaus

By:  Stella Njoroge  Completed
Language: English
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She thought that their story would be the typical secretary and boss romance and boy was she wrong. Niklaus Rogers not only let himself into her life but also hurt her in more ways than she could explain. Would she be able to let go of the pain and accept him back?

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    Chapter 1_Good hands
    "I'll be leaving you in good hands"Mrs Rogers started and I felt my heart crash down to my stomach. I had worked as Jenna Rogers' secretary from as long as I can remember now hearing news of her retirement was like telling me that my life was over.Good hands. Those were the words that mortified me the most. In the company there were three exclusive superiors with Mrs Jenna being the CEO and her children her juniors. To start with, there was Mario Rogers, the boss who treated all the ladies in the company as if he owned them. I dreaded with disgust recalling how Mario had spanked my ass once. And not just my ass, Mario did that to all his female employees forcing them to call him hun or disgusting nicknames like daddy Mario. Gross I know!Next on the list was Drizzy, a moody woman who unleashed her anger on her employees depending on whether her boyfriend dumped her or not. Drizella Rogers changed her boyfriend every once a week just like she replaced her Chanel bags. To this day I wa
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    Chapter 2_resembled that of Shawn Mendes
    Shoot I'm running late!I cried running to the elevator. I was about to hit the elevator button when Mr Mario shouted from the end of the hallway to stop the lift. Thinking about it, me plus Mr Mario in an enclosed space wasn't a good idea. Looking at him dead in the eyes, I tapped the button so many times but the elevator doors betrayed me by closing so slowly allowing him to force himself in. Oh boy!"Well hello cutie," he started, licking his lips in this creepy way that made me step backwards."Hello Mr Mario," I said curtly."Mr Mario? Hun call me Mario. I get that my looks are intimidating but you don't have to be so formal with me," he said inching close to me that I wished there was a door for me to jump out.I was afraid but my subconscious still managed to find the whole situation amusing. What looks? He had no looks. Sure his fancy clothes complimented him but his hair? He gelled his hair back like an old lawyer about to go to a law suit and that nose. I didn't want to judge
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    Chapter 3_coffee and milk
    Krrrrrkrrrrr krrrrrkrrrrrThe screeching sound of my phone woke me up. My eyes adjusted to the room as I looked over at the nightstand seeing the glorious light of my phone dominating my dark room."Elle, you better switch that thing off!" Uncle Mike shouted and from his tone I could tell he just awoke from his siesta.What sort of dope calls at five in the morning?Taking the phone in my hands, I answered with a weak hello."Enelor? Some documents are missing, I thought you counter checked these files before putting them away. Doesn't matter now, I need you here in half an hour to help me with this. I already sent Martin to pick you up"And he hung up. Oh brother! This dude was nothing like his mother. Didn't he know that it was five in the morning? Didn't he have a freaking watch in his house? Ok poor choice of words, he already had a Rolex watch which by the way, I noted while he scolded me for drinking his latte.Creepily getting out of bed and making sure I wouldn't wake Oggie, I
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    Chapter 4_a good egg
    "Where's the milk?" He asked and I mumbled,"In the coffee"His brows tightening, he stopped whatever he was doing and looked at me dead in the eyes."What do you mean 'in the coffee'?""Sir you said your coffee and milk so I thought it was codeword for latte" I exhaled. Ooh don't tell me he actually wanted coffee and milk. That ...that is absurd for a guy who doesn't miss his latte in the morning."Codeword? What do you think this is,the army? I clearly said coffee and milk. Leave the latte here and get the milk. This time get some doughnuts too," he said pulling out his wallet and removing a fresh hundred dollar bill.Taking it in my hands, I walked out of the office fighting the urge to pull my hair out in defeat. His mother wasn't this hard to read but he on the other hand always had something to complain about. I didn't have the time to get the doghnuts and the milk since I had important issues like getting the board room ready for the meeting and informing people like Mr Mario t
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    Chapter 5_and that was enough
    "Don't you dare speak to me like that young lady. Am your father and you will respect me," Uncle Mike shouted but that's the thing, he was not my father but my guardian for the past twenty three years.Hell my father? My parents? I didn't know them the only thing I knew was that they died in a fatal car crash with me being the only survivor. Even as I looked at him unbelievably, bitter tears welled my eyes. Those were my savings and he drunk them away just like that. My hard worked money just lying around in a counter of some bar downtown. I didn't have it in me to continue arguing with him so with a defeated sigh I took my bag and went out. I would rather be at work than at home.Walking to work took fifteen minutes to be exact. It was better if I started saving as early as now."My latte and would you please get Mario to my office" Again with the usual morning routine, I got the latte informed Mario's secretary to call Mario to my boss' office and finally went back to my desk focusi
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    Chapter 6_the name's John Miller
    Typical Monday morning, a whole board room filled with the company's most influential investors and shareholders. My boss, Niklaus Rogers stood at the end of the conference room confidently presenting his bright ideas infront of the running projector. As for me on this wonderful morning, had regretted wearing the last thing I saw in my closet. The shortest navy blue skirt from my old days."Enelor, show them the folders" he instructed and everytime I bent down just to place each folder on the huge glass desk I had to tuck one hand behind to hide my bare undies. By the time I made my way to where Sir Niklaus stood an invisible boulder appeared out of nowhere making me trip right into his arms. With him startled and a dazzled me in his arms, I felt his huge hand on my left butt cheek confusion with a hint of anger clouded on my face as well as his.I stood up but he still clung to my waist making my back face him. It was embarrassing having to endure the looks that the investors threw my
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    Chapter 7_just like your mother
    As immediate as John's Porsche left my apartment complex, I looked sideways making sure that no one saw us. The last thing I wanted was to be on the neighborhood rumor mill which mostly revolved around Uncle Mike and his drunk ways.Taking a breath of fresh air, I entered the building. The lights once more cut due to the overdue bills, I climbed the stairs slowly feeling the weight of all that ice cream take a toll on my body.What if I did get fat? That would definitely be a good thing because who was I kidding I was a little malnourished.Getting to my door, I searched for the keys in my bag heaving a sigh when my fingers came into contact with the sharp pieces of metals.I searched for the light switch grateful that Uncle Mike was fast asleep or was he?"Who was that?" The sound came from the farthest corner of my shabby living room.From the tone of it and the fresh smell of stinky beer I knew he was drunk."Just a friend,"I said quietly switching on the lights and throwing my bag
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    Chapter 8_what is ethical and not ethical
    "Home. I want to go home"She said quietly and god damn it, hearing her say that made me furious.Her torn lip still showed how badly the bastard had hit her. I didn't know that things were this bad and had I known, I wouldn't have done or said all those things to her.Yesterday, I had stepped out of line. It was not my intention to humiliate her or make her feel like some hoe but god damn it, that little skirt clouded my senses. I wasn't supposed to look at her that way. I wasn't supposed to feel jealous when she went out with someone and yet here I was, worried sick that she hated him.But wasn't that my primary goal? To make her hate me? To use her to my advantage?"This is your home,"I muttered not bothered at how her eyes scrutinized me.She was not well and although it shouldn't have mattered, it did. Her uncle or whatever he claimed he was to her would rot in jail for as long as I lived.I remember vaguely waiting for her outside her apartment to apologize. I had rehearsed a who
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    Chapter 9
    We sat there in silence with him watching me put a fry in my mouth one after the other. I could feel his eyes on me. A million of questions running through his head.Raising my head slightly so that my eyes were at a level with his, I cleared my throat,"I can explain everything, it's not what you think"Ooh yeah like telling him to lie for you so that you can escape your boss' mansion is not something to overthink about."You don't have to,"he merely stated,"it's none of my business who you are with but that,"he paused pointing to my now slightly reddish wrists,"that is an indication that he is not right for you. Does his sister know? Elen have you even reported him?"The condemnation was overly laced in his voice. Truth is, I wanted to badly tell him that Sir Niklaus was not my lover. That he was not the one who did that to me. That I would never in a million years sleep with someone like Niklaus Rogers and yet the last part had me curious."You ... you know his sister?" With a que
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    Chapter 10
    I woke up having had the same nightmare about what happened years ago. If she was the one, did she remember what happened years ago at the amusement park? I mean I did, I remembered every single detail that happened that day. The very thing that brought enmity between the Rogers family and the Montgomery's family. And I was to blame for everything. For dad's death, for Gregory Montgomery's hatred, I was supposed to marry his daughter and like a coward I ran from home.I ran to the Philippines, leaving dad to face the wrath of Gregory Montgomery. The doctors said that he had a stroke due to his heart problems but upto this day, I carry the burden of knowing that had I not married Greg's daughter, dad wouldn't have had to go through the stress of dealing with Greg's threats again. Which is why, Eleanor Gibbins played a huge part in this. It didn't matter that she didn't know. It didn't matter that she was innocent. It didn't matter that she wasn't to blame for her father's actions, poi
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