Love in Dark

Love in Dark

By:  37Spreadyourwings  Completed
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"Will you Marry me, Sunshine?" He proposed her sitting on his knees, she nodded to him. He smiled and slipped the ring in her finger. He looked behind her, her parents and her brother with teary eyes standing there on the gunpoint by his man. Brandon Rodriguez, another name of death and danger. Everyone fears him. He is a cold-hearted mafia boss. He has no mercy for anyone. Claire Brown, a definition of sweetness and innocence, a beautiful and pure soul who loves everyone. She can't stand violence and blood. One fateful night everything changed when the king of darkness meet the innocent girl under different situations.?

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148 Chapters
Brandon Rodriguez, another name of death and danger. Everyone fears him. He is a cold-hearted Mafia boss. He has no Mercy for anyone. He gets, what he wants.He only knows to kill, he loves when the world fears him, he loves guns and hates the word "love", until she came.Claire Brown,  another definition of innocence, is a pure soul and only knows to love everyone. She can't stand violence, unaware of the dark reality of society. But one fateful day, everything turned,  when the ruthless mafia boss lays his eyes on her beautiful innocent eyes. Something intrigues him and he decided to make her his.That day, she lost her every hope, he got his all reasons to live.She lost her light, he got his sunshine. And he came into her life like an angel, that what she thinks and pulled her out of her darkness to another world, to another world of danger and guns. What will happen when the king of
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Part 1
"Claire!”“Claire! Wake up, now!”Claire twitched her brows and hid her face in the soft pillow more to avoid her mother’s boisterous shouting, which had been commencing for the past 20 minutes. Cuddling into the sheets more, she tried to sleep.“Claire, you have 10 minutes. Either you come down yourself, or I will come up and it won’t be pretty!” From her mother’s voice, she knew she was losing patience and her temper was rising.Hearing that, she jumped out of her precious bed, which she loved the most in the world except her family, of course.She groaned at the thought of leaving her precious sleep, so with a sad pout, she entered the bathroom and came out after having a goo
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Part 2
Part 2A black Mercedes came to a halt in front of the very popular casino of Italy. A man came forward and opened the door, for the person who was sitting inside the carHe came out, and his man bows his head in front of him giving him respect. Some other men also came to guard him with their heads down and with guns in their hands.The person has a dangerous aura around him, in a black tuxedo with a Rolex wristwatch, broad shoulders and a tall and handsome face. He buttoned up his suit jacket after putting his gun inside his suit. He upped his lashes to read the name of the casino with a victorious smirk on his face. Another deal is going to crack tonight.Read more
Part 3
Claire looked towards her friend Kelsey, who was driving sitting beside her, with a scowl on her face.  She looked down fidgeting with her fingers and took a deep breath before trying to make her understand again. "Kel,  please try to understand," She said softly.  Kel looked away outside the window, totally avoiding her. She didn't want to look at her face, she knew if she looked towards her cute face then her puppy eyes top off with a pleading look, will surely melt her anger. Claire felt sad, not only because her friend had been ignoring her but also because she was the reason behind her being upset. She bites her lower lip and tries again
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Part 4
Mam, excuse me"  "Mam.."  Claire lazily opened her eyes and looked towards the owner of the voice. She saw an unfamiliar face.  She looked at her from head to toe, she was wearing a light blue coloured uniform and looking at her intently.  So, she is one of the air hostages.  Claire realized she has been sleeping and that girl has ruined her lovely sleep.  Why is everyone behind my sleep?? "Hello Mam, what would you like to have??" She asked Claire, giving her a small smile.  <
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Part 5
Part 5"Traitor""Betrayal""Death"He laughed dangerously, thinking about his next entertainment. His men have already left to catch his new target.They really had no idea that they had committed the worst mistake of their life by trying to go against his rules.Jason Miller Who was trying to go against him.He was planning to kill him and his whole family right at that moment, when Fred told him about their involvement in making relations with Russians. But then, he came to know that the Millers were having a wedding for their daughter. If he wanted he
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Part 6
Brandon's PovWalking over the middle of the bridge, I'm waiting for Fred to come. Cold breeze touching my face makes me feel refreshed, away from the city's hustle bustle and away from my real dark world also.I come here often, whenever I feel like avoiding everything and to spend some time with my loneliness.God knows if the work which I have given him has done or not. I should have gone there by myself as it was such an important and dangerous as hell kind of deal.But again Fred is best in his work and I have no doubt in this.Life is such a bitch it never gives us what we really want. It always had some weird plans for us.I have everything, I get what I want....... but whe
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Part 7
Darkness, This is what I felt everywhere, every moment. Now, it doesn't matter anymore if I'm in front of bright sunlight or under the moonlight. Intense sunlight has also become useless to intriguing my dead iris. Unfortunately, I'm blind. I cannot see at all. For me, days and nights are equal. I'm living a wretched life. For all my needs, I depend on other members of the family. I cannot take care of myself. I'm a burden on others. I cannot go anywhere without the help of my parents or ken.  I'm deprived of all the joys and pleasures which come to us through our eyes. I can't go to the pictures. I cannot enjoy the scenes and sights of nature. There is no joy in my life anymore.    I have become s
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Part 8
"Deal," I said, getting up from my seat buttoning my suit and shaking my hand with the person who was smiling at me."Thank you so much Mr Rodriquize, it will be an owner to work with you," A man in his forties said. I smirked at his enthusiasm but yeah, it is a matter of over-excitement. After all, joining the Rodriquez group of the industry is not a joke. Today every corporation in the business world wanted to be a part of me. Who doesn't want to be in touch with the number one businessman?"I hope you know that I don't ignore mistakes, so be careful. This shall be your last project also" He said in his cold and stern voice draining the colour of other members' faces."We will give our company and my s
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Part 9
Range filled into his eyes, he fisted hard.    This boy has made a very big mistake today, and  Brandon has sealed his fate the moment he thought to disrespect him.   He took a furious step closer to him but suddenly his hand stopped hearing a voice.   "Son, please tell me…where is my daughter?"    He looked towards the person, who had her eyes filled with tears. She was looking so tired and was breathing heavily while crying.   "Look at me…" Ken said angrily.   Then he looked towards that boy again, who was giving him a hard glare that was nothing in front of him. He was trying to m
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