Still Want You

Still Want You

By:  Iqra Mohammad  Completed
Language: English
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THE SEQUEL OF FINALLY FOUND YOU Have you ever fallen in love with somebody deeply but he turned out to be your future brother-in-law? Yes, you heard it right, Laura had never thought in her wildest dream that she would fall in love with her sister's man, Augustus. To get his attention, she did all the silly things, and to hide her embarrassment she later flew away to Boston to move on but who knows that her return would bring all the memories back and she would again yearn for his attention. And there was another man, Steven who had run away from his past and wanted to live in peace without any existence of love in his life. He had no idea that the place where he was going would not help him to escape but to trap him back into ‘LOVE’ Meeting the broken soul of Laura, he somehow saw his own younger existence in her and that pulled him closer to her. Unknowingly, he had fallen for her but would Laura be also able to fall for him, or would she still stay stuck at her first forbidden love, her brother-in-law, Augustus?

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    Chapter 1
    She stumbled while walking and then suddenly she was up in the air, she felt dizzy as her posture changed from standing to being held up.Her eyes were blurred, so as her mind, suddenly she felt like being drowned in the softness, felt like a feather bed to her.Something pressed her down as she felt a cold wind blow on her body making her shiver. Suddenly she was wrapped by the warmth of wool. She hugged the wool tightly feeling relaxed and comfortable.She opened her eyes slightly as she realized the wool isn't the wool when something touched her thigh and demanded to open it.She frowned but couldn't resist not obeying the command.She then felt an overbearing pain, as she flinched and tried to pull herself away but someth
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    Chapter 2
    Feeling hopeless and defeated, Laura came back to her home but kept the money in hope that one day she will throw back the money to that person's face.Once she will take her revenge only then she will feel relieved."Darling that was your price, you should spend it rightfully instead of getting angry.." Tina's voice brought her back to reality."Let's not talk about this now," Laura said as she saw the few girls standing near the gate trying to eavesdrop on them.Tina immediately shut her mouth as they both walked inside the school straight into their class....After the class was finished, they both had lunch as Laura went to the principal's office to submit the request for her
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    Chapter 3
    The whole evening at work, Laura was absent-minded but Tina made sure that she wouldn't make any mistakes.At night, they both walked back to the home while Laura silently went to her bed to sleep and Tina stared at her thin silhouette with pity in her eyes.She wished one day, God will give Laura what she wants and finish all her suffering in love....ROME, ItalyLisa, wearing a loose nightdress, straddled the baby in her arms trying to make him sleep. Finally, after an hour of struggle, he went to sleep as she put him in his cot bed and very gently covered him with the small quilt.The door of the nursery was opened very quietly as a man wearing a robe entered, he walked very s
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    Chapter 4
    Lisa went down after wearing a loose shirt and trousers, the villa Augustus had bought has 3 floors with a terrace floor separately.The first floor has Simon's room, his study room, a theater, a gym, and an indoor playroom for him.The second floor has Maria's room, her study room, a mirror room for her ballet dance practice, and the other two rooms are currently empty as they will shift Tommaso's stuff to that room once he will grow.On the third floor, Augustus and Lisa have their own bedroom, a study room for Augustus office work, a library, a music room for Lisa and one spare room is currently the nursery of Tommaso as Lisa has not hired any nanny for Tommaso so she needs to keep him near her on the same floor.While Maria and Simon stay on different floors.<
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    Chapter 5
    BOSTON, USA"I am here to love you." A man's deep voice came into Laura's ear, she could smell alcohol and then the smell of lovemaking. She felt like drowning in an ocean and then she saw a pair of Hazel eyes looking at her deeply.For a moment, she felt like her soul was awakened by those eyes. She tried to imagine Augustus in that face but somehow that face changed into something she couldn't figure out as her body started moving slowly.She felt the pain and pleasure, her muscles tightened and as she was close to losing herself she was awoken by her alarm clock voice.BEEP BEEP BEEPShe hit it with her hand to stop, feeling irritated as she sat up and rubbed her sleepy eyes just to find Tina standing in the doorway starin
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    Chapter 6
    The sensation of a plane landing down to the ground could be felt when a loud bump was heard as the wheels of the plane hit the ground.Laura touched her chest and could felt her heart beating unevenly.The slowing sensation of the plane was making her heart beating worst, her stomach churned at the feeling.As everyone started getting their way out of the plane, Laura remained rooted in her seat.After a while, a stewardess approached her, and just then Laura came back to her senses and stood up to depart.After going through the process of getting her luggage to all official requirements, she finally walked to the gate as her heart felt like dropping down by each step.She had told her sister that she would live in a hotel, she refused immediately but after she tried to convince her she agreed with difficulty and took her promise that she would stay at her home for dinner and then at night she could leave for the hotel.Lisa already knew that Lau
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    Chapter 7
    Tommaso stared at her face with confused eyes, his eyes were the same as Augustus. He again patted her cheek and blabbered something that she can't understand but when she looked down at him, it felt like mini Augustus is comforting her.She smiled heartily as she wiped away her tears filled in her eyes and then walked inside the villa.She had some food and then she went to the guest room to rest.She was feeling very much uneasy as she was afraid that she will see Augustus during lunch and how she will be going to face him?Her heart was not calm after turning and tossing for a while, she finally fell asleep.Thump... Thump...The heavy knock on her door woke her up. She sat up while rubbing her drowsy eyes. "Come in." She shouted in a hoarse voice.The door was unlocked, the people outside twisted the lock and rushed to her like a bullet, before she could look properly Maria threw herself in her arms."Auntie..." she said in excitement, whi
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    Chapter 8
    The day of Laura spent well with the kids, thankfully Augustus didn't come home at lunchtime and Laura was trying her best to leave the villa before she will encounter him.But who knows that Fate wasn't ready for her to leave yet as she was lost in playing with kids she heard a familiar male voice. A voice that had been ringing into her ears for a whole year.The voice she always kept in her head, his all words that he told her before the night she left Rome."Hello everyone.” Augustus greeted happily as he took a look at Laura and soon turned his face to Lisa, as he hugged and kissed her.Laura's eyes were on the floor, she was just staring at his shiny leather shoes that had turned into slippers now as Lisa helped him to change.She didn't dare to look up into his beautiful deep blue eyes, she nervously held her clothes thinking Augustus would come over and talk to her.But to her surprise, Augustus completely ignored her existence and went to
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    Chapter 9
    “Ahh..” The silent hotel room was filled with a young woman moans as she was again lost in her dream...“Nobody loves me.” Laura sniffed and tried to wipe her nose with her hand just then a gentleman offered her a handkerchief, she took it and wiped her nose as she threw it down and again started yelling sadly, “Nobody loves me.”Soon, her body was lifted up and carried away. She was then thrown on the soft bed, she still wept sadly just then the man tried to comfort her while giving her soft kisses on her neck that trailed down slowly, he removed everything from her body and held her tightly as he whispered the words in her ear.“I AM HERE TO LOVE YOU.”The woman opened her blurred eyes, the beard, the hazel eyes, that deep smile. She felt a jolt as she realized what that man is trying to do. But that instinct go away in a second as the man showered her face with kisses and soon pierced her entrance with his
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    Chapter 10
    Laura shook away the doubt in her head and tried to look at the people around her instead of Augustus.While Augustus on the other hand couldn't help but look in her direction with admiration as she looked gorgeous.He had a slight emotion in his eyes when he looked at her, he has never hated her but always pretend to be hard with her because he is afraid that his little affection would make her misunderstand him and things would go worse after that.In this relationship, Lisa had always sacrificed for him but he knew deep inside that when things come to her sister, she won't be able to sacrifice this time.There was an awkward silence between them as Augustus walked to her slowly and her heart started racing, she clenched the corner of her dress feeling nervous as Augustus's voice came."Thanks for bandaging my wounds that night."Laura looked up and stared right into his deep blue eyes, her emotions started getting out of control. His voice was so sof
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