The Strange House

The Strange House

By:  jaycelovesyou  Ongoing
Language: English
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The hearse with the strange door came to a halt in front of the entrance. The sound of balls bouncing on the floor could be heard. There were children who cried in the middle of the night. Several footsteps, almost as if running around the corridor. Turning on and off the lights. Every time the wind blows, there are low whispers. At night, several hands roam around the body. "Who are they?" "Shh, they're our friends."

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15 chapters
Come back Blaine…. Come back..A boy who is crouching in a corner keeps on whispering.Come back Blaine … Come back to me…“Who are you? Why are you calling my name?”But as if the boy didn’t hear me, he just continued to whisper“Excuse me, Who are you?” I was about to grabbed his shoulder when he turned around and ----“Blaine Timothy Fuentebella!”“SHIT!” A loud bang can be heard in a small apartment's living room. “HAHAHAHA you should have seen your face bro!”The person who fell down from the sofa glared at the man who’s laughing “ You piece of shit!”“HAHA, sorry man. Can’t help it”“Tsk, just what the hell are you even doing here at my house?” Blaine keeps on massaging his sore back cause by falling down earlier“The chief wanted m
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" You should have waited for me! Just why the hell would you move in at night in the first place? It’s really dark out there, you sure you’re gonna be okay?"Blaine dragged his luggage with his left hand while holding his phone in his right ear."I'm fine. In any case, I don't have a lot of things. There's no need for you to come because I only have one suitcase and I’m not a child.I really can handle this much"Jake sighed as he spoke with the person on the other end of the phone. "I'm still shaking from what happened yesterday. I almost called an ambulance you know!""I told you, I just had a headache," Blaine chuckled. " Nothing serious, so you can relax.""All right, all right. I already notified the owner yesterday that you will be moving in today. He said that you can come in directly because he will keep the door unlocked for you.”“Okay,thanks man. Bye.”“Hmm bye”Blaine t
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Blaine turned around, but all he saw was darkness behind him. "What's the matter?" Almothean, sensing that Blaine had stopped following him, cast a glance behind him and inquired.“O-Oh? Nothing! I just thought that I heard someone talking but it’s impossible right? After all it’s just the two of us in here… right?”"Who knows?" Almothean shrugged his shoulders, a mysterious grin is flashed  on his face.He kept walking, and Blaine stayed close behind him.What exactly does he mean by that? Is there anyone else in this room besides us? But Jake said that he lives alone here before i came ! He isn't talking about supernatural beings, right? Is this place being hunted? Is it because the house, despite its size, is being hunted that no one else lives here besides him?Blaine moves closer to Almothean with that thought in mind. If there is one thing that frightens him, it is not cr
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Blaine unpacked his clothes and arranged them in the cabinet in the corner after Almothean left. It appears to be quite old, but it is still in good condition.As he roamed his eyes around, everything in this room appears to be antique. Well, he's not against it because it's visually appealing, and strangely, he's getting some familiar vibes in this place.He likes it here not only because of the room, but also because this house is very isolated, so he won't have to worry about any unnecessary noises. Blaine, despite his vulnerability to fear, prefers a quiet environment. He feels at ease in a quiet environment, and it helps him to relax. “Welcome home Blaine”“You’re finally here again”Blaine turned his head again to the location where he heard the voices, but he saw no one. Is he having hallucinations? Maybe he's already tired?His body appears to be heavy, so he quickly arranged his clothes
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After some time passed, Blaine gradually calmed down.“S-sorry if I surprised you with my actions” He shyly said while blushingHe really didn’t know what comes into his mind to actually cry while hugging this  man. They just met today but seems like he’s already comfortable with him and these things seems natural for them. Maybe they’re really that close back then?“It’s fine. Actually, it’s my fault. I should have stayed with you atleast today. You always easily get scared whenever you’re in an unfamiliar place. I thought that it will not be the same this time because you live here before but I guess you really forgot about everything”He thought that I’m scared because of an unfamiliar place? Blaine wanted to correct him but he chose not to. He don’t know if this man would believe him if he were to say that he’s hearing strange noises."Did I ever live here before
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I haven’t been in a club for a while, why there’s a lot of people even in weekdays?AishBlaine cast his gaze around the club, and he became increasingly dissatisfied as he noticed how crowded it was. He just agreed to Jake because he assumed there wouldn't be many people in here.The club didn’t change. It’s still the same even after he took some time off. There are a lot of gays who are flirting with each other in every corner.“Long time no see Blaine!” A guy in his twenties suddenly approached them“Ohh, who’s that? A flirting buddy?” Jake whispered in his earsBlaine also leaned closely to Jake “I can’t remember. You know that I stop coming in here a few months ago”“Maybe one of your fuck buddy back then?“Don’t you remember me Blaine? We slept with each other 5 months ago. Actually I can still remember how you shout my name while I
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Without thinking twice, Almothean immediately grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the club leaving the man who kiss Blaine dumbfounded on the spot.“What’s the matter with you?”Blaine asks as soon as they get outside“Why? Do you want to go back inside and continue to make out with that man?” Almothean said while gritting his teethBlaine was quite shocked  by how the man in front of him looks now. He’s gritting his teeth and his stares were really sharp as if it would pierce someone who would dare to talk to him right now“Wha--? I’m not making out with that man! You clearly saw how he just pulled and kissed me out of my own will!”“Ha.. Moreover, you even said that you just drop off your friend but the way that man calls and acts upon you clearly show that you frequently go there. Did you really have to lie?!”“You know what? I can’t really understand wh
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Blaine was sitting in his bed still shock from what he heard from Jake earlier“What? What do you mean by that?” He asked“The guys from the club. They both died last night and the killer was believed to be Phantom Night”Blake was stunned. He can’t believe it. “Blake…. Did you perhaps go outside last night?”“What? I didn’t! I was peacefully sleeping last night. Why are you --- Wait, are you perhaps suspecting me?!”“I know that you’re not the kind of  person that would kill someone. After all, the worst you do to a criminal is injured them. But, don’t you think that it is too much of a coincidence? Those two guys that bothered you at the bar last time died. And both of  them at that”“Those two are jerks. Maybe they managed to insult the Phantom Night without noticing i
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“ What call are you talking about?” Blaine ask“Don’t you really remember or just pretending that you forget huh?” Almothean leans closer and smiled at him mischievously“W-what pretending? I don’t really  remember anything about the call that you’re saying! This is the first time I spoke to you ever since you went to your business trip”“Hmm? That’s not right. I remember you calling me last week.”Blaine stop. Last week? What is this bastard saying? Is he just lying to mess with my mind? I’m super busy last week that I didn’t even sleep a wink because I have a lot to do so where will I get the time to call him?“Now that you said it, I think I somehow remember that you’re drunk that day?”Blaine was about to yelled at him when a memory suddenly flash on his mind“Hello? Hayyo thereeee”“Hell
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After he made sure that Almothean didn’t have the intention to kiss him again, Blaine turned serious and looked at him“Where did you go?” He askedAlmothean looked at him like he was unsure of why he’s asking that when clearly he said where did he go“In a business trip” He answered“Did you have any proof that you’re really in a business trip?” He asked again“My secretary. He can confirmed that because we’re together the whole time” He answered immediately. Almothean is not sure why Blaine suddenly asked him questions but he still answered it straightforwardly“Okay,then” Blaine saidHe ask just in case but sure enough it’s not Almothean. Although he did behave weirdly that night, he can’t possibly be the one who killed those two“Then, may I ask why are you asking me these?” He’s being questioned earlier but he&
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