A Game With No Rules

A Game With No Rules

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Dangerous Desires Book Two. The first time I laid eyes on Roman Castillo, there was a charge of electricity that ignited my pulse to surge—like a lightning strike in the night sky, zapping my broken heart to life. He was beguiling, the bearer of the most vivid blue-gray eyes I had ever seen. Everything about him had the ability to make my heart trash against my chest cavity and made me weak on the knees. And for me to feel all these strange feelings at our first meeting was borderline extreme in my book. So I gave him a show, one that he would never forget. I relished the way his eyes darkened, following every intricate movement of my body. Little did I know I was stepping into dangerous territory. An uncharted world where the most primal rule prevails—only the strong survive. I wasn’t ready for him. I wasn’t prepared for the danger of his world. And nothing prepared me for the secrets I’d unravel while falling deeply for him. Because in the world I live in, love is patient; love is kind. But in his world, love is a game with no rules. [Mature Content] Cover by DobolyuV

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105 chapters
As the sun dips in the western banks of Guadalquivir, the Andalusian street life famous for tapas crawls unravels. Nightclubs like Brío, where I served tables, sometimes tend behind the bar, thrive because of the nightlife in the province of Seville.Tonight was one of those nights that I enjoyed serving the intoxicated patrons of Brío. Working as a server opened my mind that most people forget to say ‘thank you’ these days; instead, they give out large tips. It’s either to display out to their peers the cash nestled in the mouths of their wallets or just to show off.Whatever their reason was for giving out tips, I still earned every dime of the 100 euros I got tonight.I didn’t bother to change my Brío shirt, tossing over a hoodie, shoving my salary for the week togethe
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2|A Show
The internet is an amazing leap in our generation. One of its great perks is more accessible communication, which I am entirely despising as of this moment. After my moment last night, I didn’t bother to come out of my room. Mom must have waited for me, but I saved us both the heartbreaking trouble of walking down memory lane. I don’t want to get out of the comfort of my bed. The clammy summer air seeps through the glass windows and balcony door. I forgot to close the curtains last night, and now my skin is cooking under the heatwaves trapped inside my room. My phone kept buzzing on the nightstand. The annoying device’s battery is not giving up yet, like the person who keeps flooding my phone’s notification. Groaning loudly, I unwillingly reached for the buzzing devi
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3|Hard Work
My eyes got a fill of his good looks before I replied. “You do look familiar.” Staring at him up close, I rummage around my brain for possible places or occasions where I must’ve seen him before. Brío is the only place where I’d place him and his friend, at least from the way they dress up. His name was Roman Castillo, and nope, we haven’t met at Brío. I’ve seen him in magazines and newspapers. He’s making a name in the real estate industry and as the heir to La Vista, which also explains why he was sitting as a judge in the competition. That doesn’t explain why he said I look familiar. From how confident he speaks, I can tell that he’s one of those guys who threw that line to any woman they see. He and Nicolás, his sage green-eyed friend with tousled dark hair, invited us to stroll around the plaza for the fair.
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4|Resist Me
Roman stared at me as if I was speaking Martian. He was in deep thought; a crease was present on his sweaty forehead. My shoulders were starting to relax, assuming that he found his claim unreasonable. When he opened his mouth, however, I nearly tripped while standing flat on my shoes. “Have we had sex before?” he asked with utter seriousness, as if he was asking me what date it was. “What!?” I slapped his hand from my shoulder, “no. And no, that’s not gonna happen.” He tilted his head to the side, still with that crease on his forehead. “You really look familiar, amor. But no one has ever denied having sex with me, so I believe you.” Seriously. This man has no filter! I did not need to know that detail, and I still have
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~Roman~ I reminded myself to take things slowly, to respect her boundaries, as she warned me this morning. It was fucking hard not to touch her, kiss her. I’m not the kind of guy who does the courting thing. There was no need for that in my world. But she has proven that she's different from the women I’ve been with before. And I promised her mom that my intention for her daughter was more than a one-time thing. She’s a sweet lady, Janet, but there was an underlying threat in her voice when she talked to me before calling Viviana down from her room earlier - more like grilled me in the span of five minutes. I don’t date. I don’t pick up girls from their homes or bring them flowers because they’re usually crawling around my feet, offering themselves to my disposal. Being ‘me’ has its perks, but most of the time, n
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~Roman~ Viviana moaned in a frenzy as I sucked on the tip of her tongue. She squirmed above me when I gripped her creamy thigh with one hand while the other traced the outline of her panties. A thong to be precise, a lacy one. I indulge in this discovery, marking one of the checklists I noted in my head on my crash course, Viviana. I swallowed the gasp she released, pressing my thumb on the fabric of her underwear, growling when I realized that she’d made a mess down there. “Viviana,” I didn’t want to let her lips go, but we were both running out of breath. This was one of those times when I hoped that breathing wasn’t a necessity in life. Her lips tasted of vanilla with a pinch of the wine we had over dinner. She whimpered, eyes fluttering close when I traced the le
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7|That Woman's Heart
~Roman~ I drove over the speed limit, aiming to head straight to my bedroom and take care of the tightening in my jeans. A cold shower, perhaps. But seeing my father’s SUV parked in front of my villa was a somewhat effective way of killing this lust I garnered in my time with Viviana, anger replacing it. When I got home from Nevada, the first thing I did was to overhaul this place - mom’s place, which she left in my care. From locks, wiring, even the walls. I had every runner from the club turn this place over inside out. Having a bug in my home, or worse, having someone watching me in my private hours, is the last thing I wanted. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I got my father’s invitation to a meeting as soon as I set foot in Spain six days ago. There was no rea
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8|Small Circle
~Viviana~ Since moving here to Spain, my day begins and ends with thoughts of how I would help mom. We would wake up before the crack of dawn; she’d busied herself baking while I took over the customer area of Sweet Bits. Now, however, another thought is running through my head as I clean up tables while waiting for customers to come in. Roman. When he drove me home last night, we kissed some more in his car. Mom was already asleep when I stepped inside, and I hadn’t told her about Roman’s invitation for the weekend. I told Roman that mom wouldn’t allow me to spend the weekend with him in the heat of the moment. In reality, I was the one who was skeptical about his invitation. The attraction between us was explosive. It’
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9|Welcome Home
~Roman~ It was nearing midday outside, but time doesn’t really matter when you are underground. Below the Outlaws Tavern, a human ring formed by club members betting on Mateo and me. They cheered like we were gamecocks as excitement oozed from all corners of the basement, waiting for a bloody cockfight. This is where we settle the club members’ differences, and this is the first time I’ve ever been below the flickering, reticent fluorescent lights, facing one of my brothers. All because of a woman. Also, a first, but will surely be the last. This man seemed to have forgotten what the Outlaws stand for. “Welcome home, cabrón,” Mateo murmured, both of us stepping clockwise, seizing one another. Our hands, wrapped with white bandages, leveled with our chest, knuckles cr
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~Love is patient; Love is kind. For two hearts lost in the world of danger and deceit, Love is A Game With No Rules.~ Hello, thank you for reaching this far on the story ;)I’d like to introduce my books before AGWNR if it’s your first time stumbling upon my work. 1|Devin ~ CEO/Billionaire Romance2|Don’s Fiancée ~ Mafia Romance3|Promise Me Jake ~ Teen Romance [A sad love story.]4|Evan ~ CEO/Billionaire Romance [Devin’s spin-off, but it can be read as standalone]5|Falling For My Husband ~ Mafia Romance Lastly, this novel is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. Don't forget to follow me on lnstagram CastielLj for updates on my works ;)xx P.S. This book will be a lot longer than my previous ones.
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