The Blue Moon

The Blue Moon

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Humans…very different in their ways. There are a lot of good things and equally a lot of bad things in them.. But what they ignore is that, there are other creatures who live on earth too. The vampires. They are very powerful, with piercing eye sights, abnormal strength and speed. The werewolves. They posess the ability to shed their skin and transform into wolves. They are very agile, fast and also posses great strength. But there is one problem: Vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. The reason for their enmity still remains unknown. In every millennium, there is the occurrence of ‘The Blue Moon’. The blue moon is a very deadly weapon against both werewolves and vampires, because on each blue moon, the rays of the moon eradicate the race of the werewolves and vampires. Prophecy tells that on the night of the blue moon, the most powerful vampire and the most powerful werewolf must come together in order to save the lives of their kind. Meet Cassius, an hybrid- half vampire, half werewolf. He is the leader of a group made up of werewolves and vampires, they call themselves the ‘X team’. He is a bloodthirsty maniac who is thirsty for power, blood, and also has a crazy sex drive. Meet Jessica, the most powerful werewolf. Very pretty with well shaped body. She’s very smart, and also has the spirit of leadership. Meet Stephen, the most powerful vampire: cold, ruthless and cruel. He has an impressive speed, and he’s equally a master of seduction. Last but not the least, meet Ameliah, a very kind and caring young girl, who wants nothing but to live happily with her family. What happens when ‘The Blue Moon’ comes knocking, threatening to eradicate their kind? Let's find out!

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    “Ameliah!” Her mother called.“I’m coming mum” a 6 years old girl said. Then she stood up and ran to her mother.As she reached where her mother was standing she stretched her hands to her mum..“Mom, look. I picked some flowers for you, do you like it?” she said with a smile.Mrs Lindsey bent down in front of Ameliah and ruffled her hairs…“Awn you a’re so sweet my Lia, come here”Mrs Lindsey said as she picked Ameliah up from the ground“Thank you for the flowers, they’re beautiful but remember…” Mrs Lindsey was about to say something before she was interrupted by her daughter..“I know. I should always be careful not to go out alone because there are a lot of snakes and wolves that can eat me” She said with a bored expression.Her mother pinched her cheeks and put her down..“And it’s also rude to interrupt elder
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    Stephen ran with an amazing speed, heading to his house but he stopped when he scent something abnormal. He immediately hid behind a tree and with his vampire power, he used that to see far and he gasped at what he saw. “Oh no!! He found us!!” Stephen said with wide eyes.He began running to his father's mansion, and reached there in no time. On getting there, his eyes were met with a terrible scene;the ‘X team’ were attacking the vampire clan. Stephen stood there watching as his fellow kind were brutally murdered by their very own kind.A vampire ran to attack him, he ducked and elongated his claws, then with it slit the throat of the vampire who came to attack him.'I have to find father!!'He thought silently then he began running to his house.He arrived there and it looks like the vampire came specially to attack his family. He froze as he saw someone.“No, sister!!” Stephen screamed as h
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    After an hour of running, Stephen and his uncle, Frederick boarded the boat which sailed them out of the island. During the whole sail, Stephen stared at his mother's ring in silence as tears flowed down his eyes. After an hour fight, Cassius finally defeated Stephen's father by ripping his heart out of his body. He wiped off the blood on his gorgeous face."Have you found the strongest vampire and the strongest werewolf?" Cassius asked without turning back."No...master..they...they...escaped" One of his men behind him said while trembling in fear.Cassius turned in rage, facing the person who responded, and with just a fiery glare from him, the man was sent flying across the room and crashed his back on the wall.."YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THIS OPERATION WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME?" Cassius' voice thundered across the room."We did all we could, boss, I'm sure they went undercover" The man said in pain, blood dripping from his fa
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    Ameliah walked endlessly till her feet began aching. She sat down tiredly on a bench and held her face in her hands. No one has a fucking job to offer me? She thought as she ran her hands in her long black hairs. Suddenly a car passed by her and splashed water all over her body. The driver immediately stopped, opened the door and came out of it. "Hey, are you blind?!" Amelia blasted angrily. "You splashed water all over my body." She said fuming in anger as she glared at the man."And so?" The man said with a cold expression.Ameliah gasped at the bold statement, then she began yelling at the top of her voice."You splashed water all over me and you dare come out of your ugly car and showvme your ugly face just to say 'and so'?" She said while mimicking his voice at the end.Stephen exhaled loudly"Stop barking and go and find yourself a job rather than standing here and polluting the eyes of passers-by." Stephen said with his
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    Cassius lightly pushed a lady and she fell on his bed. She gave him a naughty smile. He came on top of her and kised her hungrily with his hand grabbing one of her br*ast. She moaned lightly, enjoying the sensation he was giving her. He broke the kiss and then heunzipped her navy blue gown and he removed it leaving her with only her panties on.. He quickly removed his dress then he tore her pant and immediately shove his manhood into her…“Aww Cassius” She moaned lightly, tightening her grip on him… He then began thrusting in and out of her, her moans filled the room. It continued till moans turned to cries and she eventually passed out but still he wasn’t satisfied.Cassius covered her with the duvet, walked to his bathroom and he ran the shower as his mind drifted to the lady he saw earlier today.“Why can’t I get her out of my mind?” He murmured to himself as he walked out of the bathroom, then he dres
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    Ameliah sat down on floor in one of the hallway as she cried silently.*I missed you guys so much, mom, dad. I miss you* She thought with her head on her knees as she sobbed.Stephen walked up to her and stared at her for a while, whatever madam Louise had said to her must have hurt her really bad. He sighed loudly, walked and stood in front of her. He then squatted in front of her and tapped her shoulder.She looked up startled and stared at Stephen’s face with red teary eyes.“Hey, would you stop crying already?” Stephen said as they stared at each other.“What if i don’t want to stop crying, will you fire me?” She asked still crying.“No, I won’t fire you. But you look super ugly when you cry.” Stephen said.“Does that mean I am beautiful?” She asked.“Nope” He replied.“Then you mean to say I am ugly” Ameliah said as she began c
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    Next morning The rays of sunlight that penetrated from the window shone in Ameliah’s eyes which caused her to wake up. She rose up from bed and yawned loudly while stretching her arms.“Oh no, I’m late again for his breakfast” She exclaimed and dashed into her small sized bathroom.She did her business and ran to her wardrobe. Then she wore her uniform and took her hairpin. She ran out of her room while doing her hair. She ran to his room and knocked lightly.“Come in” Stephen said from inside.She slightly opened the door and walked in.“Good morning master” Ameliah said with a deep bow.“Morning” He replied climbing down from his bed. He glanced ather and said, “No need to prepare a breakfast for me, I am not hungry. I just need you to do some cleaning in this room” He said as he removed his shirt and made to remove his pants…Read more
    Stephen removed his clothes from the wardrobe and wore it. He was wearing a combination of black- A black jeans , with a black T-shirt and a black jacket coupled with a pair of black boots. The operation was to begin at midnight so he had to get ready before then.After he finished wearing his clothes, he decided to go check up on Ameliah before leaving; who knows maybe it’s the last time that he’ll see her.A maid guided him to her room on his request, and he walked there, he knocked on the door…“I’m coming!!!” She called out from far inside.After some while, she opened the door and he gasped as he exhaled loudly. She was just coming out from bath and had only a towel wrapped round her body with her hair tied up in a bun. Her hair was wet which made some of the strands to stick on her face making her look so hot.Stephen shook his head and composed himself back again. He suddenly became angry, what if it was
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    Stephen appeared in his room, then he stripped and went to take a long shower..After his shower, he settled in some black pants as usual with no shirts on and he walked and sat down on his bed with his eyes closed trying to calm down his nerves…***Ameliah kept the book she bought in her drawer and she wore back her uniform before walking out of her room, heading to Stephen’s room to do the cleaning…She opened the door and walked in before putting on the lights and she gasped as she saw Stephen sitting on his bed with his eyes closed… It looks like something big happened because he wasn’t in his good mood.Her gaze traveled to his body. His abs, his chest his muscular jawline, his neck…everything in him screams perfection… Her gaze landed on his face and she gasped as she saw the bruises on his face. She dropped her cleaning utensils and walked towards him and stood in front of him.
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    Cassius walked out of his room heading to the room where he meets all his goons. Immediately he stepped foot in the room, all his followers bowed in unison before him…“Good day Lord Cassius” They all said in unison..He ignored them and with a heavy expression he walked and sat down on his chair…“Any news about the two main target?” He asked as one of the maid walked and served him a glass of blood…“No Master, we have searched everywhere and they are nowhere to be found” One of the men said…He smirked and drank from the glass..“I see… they’re playing hard to get, huh?. I’ll use another method to fish them out.”Cassius said.“Master if we may ask, what’s our purpose for doing all these. I mean, you’re already more powerful than them.”He chuckled dryly and placed his glass down then stood up…
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