My Faithful Playboy

My Faithful Playboy

By:  stardust1230  Ongoing
Language: English
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One year after Miya suddenly left without a word, she accidentally met Lorence the guy who broke her heart. Talking about their past and arguing about the real reason for their break up leads to an unexpected accident causing Lorence to be hit by a car which puts him under critical condition. What appears before him when he wakes up is their old classroom, and his classmates in high school later did he realized that he was brought back to the past. Using this opportunity given to him he decided to do everything to change their future and prevent the accident.

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6 Chapters
Chapter I- New Found Friend
"Although loving you isn't a mistake, there’s still a limit to how much pain my heart can take" …...................................... "Ow sorry, I didn't notice you," Miya said while she picks up the books that fell when she suddenly bumps into someone. That person also helps her pick up the books "No, it's okay I didn't also see you coming, so it's not entirely your point. I was so into reading this novel that I forgot to be aware of my surroundings." The man said while raising the book he was reading. Miya glance over the book when suddenly her eyes sparkled "Wow!!! I'm also reading the same novel right now." She became overly excited that she didn't notice that she suddenly speaks loudly and forgot that they were still in the library. The man noticed that the people in the library were staring at them so he suggested talking in some other place. "Well, we seem to like the same author. How about we talk somewhere else? I know it's
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Chapter II- It's Not Over
  Lorence is on his way to meet his friend when he suddenly heard a familiar voice and familiar laugh. He immediately raise his head and saw that familiar face smiling at some other guy. Anger and jealousy filled his vision. "That smile only belongs to me, me and only me Miya," Lorence mumbled to himself. He waited for the girl to turn, to notice him but she didn't which angers him more. .... Sensing the man in front of her burning in rage. Miya immediately stops her track and lookup. "Look who we have here, long time no see Lorence." Miya smiled at him. "I've been talking to you all this while and you didn't even hear a word?" Lorence is on the verge of losing his temper. "What???... Oh sorry, I have my earphones." Miya said while removing her earphones. The truth is, she heard everything that Lorence said but pretended like she didn't. The moment she notice Lorence when she turned her back a while ago she secretly put her earphones on,
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Chapter III- I Still Love You
"We didn't break up yet so it's not over for us, we're still in a relationship Miya." Lorence firmly claimed. "Don't make me laugh Lorence, our relationship back then isn't a big deal. We're just casually going out. Isn't that a thing that almost all teenagers do when they were in high school? You of all people should know that very well or do you want me to remind you? Your case is special from other kids since you've been going around dating everyone, you change partner from time to time, there was clearly no real relationship among them and that includes me. We just used to hang out for a while after that when we don't want each other anymore, we just need to find someone new. That's how you do things right Lorence?" Miya was still smiling after saying that. Lorence took Miya's hand which she immediately pulls back. "You knew that's not true, you were different from them. You're the one who left me without saying anything and now you're acting this way. Ju
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Chapter IV- Another Chance
Lorence's mind was filled with confusion but before he grasped the whole situation came another voice. "For you did something without any reservation, you've saved a precious life. Risking your life to save another, may it be because of love, kindness, or guilt, still it can't change the fact that what you did is an act of goodness. It is very known to us that you've done many bad things and decisions in life but still there's no greater treasure than one's life and we acknowledge your action of saving Miya. For that, we've decided to give you another chance." "What chance? Who are you? What are you all talking about?" Lorence was still dumbfounded by how fast things were happening. "It seems that you're still confused but right now you're on the verge of dying." Suddenly the scene in the hospital appears before Lorence's eyes. The doctor is doing his best to revive him but there's still no heartbeat until now. Lorence was still shocked seeing his own body li
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Chapter V- Chocolate
While waiting for the time when Miya will start to approach him, Lorence remains the same popular playboy as he was original. Having different girlfriends every time, changing them as if he's changing his clothes. At first, Lorence was a little awkward with everything and realized that his life back then really sucks. He's a total madman doing all sorts of things but when he thinks about it, If he can't change the past, and if he must live again doing the same thing he might as well enjoy everything since nothing will change. From then on he goes on being really a playboy, when he started doing all those things again he felt the same excitement that he felt in the past. "Hey Lorence, you already change your girl. I remember that I saw you with Mich of the literature department this morning how come you have another girl with your side now?" Luke ask "You've been friends with him for a long time and now you're still wondering how. Just look at Lorence, his face, heigh
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Chapter VI- Bitter Sweet
Miya is on cloud nine since yesterday, after Lorence accepted the chocolates she made, her heart can't stop beating fast. Everything in her class is still the same, nothing really change aside from the fact that she's been smiling from ear to ear the moment she entered their classroom. She can't wait to ask Lorence for his feedback about the chocolate, whether he likes it or not. If Lorence likes it she'll be happy to make it for him regularly. Miya found a good chance to ask Lorence when she met them accidentally on her way to the bathroom. Miya gathered all her courage before speaking "Lorence.... I.. I just want to ask if you like the chocolates I gave to you yesterday?" Miya looks into Lorence's eyes for a second before looking down waiting for his response. Lorence chuckled and laugh "Since you're so curious to know then I'll be direct to you. Your chocolates suck, it tastes awful that I feel like throwing up the moment they entered my mouth. Don't you h
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