DANGEROUS LOVE (A Game to Betray Her)

DANGEROUS LOVE (A Game to Betray Her)

By:  LostInWords  Ongoing
Language: English
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Daniel Morgan, the heir of Morgan Enterprises Holdings Inc., had everything he wanted in just a snap of his fingers, including women. However, he just wanted her, Selina, despite the fact she was a married woman and fourteen years older than him. He couldn't get her or their passionate moments out of his mind. Bella White was a beautiful, caring and innocent girl. She had a crush on Daniel since their childhood, but he never gave her attention. Everything gets complicated when Selina convinces Daniel to use Bella for keeping their affair in secret.

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Scandalous Affair
Daniel's POVI stretched out before opening my eyes. As I opened my eyes, the most beautiful view appeared in front of me: Selina, my addiction.She was fourteen years older than me, and she was married to a well-known businessman, John Barnes. They had a son three years younger than me. David Barnes. We went to the same university. I met Selina at David's birthday party. I was love struck with her and could not get her out of my mind. After a few encounters, she admitted that she liked me too. Then we started our secret relationship.She knew me very well. Sometimes I felt a puppet in her hands. But I couldn't get rid of this addiction. I was playing with fire knowingly. I didn't dare to imagine what would happen when her husband or my father found out about this affair.I stroked her silky brown hair gently and placed a soft kiss on her hair. She blinked without waking up and rolled over.I got up and started picking up my clothe
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Chapter 2 - An Angel
Bella's POV"Hey, Bella." Elva greeted me, giving me a wide smile as she approached me."Hey." I muttered."What happened?" She gave me an inquiring look. "Did Daniel do something wrong again?" She asked, giving me a compassionate look."As always." I sighed and replied. "I am just his sister's friend for him, nothing more." I shrugged my shoulders."He is a dumbass in love matters." She said, shaking her head in disapproval. I forced a smile. "Come on, Maria is waiting for us in the garden." She informed. I nodded.After dinner, his uncle's wife, Amanda asked Daniel to play the piano. I sat down on the couch as he went towards the large black piano.I was watching him, mesmerized while he was playing the piano, his head down as his fingers glide over the keys gracefully. My heart was pounding while I was listening to this sweet melody, lost in it.As he finished playing, everyone applauded, interrupting my tho
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Chapter 3 - Dangerous intentions
Daniel's POVI wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me as we started dancing, her arms around my neck.I leaned over and breathed in her sweet and tasty scent, closing my eyes. Freaking delicious. Dirty thoughts started running on my mind. I wanted to run my lips on her neck, kissing, sucking it.Get a grip, Daniel!"Umm...thank you for the dance." I said as I pulled back and walked away without letting her say anything.I was sipping my drink when Selina approached me."What is going on?" She asked, folding her arms over her chest as she pierced her eyes into mine."What?" I asked, confused."You and that girl." She replied, pointing to Bella with a head gesture."Bella?" I asked, puzzled. "Nothing." I said.She raised her eyebrow, giving me an unconvinced look. "Are you sure of this?""Of course. I love you." I replied. She looked at me, chec
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Chapter 4 - Game of seduction
Bella's POVI woke up, stretching out. As I remembered that today I was going out with Daniel, a wide smile appeared on my face. I was so excited.I got up and went to the bathroom. After taking a shower, I got ready. As Daniel informed me that he was waiting for me, I grabbed my bag and left. We were going to the beach.When I walked out of the gate, I saw his black Hummer parking away from the gate. As Daniel saw me, he got out of his car. I smiled at him as I approached him."Hey." He gave me a bright smile and kissed my cheek. "Let's go."He held my hand, catching me off guard and headed us towards the passenger door. He opened the door for me, giving me his dazzling smile. I smiled and got in the car. He got in the car and started the car.He parked the car at the beach. We got out of the car. He grabbed my hand as he headed as towards the ocean. We were strolling at the beach while talking, laughing.Sudde
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Chapter 5 - Falling into Bad Boy's Trap
Daniel's POVI placed my hand on Bella's back protectively as I headed us towards the restaurant.As we ordered our dinner, my phone buzzed. It was Selina; she sent a message informing me that they were about to arrive.I placed my hand on top of Bella's hand on the table and squeezed it, smiling. She gave me her captivating smile, blushing slightly. I liked when she was blushing; she looked so cute and....so innocent."What a coincidence! Good evening." Selina said cheerfully as she and her husband approached us.I stood up as I greeted them, shaking their hands."Darling, let's not disturb these love birds anymore." Selina said to her husband, giving him a wide smile."Yeah, darling." John said, placing a kiss on her lips.I gritted my teeth, looking at them."Appreciate your girlfriend. She is a beautiful girl." John said firmly."Yes, she is." I said as I looked at Bella and gave her a bright
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Chapter 6 - The angel in devil's arms
Daniel's POVI turned her around and smashed my lips against her lips, kissing her in a demanding kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I moved my hand down on her body, still kissing her tempting lips. I unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped her fly. She gasped, gripping my hair, moaning as I slid my hand under her panties. I silenced her with my lips, kissing her eagerly and pushed my two fingers inside her. She gasped, gripping my hair tightly. I started moving my fingers in and out."Oh...my...goodness...." She muttered between moans, squeezing her eyes shut.The corner of my lips curled up in a self-satisfied smirk."Be quiet, sunshine. I don't want to be disturbed." I whispered in her ear arrogantly and kissed her neck while devouring her with my fingers."It....feels....so...good....I....never...felt...amazing....like...now...Don't...stop...please." She mumbled between moans.As I noticed her moans were getting loud
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Chapter 7 - Under the bad boy's spell
Bella's POVI was watching Daniel while he was making our dinner.He placed a plate in front of me as he gave me a warm smile."Let's see if you are a good chef or it is just illusoriness." I teased him.He chuckled and leaned over me as he whispered in my ear huskily. "I am good at everything, dear."I bit my lower lip, blushing as he pulled my earlobe between his teeth. He pulled back and gave me an arrogant smirk.I averted my eyes, my cheek crimson red and started eating."Do you like it?" He asked, looking into my eyes, waiting for my answer impatiently."Not bad." I said playfully, shrugging my shoulders."Hmm." He raised his eyebrow playfully. "Can I change your mind?" He asked, biting his lower lip as he looked at me with salacious eyes."If you catch me." I winked at him and started running. He chuckled."Come to daddy." He said playfully as he started chasing me."Daniel."
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Chapter 8 - Bad boys, good lips
Daniel's POVI was in the company. I couldn't concentrate on my paperwork. I was still thinking about Bella. I felt guilty. I couldn't continue it anymore. I didn't want to hurt her. She was so innocent. I couldn't do it to her anymore. I should talk to Selina and say to her that I was planning to break up with Bella.I grabbed my phone and called her."Hey, darling. I missed you." She said in a seductive voice as she picked up."Umm..." I mumbled. I breathed deeply, running my hand through my hair. "We need to talk. Can we meet today?" I asked."I can not. John is home." She said.I breathed deeply, annoyed. "I am going to break up with Bella." I informed her."What?!" She snapped. "Daniel, we talked about it before. You can not do it. John doesn't totally assure. You should keep your relationship with Bella." She said."I don't care about John and his suspicions. I don't want to use Bella anymore. I feel guil
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Chapter 9 - Reaching for the stars
Bella's POVHe pushed me back against the wall as soon as we walked into his bedroom. I ran my hand through his hair while his tongue was devouring me. He slid his hand under my dress while he moved his lips down to my neck."Daniel." I moaned as he bit my neck slightly.He turned me around as he reached my zipper and started unzipping my dress while kissing my neck. I closed my eyes, enjoying his touches. His every touch sent a wave of desire throughout my body. I want him.He removed the straps of my dress and let it slide down. He traveled his lips down from my neck to my back, placing several kisses. He unclasped my bra while placing kisses on my back. I shivered in sensation.He cupped my breasts while teasing a sensitive spot behind my ear. A load moan escaped from my mouth. I leaned my head back against his shoulder as he squeezed my breasts."You are so beautiful." He whispered in my ear huskily.Read more
Chapter 10 - The precious gift
Daniel's POVI rubbed my temples without opening my eyes. I had a pounding headache.Suddenly, the scenes from last night flashed on my mind. Fuck! I opened my eyes instantly.Dammit! I hissed under my breath, closing my eyes.I opened my eyes and looked at Bella sleeping peacefully beside me on the bed. I leaned on my elbow and stroked her silky hair gently. She looked so beautiful. And now she was mine. My woman. She gave me the most precious gift a woman could give a man: her virginity. I was happy for being her first. On the other hand, I knew it was wrong; I should not do it to her. It would make her more heartbroken. I increased damages that I caused.Forgive me, my sunshine.I leaned over her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then I got up and went to the bathroom.After taking a shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped out. When I
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