Down the Memory Lane: Marry Me Again, Dear Wife

Down the Memory Lane: Marry Me Again, Dear Wife

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Edward never realised that a decision to divorce would make him realise the love he has for his wife. When he wanted her back, he was presented with her burned corpse and a piece of her, their daughter. Losing his wife, he lost the colour of life and lived for his daughter only, accepting the punishment that fate had chosen for him. Five years later, he visited Italy to celebrate his daughter's birthday. But the little girl stopped and pointed her finger at a woman, "Look Papa, I found Mommy!" Was it truly her mother? If she is, where she disappeared 5 years ago? Worst, why did the woman look at them strangely?

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richard castle
hi author how many more chapters are there? ypthanks
2024-04-09 08:13:40
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Hello lovelies, CHAPTER 29 was Marco's POV. It was supposed to be a free chapter, however I accidentally published it into the regular chapter. Though it's related to the story but this chapter won't make any difference in the regular story, so if you want to skip it you can...
2024-03-16 21:30:07
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Black Rose
I like the plot. I hope the update daily.. good luck to your new book dear Author. still waiting for Leo's story tho...
2024-03-10 10:55:03
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richard castle
Hi Author how ofter do you update?thanks
2024-03-03 00:13:20
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Karmia Malakhi
could we get more updates?? great story
2024-03-02 06:16:49
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good reader
omg I am crying buckets of tears for the story
2024-02-21 23:40:56
83 Chapters
CATHERINE ... On the ground of Reinford's family church, A great lunch banquet was held in the respect of Grandpa Reinford. His last wish was to arrange a get-together instead of a funeral. The host was Edward Reinford, my husband. Standing across the room he was immersed in the conversation with his childhood friend, Regina. My mother-in-law beside them, was grinning. Well, she's the daughter-in-law she'd rather have and never missed a chance to bring them closer. However, my insecurity never flared because work is all Edward understands. One would barely find him talking differently. Even now, I know the words between them were strictly business. Though I won't lie about being envious of her sometimes. Specially, at times like this moment, when I have to suppress the huge news of my pregnancy. Merely an hour old news and I am running out of patience already. "Why not merge yourself in a useful conversation rather than being a trophy wife?" A harsh word broke my trance, as my han
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CATHERINE ... I stumbled upon my feet, looking back at Regina. "What are you doing? Let go of my hand!" I jerked her hand away. No time to waste on her, I need to find my husband! However, Regina once again pulled me back by my arm. It was forceful and I winced in pain. "Stop pestering Edward! Don't you understand this simple phase?" Her furious eyes caged me with a warning. This is the real her... Regina Frost, who pretends to be a well-wisher to Edward whilst trying to subdue me. But, she is a vixen who acted for years to be good. The worst part was her eye-catching status both in business and family. Though she got it high because I stooped low, I am more focused on my Husband and he is not interested in her. I might be in pain, but not distressed yet. Jerking my hand from her grip, I glared at her. "He is my husband and you're no one to order me." I was about to leave when, "Is that why he filed a divorce?" I paused, frozen. How did she know? I turned to her again only to f
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CATHERINE... I pushed open the door of the study room. First time in two years I am here without Edward's permission. He might get mad, but then again, he is not here to be mad. In the huge mansion of Oakenhold, I was alone. A few Servants were downstairs though their existence could be considered uncountable. They are used to remaining this way because Edward despises the existing crowd around him. I am surprised Reinfords didn't rush here yet to bash me. Probably, with Regina now. She really succeeded huh? Wondering if they would show the same concern if I was in her place. Well, I was supposed to be there though. And the answer was very expected, A big NO. Maybe they would have sympathised but not care. I am glad I wasn't there. I need to protect my child at any cost... At this moment, I am missing Margaret and Sophia. Two people in Oakenhold, who actually care for me besides May and Grandpa. Sigh... They were out of town for a few days. Slowly, I walked toward his desk. The b
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SEVEN MONTHS LATER... CATHERINE... Pain... That's what I could feel all over my body. Immense anguish which gives me a feel of... Death. Fluttering my eyes, I tried to open my heavy eyelids. They felt so tired and torpid as if for a long time they were not opened. My head hammered and the loud throbbing of heartbeat along with a beep~beep sound. It felt so familiar as if they accompanied me every day. Hardly, I opened my eyes. I am in a small room. Slightly dark and feels cold. Laying on a small bed and... Tilting my head I discovered the beeping sound. It's a machine that was attached with wires which were connected to my hand. Where am I? I sat up as an ache spread to my entire body and detached myself from those wires. Slowly, I stepped out of the bed and almost fell as if I had forgotten how to stand up, immediately feeling a different level of pain in my abdomen. I grabbed there... Wait! M-my babies! I sat on the bed and closed my eyes, trying to recall what happened as blur
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FIVE YEARS LATER... EDWARD... My gaze penetrated my appearance in the mirror, as Addison held the black trench coat for me to wear. "Is she ready?" I asked. "Yes sir, She is waiting downstairs with Denise." He replied. "Hmm..." Glancing in the mirror one last time, I walked out of my room with Addison following behind." As soon as I reached downstairs, a pair of little arms hugged my legs. I looked down and couldn't help but break into a smile. Her cerulean eyes beamed, "You're late, Mr Reinford." She pouted with a huff. "Della was waiting sooo long!" She complained and I chuckled before picking her up. "Can Della forgive Papa?" I pretended to be sad. She furrowed her brows like an adult and tapped her chin, "Okay!" She giggled, hugging my neck before sliding down. She ran toward Denise, her nanny and took the huge bouquet of red roses that were almost her size. "See papa, I picked this up for her with Denise! Do you think she will love it?" I bend on one knee, holding the fl
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ELAINE (CATHERINE) ... "Run! Run away! They won't let you live! They are devils! Save yourself! Run away!" ..... My eyes snapped open with a deep blow of breath. Drenched in sweat, I sat up on the bed. The same nightmare. A panicked tone begging me to run away. The fear in that tone trembles me every night and keeps me awake. I got out of bed and put on my silk robe before walking out to the veranda and pouring a glass of wine for myself. Drinking is injurious to health, I know the quote. But in the last few years, I cultivated a habit of Drinking due to stress. Nothing is new for me. Waking up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare, became a part of my life. It's always been the same one for the last four years. I turned into an insomniac. Went to a psychiatrist, did consultation, medication and whatnot? However, nothing worked for me and I learned to compromise with my situation. Perhaps... 'Knock~knock'... A knock on the door broke my thoughts as I watched a head s
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ELAINE (CATHERINE) ... I looked around but there was no one except us. Turning to the little girl, I realised she belonged to a secure background judging her appearance, but where was her guardian?I bend beside the little girl, "Hey, umm- What's your name, pretty girl?" "I am Della, mommy. Don't you remember me?" Her words were smooth and clear, considering her age. "......" Also left me speechless and awkward. "Uh- I am not your mommy, little girl." Again looked around, "Where are your parents?" I asked. I don't know what offended her, but her lips wobbled, "No, you are my mommy." She said stubbornly. "......" What is she saying!? I was confused when Marco squatted beside me and smiled at her, "Hey little princess, I know this lady is gorgeous. But unfortunately, she is not your mommy. I promise you, I will find your mother, okay? Come here..." He tried to hold her hand but she dodged his touch expertly and pushed herself in my arms, hugging me tightly. "No! You're my mommy!
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EDWARD... "Is she on the way?" I asked wiping Della's mouth."Yes, sir," Addison replied, walking out of the suit. Della didn't care what we were talking about, she was enjoying her blueberries. She loves eating them. And if I'm not wrong, Catherine loved blueberries too. After Catherine left me with her, I didn't know what to do. Gradually, I learned to take care of a child. I never let her part away from me. Even in meetings and trips, I took her with me. In a word, Della grew up in business, so she learned to not bother about business conversations. However, this was different. It's not a business but a surprise for her... "Edward?" Regina entered the room and her voice was enough for Della to climb on my lap and get busy in her blueberries again. Regina paused, "Well... I need you to come aside for a moment." She said, eyeing Della, who still did not bother. "It's alright, say it," I demanded. If my daughter wasn't comfortable, then I'm not gonna do it. "Edward..." Regina'
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ELAINE (CATHERINE) .... I hastily entered the hospital ward and saw Marco Sitting beside his father. His eyes looked up at me with an assuring nod and I sighed inwardly. Flashing a smile on my face I walked toward Alberto's bed, "Old man, you've become rebellious now, huh? Giving unwanted surprises." I faked a grumble. Alberto turned to me and my heart convulsed in fear seeing his weak and pale face with a pipe attached to his nose. Unlike other days, he smiled, "Seems this old man has truly become old." He muttered and I couldn't hold my tears anymore. "Alberto..." He touched my hand with his shaky cold hand and patted slightly. Grabbing his hand I kissed them, "Nothing will happen to you..." He only smiled, "You're the best thing that happened in our lives..." He breathed hard. "Don't talk..." I tried to stop him but he didn't. Instead, he shook his head. "D-on't s-top me..." He breathed out, holding my hand firmly. Marco nodded, gesturing for me to let him speak. "Elaine..
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EDWARD... Was my hallucination going out of control? I asked myself closing my eyes and slowly rubbing them in the hope of snapping myself to reality. I opened my eyes again... She's still standing right in front of me. Same old Cerulean eyes. Dark hair. Same features and that little mole on her chin. Even in my imagination, I love her company but not at the moment when I am on my way to fix something good for our daughter. Please, go away now... I closed my eyes. "Umm, are you... Okay?" I heard a soft tone which stiffened me again, engulfing me in the same features I always wanted in front of me. She blinked. The concern in her eyes was... Unknown. "Sir, are you... Agh!" Suddenly, she gasped and I was thrown back to my senses as the lift shook violently. Lights fluttered and she she gripped my arm tightly with a horrifying expression. Immediately my arm set around her firmly and my eyes never left her face... Slowly, my gaze fell on the place where our limbs had connected. My b
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