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CATCH THE UPDATES ON SUNDAYS! Full of riches, the world is divided into two big factions of supernatural and magic. In the capital city of Great Britain, there is a Royal University that has gone on for ages. And entry requires that each student should go through the test that determines their abilities to join the world's secret factions. For over 5 centuries, one big faction has grown powerful and ruled the world with an iron rod, while simultaneously trying to bring to extinction the very possible existence of the other faction. Galina Fyodorov has always been curious about the world she lived in. she believed there's more to life than what meets the eye and she was determined to uncover every secret of life upon her arrival in the City of Gold. Days living in Varagrafena, her suspicions are proved as she discovers dormant power within herself that will not only overthrow the current great rule of the Anuka but will also unite Ducazee. Wretched from everything she had known and taught about since young, and very well articulated manipulation by the great Anuka, she flees away with the heads of Ducazee in an attempt to fully awaken her powers. Yet nothing in her lavish world is what it seems to be. The heads of Anuka discover her prophecied existence and try by all means to remove her from the surface of the earth, for she is but the birth of doom to their golden rule.

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20 Chapters
5 YEARS B.MLekovoski POVDUSK WAS CREEPING over the small village on the outskirts of the big city, Varagrafena. I took hurried steps to my mother's alcove and found her standing over the small deck overlooking the tree of life which was just a few feet from where she stood! The tree has been my mother's fortification for years and it continued to give her the power she needed.My mother, Cersei Morozova was the renowned witch; the greatest of them all. she has cured the sick, protected the weak, and blessed the cursed. she was by far the only person I looked up to."Come here child!" she intoned in her usual calm voice. I took hurried steps and stood by her side, then joined in on the staring contest."It's time!" "Mom, you don't have to do this! How am I going to survive without you?" I desperately begged and tried to convince her not to continue with her plan,"It has to be done, child! I see a great future awaiting you. You have to emb
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Chapter 1
GALINA POVI found myself yet in another land of the unknown! Unlike all places I have seen in my visions, this one gave me unforgiving chills. The gothic brown interior brought into being, a classic view of a huge, ancient, frigid, and dark hall, with candles flickering to give a bit of light! The light wasn't much, so it left room for everything that lurked in the shadows to go all out and reign freely!Some murmurs and whispers could be heard from the shadows; I turned around to find nothing but me, and my own shadow that was amplified and zoomed by the candles. Another violent shiver tore through me causing my toes to curl, and at that very moment, I realized I had no shoes on! I braced my ground and tried to take a step forward! I don't know why but I felt very unsettled and very disturbed about the vision I was having. It didn't feel
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Chapter 2
JUPITER POVSITTING ON THE BED IN my unshared dorm, I glanced at the clock mounted to the wall just right across the room and it signaled it was a little after 9 in the morning! I took a minute to admire the cream walls which were painted like a clean, neat canvas, displaying the secrets and the tales of this world, from my forefathers and ancestors before them.The stone sculptures around the room and the drawings etched on the walls created a classic illusion of being succumbed into a different world, a paranormal universe where nothing but peace and stability reigned. The red dotted paint marring the cream white wall representing blood, the angry werewolves in their natural glory, and terrifying dragons stood proud on the wall, making one just want to dwell in this serene surrounding.The only sad part was that; it was all in the past! It had been years since the secret divisions were formed and since the other one came to power. It has been centuries since we went
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Chapter 3
GALINA POVSTANDING ON THE EDGE of a buzzing railway station, I looked down onto the scene unfolding in front of my eyes; millions and thousands of different people from all around the world, getting off their modes of transport. Some came to the City of Gold by buses, some by private cars, some by planes while some took trains like me. We may have been different in all ways; but we were the same in one thing; which was our age!Every year, millions of children who had received the admission letter from Varagrafena University would swarm up here. The entry requirements were specific and I was at luck when I applied. The university took only 18-year-olds and I was about to turn 18 in a few weeks. The admission letter was a key to the Entrance Exam, which determined whether you were good enough to enroll in the big school. Growing up, I never had the mea
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Chapter 4
GALINA POVTHE NIGHT PASSED HASTILY in a blur, getting introductions from roommates, and dinner in a kickass giant hall, and introduction to school seniors and all.After everything, we retrieved back to our dorms for the night! Before dozing off, I sent a quick text to my mom telling her that I had arrived at the school and I was loving every minute of it. After conversing with her for a few minutes, I powered my phone off, pulled the blankets over my head, and within a split second, I was out!Two floor-length walls with giant pillars on the sides, the floor tiled with what looked like the ancient art of the Maldivian times. Once again, I was lost in one of my dreams. I glanced around to take in my surroundings when suddenly, the whole room darkened as if lights were put out. A gasp tore through me
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5GALINAAfter a very restless night, I woke up early since sleep decided to part ways with me temporarily! Last night after my long stroll, Katrina had laid to us that today was the big day! The day of the Entrance Exam!The idea of what that might potentially mean and the endless questions regarding my vision made it all impossible for me to sleep a wink. I tossed and turned all night trying to make out what might go down during the testing and how that may affect me. Or anyone! There were rumors. Like always! Very unsettling rumors about the renowned Testing! But I didn’t want to believe the negative words of others. Because that's just what they were! Rumors and nothing more.From all I know, it could be just a dang-ass difficult test with mind-wrecking questions that would make you doubt whether you have actually been to school or not. And I believed that it couldn't be worse than that. That's what the exam meant right?The day before, I s
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Chapter 6
GALINA POVTHE THOUGHT OF WHAT CAME in round two was rather nerve-racking! Especially after witnessing how Round 1 went down. The second door was pushed open and after we all piled in inside, it was shut close behind us.Unlike the first round, this room had a giant pond in the middle. Murmurs arose from a confusion of what the pond symbolized! Were we going to be drowned this time? Were we going to drink the water from the pond?“Dear students! Welcome to the second round of the Entrance Exam. And congratulations on making it through the first! On this round, you are going to walk through the pond, from one end; to the other. To those who will make it, see you in the next round. If you won’t; we’ll meet again next time. Best of lucks!” The voice boomed around the room from the intercom that was installed in the farthest corner of the room like a CCTV camera. But it was loud for everyone to hear it well.The students discussed amongs
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Chapter 7
GALINA POVTHE REST OF The rounds were just as diabolic. In the next room which we piled up in, we were shot with small rubber bullets containing a bit of silver, and man it hurt so much! It did sting and where it hit you, it felt like you have been stung by gazillion swarms of bees. Just like in the previous rounds, some fell from the bullets and were eliminated.We drank yet another stomach-churning bitter concoction of garlic and some bitter plant. They called it a ravine. And just like what happened previously, the liquid knocked many of us down. The last one was less painful. We entered the room and some black ash-like-looking powder was sprayed around us. When poured on the floor, it formed a nice clear line which we were told to cross. Easy right? Well, that's not how it went down! Some like me, managed to cross it; while some remained behind the black powder line. Just when we thought it was done, the powder began moving and closed them in, in a very small circ
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8GALINA POVTHE REST OF THE week passed in a blur and before I knew it, we were beginning a new week. And it was in this week where the lectures were going to commence and to be frank; I was really looking forward to it all! I didn’t know what was in store for us since this place was very mysterious, but I was ready to explore.Monday came and we all piled up into the classroom. Like previously, Egor who had become my closest friend pulled me to the backbench where we sat and ate a few snacks that were kept under the desk. We chatted softly and the teacher walked in. She was a lady who was approximately in her middle 30s, a neat pencil skirt, and ankle-spraining stilettos. A white dress shirt and black straight hair flowing at her back; She was very formal and pulled along with her a very domineering geste. As soon as she placed her paraphernalia on the desk; the whole classroom became as still as death!“Good morning everyone! I would like t
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9UNKNOWN POVSITTING IN MY BIG leather chair in my office, I looked at the files of the neophytes. The exam this year had affected our numbers and we had a very small portion at our side. it was such a pain in the ass when the test gave out a bigger number to the other faction.Although it sounded funny and rather unbelievable, the two divisions brought balance to life. There was more than what humans thought. Supernaturals have lived among humans ever since the beginning of the universe, but they still didn't know it. This only showed the level of their stupidity and their negligence to life. I was human with blood and bones yes, but heck! I have never seen such stupid creatures in the world. It used to pain me that I was human before, but now, not so much!Creatures lurked in the dark every hour of the day. The divisions were created for stability, and it has remained that way for over 500 years. And we the Anuka saw to the balance of the world. As the str
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