The Immortal's Mate

The Immortal's Mate

By:  JESSICA WHITE  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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After suffering a devastating loss, Morana Faye accepts a new job in Europe. While being introduced to the colorful townspeople, she meets a man who claims to be a thousand year Viking.Challenged by the mysterious man, Morana feels pulled to him by forces she doesn’t yet understand but can’t resist. Giving in to her desires, Morana falls hard for the ancient immortal creature.Brought together by chance and united by their failures, Morana and Haldir soon discover that their fates are intertwined.When Morana reveals a dark secret, Haldir seeks out the guidance of an friend that he believes can save her. Left all alone with her demons, Morana is forced to face down the long forgotten sins of Haldir’s past with disastrous consequences.

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default avatar
Really good story! Well written! Will there be a 6th story?
2022-02-14 05:28:47
default avatar
Jennifer Todd
Can these be read out of order?
2022-02-12 00:23:52
user avatar
jeannine bordelon
what is the order in which I should read the series? I love the books, but I feel disjointed if it is not in order.
2021-10-25 22:36:08
user avatar
amber nicole
WOWWW.. best writing I've come across on any reading app and I spend hundreds of dollars a month and know what I'm talking about. great work!! you should feel immensely proud of it!!
2021-09-18 16:10:33
user avatar
so much better than most of the stories out there! will definitely be reading the others
2021-08-10 08:29:13
user avatar
Lori Vansickle
great book please finish!!!
2021-03-05 13:22:30
user avatar
Jeremy Dial
excellent book. make it a novel. chop chop. I never pay to read books but this one here is straight!!!!! lots of hot sex scenes which I don't normally get into. that's pretty damn good looking forward to seeing how far this timeline on this book goes. want to see a lot more of haldirs sister
2020-12-25 10:18:21
default avatar
Great storyline.
2020-12-21 12:04:29
default avatar
Great read
2020-12-20 04:49:56
31 Chapters
"So, tell me how it happened. You've never told me how it all started. When did you know that you were an immortal?" The fisherman sat down across the ancient Viking of island legend and pushed himself back against the green leather seat of the booth.  The handsome blonde man with steely blue eyes peeredout the window at the frozen ground as his hot breath fogged the glass then he wiped it away. "It's ki
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"Well, at least we're heading over land again." As she peered out the small window of the plane over the dark water and snowy glacier below, Mory bounced her leg nervously against the metal wall.  She stretched her neck out from side to side then glanced down at the little blonde boy sitting beside her drawing pictures on the seat back tray. "That's pretty good. You're getting a whole lot better with tho
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“So, that’s about the gist of it all, Mory. As you can see, the good people of Norway graced us with the best equipment money could buy, but finding qualified people willing to freeze their asses off all year long has been difficult. No one lasts long out here. I was hoping that someone with your kind of grit might be able to end that streak for me.” As they walked down the Emergency Department hall to the automatic doors, Mory put on her gloves as James checked the time on his phone then put it in his pocket. “I’ll buy
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Sliding his fingers through the soft dark hair on top of her head, Haldir leaned over the cold metal table and kissed Mory’s soft dusky lips. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”  Sweeping the back of his fingers across her soft cheek, Haldir closed his eyes and took in one last breath of her. Her soft sweet smell reminded him of his daughter’s kitchen and made him feel, for just a moment, that he wasn’t really so far from his family.
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Scanning the crowded diner for Mory, Haldir took off his hat and gloves. Catching his eye as he sat at a small table with his wife and son, Bose nodded towards the bar. “If you’re looking for Mory, I think I saw her at the last booth.”Haldir looked back over his shoulder towards the booths then glanced back to Bose “Thanks.”
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Feeling her feet on solid ground again, Mory let out the breath she had been holding since Haldir put his hands on her body. It was quickly replaced by a rush of bitter cold air into her lungs. As it tore through her chest like a knife, it carried with it the clean smell of Haldir’s skin. As the spark reignited inside her, she panted against his shoulder. Haldir’s soft lips grazed Mory’s forehead when he looked down into her face. His usually deep and raspy voice seasoned by years of cigarettes and cheaply made Realm whiskey settled differently on her ears
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“You really must be fucking crazy.” Tapping on her shin with his finger, Haldir smirked and shook his head.  Mory laughed out loud as she lowered her glass to her lap and grasped it with both hands. “Yeah, something like that.” Haldir took the cup from her and set it on the coffee table. He grabbed her hand then pulled her c
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With the flannel bedsheets balled up between her fingers and his strong arm wrapped around her neck, Mory braced against the slow beautiful agony Haldir was blessing her with in the early morning glow that entered the room. She slid upwards from his arm like a piece of thread through the eye of a needle with each lunge as his hips rocks against her ass.
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“You alright?” Haldir handed Mory a cup of coffee as she walked into the kitchen pushing the tears from her cheeks. Giving him a fake, tight lipped smile, Mory nodded. “Thanks. I’m fine, just sleepy. Someone kept me up all night.”Haldir put his hands around Mory’s hips then cupped each bare
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While the woody bergamot smell of Haldir's skin lingered in her nose and the pulse of his heart beat against her ear, Mory's eyes fluttered open.  She breathed a happy breath through her nose as she closed her eyes and smiled to herself realizing that the last two days had been no dream. 
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