Wed to the Alpha

Wed to the Alpha

By:  Yukiro  Completed
Language: English
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Part 1 of the Marshall Series: Gwen Stone lived a pampered life until the moment her parents expected her to marry some man she had never even met! Her parents' business was at risk of going bankrupt until Jay Marshall came into the picture. He gave them an offer, Gwen's hand in marriage, and in exchange, he would bail them out of their money issues. What Gwen didn't know was that Jay was a werewolf! And not just any werewolf, but the Alpha!

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70 Chapters
Once A Lifetime
They say a wedding is a once in a lifetime for any woman. For me, this was the worst day ever. It all started when my parents called me downstairs on the weekend before my nineteenth birthday. In my ignorant bliss, it did not prepare me for the great news they were about to share with me. Heading into the kitchen, my parents looked at each other then at me. I could already tell this news would not be something I was going to be happy to hear. I looked between my parents, my blue eyes were confused and wary of what they wanted to talk to me about. “Gwen,” my mother began, faking a bright and cheerful smile. The one she always used when doing interviews with the media. “We have some wonderful news for you.” My father remained quiet. I knew from his silence that this wasn’t wonderful. He was always quiet whenever he didn’t agree with something my mother had planned, but he never once went against her. Their dynamic was always stran
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Wedding Hour
The dress my mother had picked out had fitted me perfectly. She had always hired the best people to fit us in lavish clothes. If my fiance was wealthy enough to bail my parents out of debt, then buying my dress must not have been much of a struggle either. I wondered why I didn’t know who he was if he were so rich as to not have any issues with money. As they did the last touches to both the dress and my hair, I was finally ready to be married off. I wasn’t ready for this. Not by a long shot, but I had agreed to go with the entire plan, and who was to say I had to stay with this Jay man after my parents finally sorted the money issues? I could get divorced later. Right? Unless he was the perfect man… I let out a low hum in thought. He could be ugly, and my mother lying. There’s no reason to assume prince charming had come to ride off into the sunset with me. Right? ‘I’m not ready for this at all,’ I mentally thought to myself but kept s
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Marshall Resort
A week has gone by since I got married. Jay stayed at my parents’ house so they could work on the finer details of their promise. He stayed in the guest bedroom, though I don’t think he was happy about that. The upset look he gave me when I said I wasn’t comfortable sharing a bed with him right away told me he wasn’t happy. He said nothing on the matter, despite that. Would that change when we lived at his place? I wasn’t sure. I still couldn’t figure out his personality.I guess I would find out just who he really is, now that he’s taking me back to this resort he owns. Anxiety fills my heart, but I keep calm. He is talkative though, I’ll give him that. I don’t know if I could survive if he was as quiet as my dad is.“You’ll love the openness of the place, you can really get back to nature there,” Jay is once more gushing about his home. I can’t say I’m excited t
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Strange Questions
I hated being right about certain things, and the whole ‘bonding’ thing was indeed the thing I feared most! He was looking at me expectantly for an explanation as to why I wasn’t willing to bond with him now, after making him wait before. I was nervous about giving him my answer. Part of me felt the truth was best, but I wasn’t sure how he would take it. Would he get angry at me? Be understanding? Abusive? It scared me, thinking he wasn’t as nice as he seemed before.“I just… we don’t know one another much yet,” I whispered. My throat felt dry, and I wished I hadn’t said what I just said. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to get angry or anything. He never did. Rather, he offered me a confused look of his own. “W-what?” I asked nervously.“Don’t you feel it?” He asked. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Feel what, exactly.I looked
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Beta Darnell
Trying to remember everyone’s names and faces in Jay’s resort has been far trickier than I expected. I hadn’t realised how large the place was until he finally decided that me holding myself away just would not be acceptable. I begrudgingly gave in to his pleading, meeting and greeting a few of his selected friends to start me off with.I could barely remember any of them, but none of them was his direct family, I noticed. Were Jay’s parents not alive anymore? Or did they live outside of their community? He said everyone here was family, but not all of them were blood-related to him personally. However, he assured me that any of them would defend my life should I need it. I did not know what he meant by that, but I figured he meant from any wild animals out here.The key person I should request was a man by the name of Darnell. He was older, bulky and had a big fuzzy beard. Despite being older, he looked ready to snap a ne
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Domestic Argument
The hotel room was as delightful as I ever could have imagined. It almost felt like I had come back home to the lifestyle I was accustomed to. Not that Jay’s place wasn’t grand, but compared to the full life I had, it was like I had taken ten steps back. How he had so many funds was beyond me. Maybe he lived a more simple life so that he could afford to buy a wife. The only issue was having to share a bed with the man I held no care for. Though that was a worry for later on. Right now, he was following me around like a little duckling as I shopped. I didn’t have money of my own, so it was only natural I spent his money. I wasn’t going to at first; as I had no intention of being in his debt like my parents were, but when he had clarified that his money was mine and there was no catch, I figured why not make life at his place more comfortable? I tried to keep to things he could easily carry, but the number of clothes was piling up. Not once did he argue or deny me my s
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Pack of Attackers
As I expected this time of day, few people were in the park outside of joggers and the dog walkers. It was still warm enough that I wouldn’t need my coat, and seeing as I hadn’t picked it up when I stormed out of the hotel room, that was a good thing. I wasn’t sure how long I should give Jay before I would crawl back to him, but I wanted to make him worry about his ‘lost investment’ for at least a bit.I couldn’t stop the slight sigh that escaped my lips as I slowly travelled down the path. Why had I been giving him such a hard time again? I had thought it was just so that I could have a reason to divorce him, but now I was feeling upset about not being cherished by him at all. Had I caught feelings for him?“Ugh, no way,” I muttered to myself and shook my head swiftly. There was not a chance in hell that I had any feelings for such a man! He was too pathetic and sickly sweet.Passing by a sm
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An Outlandish Surprise
The sound of growling and fighting startled me after I had resigned to my fate. I was crying in the branches of the tree and hadn’t noticed the arrival of yet another, larger wolf. That was until I heard yelping come from below me. Looking down from my spot, I wondered if this new wolf would be the one to finish me off and if it would be a swift or slow death. What I didn’t understand was why the wolf was fighting the others. Wasn’t it part of the same pack?I watched in shock and horror as the larger of the wolves fought the small group of wolves off. It seemed to take forever, but finally, it was the only one remaining. I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, this wolf looked stronger, faster and likely had the jumping ability to get me from where I was sitting. On the other hand, there was now only one wolf.I wasn’t sure if I could outrun it, but maybe I could di
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First Night Together
After Jay has turned back into his human-self and gotten dressed again, we both get back to our hotel room. I stay silent the rest of the way, as I am far too tired and just want to warm up again. I’m sure when I wake up after a good night’s rest, everything will turn out to just be some weird dream and I won’t remember any of it. Or that’s my plan, anyway.Jay keeps me warm with his jacket, even after we get into our hotel room. He also runs a nice hot bath for me, all the while babbling on and on about packs and roles within them. I don’t understand half of it, unfortunately. All I can do is nod my head slowly to show I am listening. Though I’m not following along at all. There’s just too much to take in. As soon as he has finished drawing my bath, he rubs at his neck sheepishly. He can probably tell I’m too tired and confused to let all this information sink in.“Sorry,” he mumbles at
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Bonding Questionnaire
The next morning, I woke up in a slight daze. It’s a little too warm and uncomfortable. It isn’t until I am pulled closer towards a warm body that I realise Jay is clinging to me from behind. I find my face burning hotter, but I can’t wiggle free without waking him up. I glance back over my shoulder and gaze at what I can see of my sleeping husband. Surprise washes over me. That he is so comfortable being this close to me while asleep is not anything I am used to experiencing. It’s almost like he cherishes me somehow. I’m not sure what to make of this closeness between us. Part of me wants to get out of his hold, but another part of me thinks it feels nice to be held this way. Even my parents have not held me in such an affectionate way. I decided to allow Jay to sleep like this a little longer. He looks so peaceful and happy in his sleep, so disturbing him now would be such a shame. I’m not sure ho
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