She's not the one I wanted but I married her anyway.

She's not the one I wanted but I married her anyway.

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This isn't another Cinderella or damsel in distress story. Briella was the CEO for Star airlines. Pretty, successful, badass. Despite her riches, her parents never loved her as much as they loved her step-sister Sage. Sage wasn't intelligent as she was. All she ever did was spend her parents money, manipulate them into getting what she wanted but she was still loved most. Sage was set to get married to a business tycoon who had a chain of restaurants scattered across the world. But she changed her mind a day before the wedding. Why? Because she didn't feel like getting married to him since she found someone better. Their parents and that of Kendrick's didn't want to call of the wedding hence Briella had to step in and be the bride. Was she ready to spend her life with someone she didn't know?

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    " You're kidding me right?" Briella glared at her father. She was supposed to come to her sister's wedding and take the next available flight back to Los Angeles . End of story. So why the hell was her father telling her a different story at 2 am in the morning and threatening to disown her and collapse her business? " So because Princess Sage doesn't want her man again, I am expected to have her sloppy seconds else I get disowned, lose my inheritance, that's if I have any by the way, and have my business collapse? Why? Why can't I make my own choices?! What the hell did I ever do to you?!" she yelled. " My word is final. You'd better go get ready." Mr. Scott-Roberts said walking out. Briella sat on her bed feeling dizzy at once. This wasn't what she bargained for. I Why did the wicked witch of the west want to ruin her life? Hadn't she done enough? " What do I have to lose anyway? We could get married for a while and if it's not working out we go our separate ways. That way I got
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    Kendrick's mansion was much bigger and more luxurious from the inside. She fell in love with the interior decor as soon as she entered the house. Their wedding and reception were over and so everyone had left to their homes and she had no idea where her “husband" was at the moment. Her luggage was being sent to her room as she decided to give herself a tour of the house though she didn't have a clue of where she was going.About a few minutes later, she noticed she was lost in the mansion with no one to help since they were busily preparing her room and unpacking her stuff. She had gotten a new wardrobe since all her things were back in Los Angeles, California while she was currently in Las Vegas, NV. Briella was a music lover so as soon as she spotted a piano, she immediately sat down to play one of her favorites. She was engrossed in the music that she didn't recognize footsteps not feel that someone stood behind her. Ah, the power and be
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    "Alyssa?" Briella called out to the maid as she descended the stairs. She looked all over the house for her husband, but he was nowhere to be found."Ma'am?" The maid greeted her at the bottom of the stairs."Where the hell is my husband?" she yelled."I thought he told you already," Alyssa shrugged."What did you say to me? If he had said something to me, I wouldn't have been screaming your name, would I?" Her patience had run out."He had gone away for a month and would return in a month "Alyssa added."Okay, please assist me in packing my belongings. I have a flight to catch "She directed her walking to her room."But, ma'am—"No buts, Alyssa, no buts," she said as the maid followed her to her room. She only needed a few clothes because the rest of her belongings were in Los Angeles. She knew Alyssa was trying to stop her from leaving, but that meeting was too important to miss."Do you really need to go?" the m
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    " And I would be joining in on all meetings online, I'd drop by once in a while to monitor progress," Briella added." We hope to have another branch of our company down in Las Vegas," one of her people suggested."It's underway, I just need to make some plans towards that and hopefully we would have one down in Las Vegas in no time," she answered." Any other business?" she opened the floor." Who do we report to since you may not be around to answer our questions?" Another question was thrown towards her." We have people who are assigned to that. If it's beyond them the MD is ever present to answer and if that's beyond him as well, that's when I come in. And please, it should be relevant questions and important as well, if it's just the basic inquiries, your head of departments is eligible to answer those questions. So actually, the first point of contact is your HoD, then if it's above him that's when the MD comes in. It should follow that orde
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    " Alyssa, that was so--- Drick? I thought your meeting didn't end till Friday?" she entered hugging him and pecking him on his lips which took him aback." I just got back and today is Friday." he corrected watching her amusedly. But what really caught his attention was the dress she was wearing. She was wearing a striped patchwork blouse paired with jeans bum shorts and a pair of heels then a Maison Michel straw logo plaque hat. She looked ravishing." Had anything to eat yet?" she asked just as Alyssa descended the staircase." Nope, Alyssa was about fixing me something to eat," he responded. " Dont bother Aly, please take my suitcase upstairs for me I'd take care of lunch today," Briella walked past him with a smirk on her face. What most people didn't know was that she loved cooking, she never hired a cook but just a maid to help with cleaning and other things except cooking. That was her favorite thing to do aside from being a boss lady.Read more
    " I know you wanted her, and not me but please I just don't do it in front of me," Briella said walking out of his bathroom with a short towel around her beautiful body frame. The hot water in her room wasn't working so she decided to use the bathroom in her husband's room. She heard him when he came into the room but decided to remain quiet without letting him know about her presence. " What were you doing in there?" he asked becoming defensive." I came to take a shower Kendrick, it's not as if I killed someone or stole something. I work to earn my own money," she replied waiting for an answer." Yeah, I thought so too." she walked to her room. Ever since he got back from his trip he had been acting too suspicious and as if she was in his personal space.Briella changed into something warm but sexy, packed a duffel bag, and left the house without telling anyone. She needed to cool off and wrap her head over what was going on. The only place she th
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    Briella stood in the kitchen wearing a black hot back bondage hollow lace silk sling night dress preparing breakfast for herself and her husband. Alyssa was amazed to see her boss in the kitchen after they had looked everywhere for her the previous night." Are you going to stand there or would you like to help?" Briella broke Alyssa from her daze." Um- so-- good morning Ma-- I--mean Brie." she fumbled with her words making Briella laugh. Kendrick noticed his wife's bedroom door was unlocked. He poked his head inside to see if anyone was there. Her bed looked as if someone had slept in it even though it had been laid.He shrugged it off and headed to the kitchen to get some water to drink. He came back from his morning run not too long ago. Briella had heard him when he came back, that was when she headed to the kitchen to make breakfast while he freshened up for work.Kendrick stood in front of the kitchen door with his mouth hung open, shocked. Read more
    Briella descended the staircase in her white suit. She had held her hair in a tight ponytail. She had a meeting with one of her potential investors since Kendrick failed to keep to his promise she had to do it herself. She had written countless letters and proposals to the numerous airlines in Las Vegas, but to no avail.When she got a call from one of the airlines she sent her proposal to, she was ecstatic. She was tired of staying and doing nothing while her husband went to work and doing god-knows-what behind her." I hope you ace this," her cousin said through the phone." I hope for the best as well, I am tired of staying home. It's suffocating."" You got this, call me when you 're done with the meeting," Cerys bid her well as she entered the kitchen for a cup of coffee for the road." Thanks, babe," She hadn't seen her husband this morning when she woke up and Aly wasn't giving her any proper information as to where he had gone.
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    Kendrick's mom had been with them for about two weeks and their charade was going on well even better than when she came. They had learned a lot about each other that they didn't know before." Enjoy your day at work today," Brie said to her husband as she helped him fix his tie. " Thank you, I will. What are you doing today?" he asked pecking her on her lips. She had grown used to him casually pecking her on her lips even when they were having conversations and she was loving it. Who knows after her mother-in-law leaves things may go back to how they were before or even worse. She had to enjoy each and every moment while it lasted." I have a meeting with my board today, we are making headway with establishing another branch of our business here in Vegas," she replied. She knew he was supposed to put in his word for her but he's being reluctant." Oh, I forgot to ask. How did the meeting with the potential partner go?" he asked scratching his head
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    " Someone seems happy," Nexus said pecking Sage on her lips. She had been happy since she got home from Kendrick's office. She didn't care his mother had seen them, in fact, she was glad his mother had seen them. She had wanted to prove a point and she did so perfectly. She knew Kendrick still had a soft spot for her and she was going to use that against him until she got what she wanted.Typical Sage." Oh, I am, I am about to hit jackpot really soon." she smiled at him. Her actions seemed fishy but he didn't seem to care. He just needed a certain amount of money and then he was going to leave her sorry ass behind. She wasn't the type of woman he wanted. He just needed her to be where he wanted to be and she was really playing a good role in that.Pathetic fool!" Ma, what's happening? I thought you weren't leaving till the end of the month, what changed?" Briella asked as she noticed her mother-in-law pack her bags. She was done with h
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