My Fierce Lady

My Fierce Lady

By:  Ishabdool  Completed
Language: English
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Cynthia De'Lacruz grew up with a portrait of her father's visage embedded in her heart; from the day her father was murdered, she vowed to reclaim her father's vengeance. What happened when one of the world's wealthiest bankers, Santos Torialba, freezes Cynthia De'Lacruz's bank account. Will Cynthia De'Lacruz bring down his entire bank, as she promised? Will Santos Torialba ruin her life as he retorted? Unknowingly, hatred transforms into love.

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41 Chapters
Chapter 1
As I was getting ready for school, I heard my father summon me downstairs for breakfast. I hastily put on my backpack. "I'm coming," I yell, checking myself in the standing mirror.My name is Cynthia De'Lacruz, and I'm in my last year of kindergarten, so you can guess my age; I'm only five years old, and I'm also my father's baby girl; he raised me alone since he said my mother is far away and will never see her again; I knew she was late, but my father never told me that.My father, Lucas De'Lacruz, works in the mafia and always hides his business from me to protect me, but I knew and pretend I don't because he thought I was just a small girl.I lace my shoes and proceed down the stairs to find my father waiting for me in the dining room. As soon as he sees me, a smile appears on his face, and he stands up, kisses my cheeks, and motions for me to take a seat."Here, princess, you should eat quickly so that you don't be late for school." He murmured this
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Chapter 2
I groaned and awoke at an ungodly hour to the chirping of Mexico street crickets. The early morning sun shone brightly on my face, and I couldn't help but sit up and gather my wits. I've been sleeping on the streets and wandering around for the past 14 years, ever since my father was brutally murdered in front of my eyes. It was a heartbreaking experience that has stayed with me, and I vowed to avenge my father's brutal death in the most painful way possible ever since the day I was able to flee. I don't have any reason to shoot you, little girl. "You must flee right now," he said. "Do you have a way to follow?" I couldn't help but nod vigorously when he asked. "Now, get up and run until you can't anymore, and make sure no one sees you while you follow the back door, okay?" He whispers something into my ear. I gave my father one last look before fleeing through the back door, my heart racing wildly, and I immediately sma
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Chapter 3
It was the best thing I could have done to disappear from that asshole six years ago; I couldn't bear his torture any longer and needed to find a way out. It was fantastic to have learned so much from Andrew Corona.I couldn't be self-sufficient today. I was able to survive thanks to the old man I had been living with for the past six years. He was like a father to me again since the first day we met, and I will be eternally grateful to him for never questioning my business.The cottage I shared with the old man wasn't much more than a room, but it was adequate for me to rest until daybreak and go about my daily business.The first cricket chirping woke me up, but my ass was still too lazy to get out of bed. I suddenly remembered a transaction with my new client. I had been warned not to be late. "Ahhh," I groaned as I stood up abruptly.I dashed into the bathroom, took a quick shower, dressed quickly, and
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Chapter 4
After 17 years,"I believe I'm running low on supplies; what should I do, old man?""Follow that woman who came here a few years ago," he said matter-of-factly."What? That is not what I asked for; I cannot be under anyone else's control again. I've been fighting for myself, and I'm still alive. So why should I follow her old man?""Come, come and sit here," he tapped, and she walked over and sat next to him."In this life, we don't always get what we want right away. We have to struggle or fight for it. I'm not trying to evict you from here, Cynthia, but it'd be selfish of me to keep you to myself while you're on a mission."What are you trying to say, old man?" I was perplexed."You must awaken from your slumber. This would be the start of the real game. "Do you want to avenge your father's death?" He inquired, and I quickly nodded."Tho
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Chapter 5
It's only been a month, and I've learned everything as quickly as I could. My classes were also not bad, thanks to Mrs Camilla keeping her word. My life was turning into something else, and I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror. I truly have an old man to thank for everything and for allowing me to see things from a different perspective; I was previously in the dark. I have some clients to meet with, and I don't want to disappoint my boss for the first time. She was nothing but gracious to me. I exited my room and went to inform Boss that I was ready, but what I heard abruptly stopped me. I couldn't help but listen in. "Ma'am, we're out of girls; we need more of them right now." One of Mrs Camilla's gang members said. "Have they taken the necessary part the previous time?" Mrs Camilla inquired. "Does she engage in human trafficking?" "Yes, Boss and the newly transported ones were sold as slaves." "I wanted to keep them fir
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Chapter 6
It's been three days since I was tossed into this pit hole, and I'm still alive. I tried digging with my hand, but it was obviously impossible. My employer, who has been starving me to death, is a true believer in her word, and I am confident that she will not hesitate to kill me at the last minute.This is genuinely a life-or-death situation, and I must act; I cannot let my life finish here in misery. Why must I die this way when I haven't even had a chance for vengeance?Inside the pit hole, I sobbed and yelled, but no one came to my aid. Not even Jackson, my new friend. In my body, I felt rage, hunger, and exhaustion.After everything I had done, I began to lose hope and felt betrayed, after everything I have done for the Boss she still treated me like this. I have been nothing but loyal to her and I also try my best to win the box ring fight. Wasn't that sufficient?I wouldn't have suffered as much as I did if Mark the PA hadn't assassinated our boss,
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Chapter 7
Everyone has been in a bad mood since the occurrence last night, notably the boss, who was stunned by the news and the large investment. Worse, after being confirmed by the spy we have there, he revealed that everything was the fault of other members of an organization. They were the ones who made the DEA aware of the situation.According to the boss, she stated that their last contact with The Black Mafia was a bad one, and he pledged to deal with them as soon as possible."Something needs to be done," I exclaimed as I dashed into the boss's office. I knocked and waited until I was told to come in.I caught a scent of smoke as soon as I stepped in, and when I came to a halt, I saw the boss infuriated. I approached her slowly, she was sitting in a lavender armchair. She holds a cigar to her lips and inhales softly, the smoke whirling in the air as she exhales. Her gaze was drawn to the window; there was a round glass table in front of her, strewn with smokes and
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Chapter 8
Beep! Beep, beep, beep!!The alarm buzzed, and I sluggishly opened my eyes slightly; the sun was already out, and it shone directly into my face from the small space it pierced. I haven't gotten enough rest in the last few days, which has resulted in a headache.I groaned as I heard my alarm beep again, so I reached for the nightstand and pulled my phone up to check the time, which was already 7 a.m. I dash to the bathroom and take a bath.That is the pecking order of being a millionaire who owns multiple banks around the world, and as a millionaire, I am on the verge of becoming a billionaire, which will be accomplished with the deal I am about to sign today.As usual, I hurriedly put on my black suit, sprayed some perfume, and exited the room. In an hour, I'll be attending a meeting.As I descended the stairs, a maid approached and handed me a cup of coffee after greeting me. I only took a tip and gave her the rest of the coffee.As I walk
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Chapter 9
When we arrived at Pablo Escobar's house, he got out of the car and came over to my side, where he assisted me. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the apartment, including the interior design of the living room, it was stunning, "You have a lovely living room," I said as I settle into the plush white couch."Yes, baby, would you mind living with me?" he asked, kissing my cheeks."Thank you; I should be leaving the country soon," I explained."Are you returning to America?""Yes, of course, but what should I do here? I only came to see my uncle, who happens to invite me to a Gala night through his friend. He said it was a chance to get more customers, and I agreed." I tacked on."Wow, what a great idea to come over and hook up with a handsome guy like me." He boasts."Whatever, I need to sleep," I said as I stood up quickly."Don't you want to eat anything?" He inquired."As if you can assist with that," I grumbled."Trust
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Chapter 10
Camila Iniesta I couldn't believe my ears after hearing Cynthia's information. I wanted to strangle Salvador's neck; how dare he bring me down so low? I couldn't believe I was so close to falling into their trap. That scumbag of a spy betrayed me.I couldn't keep my cool; I was enraged. I summoned all of my men to my office that night and informed them of the news; as expected, everyone was stunned.Salvador could go to any length to see me crumble and later so I run to him for help; that is what he wants, but it will never happen."You all have a mission to complete this evening," I explained."Don't spare a life; have them all killed." "The battle of war has just been drawn between The Lord Of Ring and The Black Mafia," I declared, as I watched everyone enter the hidden storeroom beneath the marble floor and prepare t
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