The Roommate

The Roommate

By:  FossilFlame  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't you love me anymore?" "I don't have time for this." .-.-.-.-.-. There are some words a woman will never be prepared for, and Kaitlyn discovers just how true that is. Engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Kaitlyn had it all. A cushy job, a beautiful home, and the love of her life. So life should have been sweet... shouldn't it? Kaitlyn is going to discover that you can only lie to yourself for so long. When Randy chooses to house a roommate, Jackson may be just what she needs to unlock the secrets in her 'happy' home. Bold, flirtatious, and handsome. He's nothing like her future husband. But which one does she need? Dive into a tale of love, betrayal, secrets, and growth. After all, when life changes, so do you.

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77 Chapters
The Unexpected Guest
Chapter 1:"Geez babe, you should've heard Natalie today! She looked right at Mr. Hanks and said, you know, I'm pretty sure the whole reason your eyes are brown is because not even your body can handle your bullshit!" Randy's laugh echoed throughout the room, hard and loud as if his story contained the funniest joke known to man.It left the table feeling slightly hollow and as Kaitlyn looked up from her meal, she could only offer a small simper. Her cobalt blue eyes fluttering as she watched her fiancé bellow from across their small oak table. While she hadn't fully understood his animated story about work, she admired the sparkle in his crinkled brown eyes. His entire face lit up when he laughed, as if it took years off his profile. Kaitlyn never tired of seeing it.She had loved his smile when she was only a mere twelve years old... and she loved it now.

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Chapter 2:Kaitlyn was quiet as she descended the steps of her house, her soft pink socks barely making a noise as she peered over the railing.There he was, silent as ever. Perched on her bright white couch as the raven lounged across it to stare at their T.V, as if he owned it. The sight was a little unsettling and she frowned. It had been three days since he'd shown up to live with her and Randy. And still, she had no idea what to make of him.She found him annoying, lazy, and entirely too tall. And to make matters worse, she still had no idea how Randy had met such an odd person. She'd known Randy since they were children, growing up in the same posh neighborhood as they played cops and robbers together. She'd even gone to the same university as him in order to keep the strain on their relationship light. She had made up her mind as soon as they began dating in middleschool.

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Mr. Helpful
Chapter 3:She shouldn't have been disappointed.But as she stared across the way at Randy's hurried movements, she couldn't help the heavy feeling in her heart.It was common these days."Was that all you wanted from me, K?" Randy asked as he paused by the door with his bag on his shoulder. His brown eyes seemed to be looking through her. He'd promised his undivided attention today but fate seemed to have other plans. Apparently, it had turned into his rushed, almost one sided attention. With a glance at his text that had turned into an emergency meeting at his job. Especially pleaded for by Mr. Hanks.Which meant he had to go to the lab as soon as possible.She would be lying if she said she didn't feel...Just overwhelming disappointment.Kaitlyn reluctantly nodded, glancing at the catalog
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Easy on the Eyes
Chapter 4:Dainty fingers flicked at her blouse, the clips snapping into place as she buttoned the fabric over her chest. With one last once over, she emerged from her bedroom. Walking down the stairs slowly, only for her gaze to immediately fall on Jackson.Her eyes narrowed in distaste, watching with mild disgust as he lounged all over her couch, again. He was consuming a bowl of cheerios at the coffee table, his gaze fixed on the television screen as he scooped up the little tan loops. He seemed bored as he flipped through the channels, moving from the news, to cartoons with the same disinterested expression. All he ever seemed to do was watch TV though, or listen to music on his phone.She couldn't help but wonder if he was putting in any applications at all.Tossing her locks over her shoulder, she toed on her bright red heels and smoothed out her black pencil skirt one las
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The Party
Today was the big day, the day she got to see Randy for more than just a couple hours in the morning. Tugging the fluffy bristles of her brush through her red locks, Kaitlyn all but twirled in front of the large mirror standing tall in the bedroom. She was adorning a slick mermaid style dress, the gray and black buttons accentuating her curves as they traversed down the sides of her hips. She felt pretty and comfortable in her shoes as she slipped on flats instead of her usual heels. Today was their annual office party, and as Randy's future spouse, she always showed up to support his endeavors. This year would be no different. Her pink lips upturned into a smile, just as the bedroom door creaked open. "Hi." She breathed, perking up as Randy entered the room. She waited to hear what he'd say about her attire. A soft blush painting her face as she twirled the edges of her hair around her freshly painted nails--a glossy
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"I can't do this anymore."The words are piercing, loud amongst the quiet and watching walls of their bedroom. And Randy pauses by the door. She isn't sure where it came from, or why it was bubbling up inside her now.But as the frustrations fell from her lips like boiling water, she couldn't stop."I'm sick of you treating me like this, Randy!"Not even as Randy peered at her from over his shoulders, his usually chocolate ambers clouded with anger. He cocked his brow at her, and when he turned to face her, the nonchalance on his face only fueled her anger."Treating you like what? Like my future wife? Sorry I'm not home as much as you'd like and I'm busy trying to build a future for us."The scathing reply made her falter, for only a moment, before she shook her head.No, not this time.She would say her piece."No. That'
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The bags under her eyes left her feeling ragged. Bringing her fingertips up to her face, she rested them there, against the darkened flesh. Patting away a dollop of concealer as she hid her sleepless night away from the prying eyes of her office.Every time she went to close her eyes, she saw Randy. She couldn't stop remembering the look on his face when he pushed her away, the anger on his face as recoiled away into the vase.That desperate to get away from her. Where had the love in his eyes gone? When had they stopped being so gentle?The hollow feeling in her chest was consuming. And as she checked for phone for the hundredth time, she could only stare in silence.He hadn't returned any of her texts or calls in the last 24 hours. Randy had never even texted her to assure her that he had arrived safely to...wherever he went. She was sure he thought she was ungrateful and couldn't
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The Start of a Night
Kailtyn all but gawked at the restaurant ahead, her eyes darting around as she tried to hide her face from view behind Jackson's towering shoulder. She felt self-conscious as they weaved through the crowd, the click of her heels loud amongst the sidewalk. She was overly in tune with the glances spared at them. As if they knew the person leading her by the hand wasn't her fiancé. She knew it was ridiculous, and she had already told Jackson twice that she wouldn't run away if he let go of her hand. She had even pointed out that she hadn't tried to jump out of his car on the drive over to try and sway him. But to no avail. His grip had stayed firm. The proximity made her blush as she swallowed down her trepidation with a slow blink, the slope of his arm so close, she could almost brush her lashes against it. It made her nervous. It also felt ... <
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The Middle of a Night
The thrum of alcohol scorched her throat, the liquid a smooth burn that her taste buds couldn't decide if they liked or not.But as the crystal clear liquid was slid at her in the form of another shot glass, Kaitlyn noted that the room was a bit warmer than she recalled. The glossy hue on her cheeks reflected back at her from the adjacent mirror on the wall.She felt giddy. Nerves alive as her leg bounced happily against the booth she resided in."We should do this more often." She giggled out, her hands reaching out to steal a scoop of goopey cheese off his plate.Jackson snickered, his own lime green shot glass being pressed against his lips as he gave her a smirk. "See, I told you that you should live a little."The crunch of the chip all but made her moan as the cheese, for some reason, tasted way better than earlier. It was if everything was just a little more satisfying. And as her g
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The Guests
"Jackson! Is this where you ran off to hide?"Kaitlyn watched, perplexed, as the girl with bouncy chocolate locks all but skipped over to Jackson. The brunette’s small hands falling on his shoulders as she wrapped around him in a hug. The atmosphere was intimate, a closeness that Kaitlyn couldn't quite place. Taking a small sip of water, Kaitlyn ignored the weirdest hint of irritation she felt at the close contact between them.Her lashes narrowing as she noted that Jackson sure was chummy with women.It was a weird feeling, one she hadn't been expecting.Frowning, she set down her water bottle with a small thud.“Jeez, it’s been way too long. I’ve missed my other half.”Kaitlyn didn't have time to reflect on her words, surprised when those wide eyes went her way instead. The blonde from earlier followed her, his smile significantly more tense than the woman’s. But maybe it was just her im
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