Marry Me Again Please??

Marry Me Again Please??

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Landon Mikaelson knew he made a terrible mistake when he let his wife out the door and out of his life permanently. It was supposed to be an arranged marriage between the both of them. A deal to act like a married couple for a year and a half but circumstances began to pave way for mutual feelings he didn't want. So he divorced her and let her go which turned his life around for the worse but something takes him to her door and making him plead for a second chance,a secret kept by her that changed their lives forever. What is it??. Well find out yourself.

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Reglens Des
Wow ur book too xpenses
2023-03-17 09:46:06
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love the story
2022-12-29 10:17:37
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Maddie C
An amazing read!
2022-11-26 22:07:04
default avatar
Beautiful love story
2022-08-18 11:33:25
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Kimberley Opperman
This story is a page turner.
2022-07-27 22:40:02
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Danielle Tyrrell
What a book, beginning to end, couldn’t put it down. Had to read it all at once. Great story lines and characters. Worth the read.
2022-07-21 06:41:57
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2022-01-22 22:31:56
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Kay Writes
Check out my new book guys it's called ‘The marriage clause' I promise you'd love it...️...️
2022-01-07 19:56:54
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Marlenny Fernandez
This book is awesome as well. Great job and kept us searching for more
2022-01-04 04:12:29
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Great job!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! Try to make the female a little smarter next time. Lol. Was a fun read though.
2021-12-16 01:36:33
user avatar
This is a good story, short and realistic. I like Alice. she is strong and independent
2021-11-11 19:50:42
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Firstly Pick
The story is quite good. So 5 stars for the author.
2021-10-26 21:12:16
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2021-10-10 15:42:28
user avatar
straightforward wonderful story. thumbs up for author ...............
2021-10-05 20:32:03
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Crazy Mary
Good story
2021-09-23 23:45:02
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78 Chapters
The beginning
Ep 1BEFORE THE DIVORCE....Alice Montero sighed deeply as she closed her journal,slipped her pen into her faded jeans pocket and headed out for the door.Eyes conered and lips murmured as she walked towards her car which wasn't knew to her since her engagement to Landon Mikaelson was finally leaked.She made a little snort as she tried igniting the car's engine which was proving stubborn and when it wouldn't make an effort she got out.‘F**k it!'.A sound of irritation escaped her lips as she grabbed a pack of cigarettes and took one out of the box.She was pretty sure the next headlines on the gossip blogs would be about how she was unfit to be Landon's future wife cause of her addiction to smoking.But she wasn't really addicted,she thought.She smoked only when she was frustrated and ever since she agreed to being Landon Mikaelson's wife frustration had been her c
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Wedding night
Ep 2Beaming eyes filled with awe and admiration focused on the bride who walked into the church with her arm linked with her father's as they both walked to the aisle.Landon smiled at this bride not because he loved her but because she looked more beautiful than he pictured her to be.‘She is so beautiful'.Lucas,his immediate younger brother marveled at the sight of his sister in-law.He would've married Alice if having the opportunity given the chance that he has always loved her right from the start.His brother was always the lucky one in the family.‘Let's hope she makes a good wife more than she makes a beautiful bride'.Landon muttered under his breath with his smile dissapeared and Lucas sighed deeply.A happy married life??.He wasn't so sure about that.‘You look nice'.Landon complimented Alice as they locked hands even th
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Ep 3‘Good morning Madam'.The house keeper,Mrs Snow woke Alice up in a very soft and calm tone that was oddly soothing.‘Good morning Mrs....‘Snow'.‘Oh yeah right good morning Mrs Snow, where's your boss?'.Alice asked glancing around the bedroom.‘He's off to Limerick and soon your new personal assistant would be here to brief you up about work but first you have to eat breakfast'.Mrs Snow replied with a warm smile on her face which was endearing to Alice.She's the one person who makes her feel welcome in the house at least.                    °°°°°°°°°°°°°The helicopter landed very successfully on the helipad and Landon came out abruptly,and walked over to the car.The media crew took few pictures of him of which he didn't mind at all even though he was known all around.
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F**k it
Ep 4.The next morning Alice walked into her newly furnished office and frowned just looking at the rug with her name woven on it.‘Good morning Mrs Alice my name is...'The clumsy nineteen year old intern and personal assistant rushed in and Alice's brows perked up.‘Yikes,cool it down girl'.‘Y...Yeah it's just that you''re legendary..I...I can't believe I'm standing in front of Landon Mikaelson's wife'.‘Uhhh first I'm not legendary,and secondly I'm a normal person'.Alice chuckled and took the coffee from the overly excited blonde.‘So what can I do for you Mrs Alice? ohhh I forgot to introduce myself.My name is Cassandra but my friends call me Cassy but you can also call me Cassandra if you want...I..I like being called Cassy anyway not that you care or anything'.The now introduced Cassandra rambled on leaving a bemused expression on her boss's face.Was s
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A liability
THREE MONTHS LATERAlice and Landon did their best to avoid each other despite working in the same building,sleeping on the same bed and living in the same house.She tried her best to make the marriage work as much as possible but he clearly didn't want it as much as she wanted.She tried cooking dinner.She helped him clear his busy schedule by doing all the work so they could spend time together but something would come up and he would leave again.It became so bad that even she got tired and also decided not to make an effort and just ignore him the same way he was ignoring her.‘So what's up with you and my brother?'.Catherine asked as she walked into Alice's office with a box of chocolate cookies.‘Hey Cathy I didn't know you were coming over'.Alice smiled and Catherine sat down at he other side of the table.‘Yeah I miss
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A new change
Ep 6‘Okay get up!!!'.Alice heard her sister-in-law's voice from a distance and was instantly awoken by a bright light.‘What the hell Cathy it's Saturday'.She groaned and turned around but Catherine only made it worse by dragging the sleeping bags off her body.‘Get up sleeping hag, today is a day of fun'.‘Fun??'.‘Yes, fun and when I mean fun I mean a makeover'.‘I don't want a makeover,I want to sleep,I have been working my ass off all week so please give me a break Cathy'.Alice begged in a strained voice.‘Ohh you poor thing,you're stuck in this stupid marriage cycle that you don't know what fun is anymore but not to worry I've got you covered,you need this Alice'.Catherine,in her unrelenting state dragged her sister-in-law and close friend out of bed and Alice reluctantly got up.Catherine was an impossible woman to convince when it comes to m
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  The next morning Alice felt like everything was going to be okay for the first time in a very long time as she rose up from her slumber. Landon's apology was something she actually wanted for a very long time and when she got it,it was one of the most satisfying thing that has ever happened to her since he helped her tie her shoelace in the ninth grade—not like he would even remember anyway. ‘Good morning'.She nodded at the chef as she whose brows rose up questionably as she walked into the kitchen ‘Good morning Madam,you seem to be in a pretty good mood this morning'.He smiled warmly as he poured her a cup of coffee. ‘Yes I am, is my husband up yet??'.She replied and felt butterflies in her belly the moment she realized that she referred Landon as her husband. ‘Yes,he left for work this morning'.The chef said and the coff
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Going back
‘Mmmh'.Alice smiled warmly as she turned around only to mistakenly hit Landon on the shoulder.‘Good morning'.He murmured with his eyes still closed and she couldn't help but feel vibrant when their hands touched her skin.Last night was unlike anything she had imagined and it was like it was the perfect wedding night with how gentle he was.‘It's late,we should grab breakfast'.She whispered and tried to leave but he grasped onto her arm.‘Stay'.‘Huh?'.‘I want you to stay'.’But it's—‘Forget about the outside world a little bit, just stay'.He whispered and she crawled right back into his arms.If Landon Mikaelson wanted her to stay without caring about work then it really meant something good was happening.                    &nbs
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I want a divorce
The ride back home alone was as silent as a graveyard.Alice looked at her phone countless times waiting for a call from Landon but he never did.A short sigh escaped her lips as she got out of the car and slammed the door very hard,she didn't bother answering the staffs who were ecstatic of her return and just went to bed.It was supposed to be exhilarating,she thought as a tear escaped it's duct but was quick enough to wipe it off.She wasn't going to cry.She just wasn't going to cry,she told herself and after some minutes a text came in—but it wasn't from Landon.🅷︎🅾︎🅿︎🅴︎ 🆈︎🅾︎🆄︎ 🅷︎🅰︎🅳︎ 🅰︎ 🅶︎🆁︎🅴︎🅰︎🆃︎ 🆅︎🅰︎🆈︎🅲︎🅰︎🆈︎!!🅲︎🅰︎🅻︎🅻︎ 🅼︎🅴︎ 🅾︎🆁︎ 🆃︎🅴︎🆇︎🆃︎ 🅼︎🅴︎🅸︎🅼︎ 🆂︎🅾︎ 🅴︎🆇︎🅲︎🅸︎🆃︎🅴︎🅳︎ 🆃︎🅾︎ 🅷︎🅴︎🅰︎🆁︎ 🅵︎🆁︎🅾︎🅼︎ 🆈︎🅾︎🆄︎ 🅻︎🅾︎🅻︎.Catherine.She just didn't want to break her Catherine's hea
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I quit!
  The divorce papers were just right on the bed the moment Landon got home and he saw the tear drop mark next to Alice's signature on it. A short sigh escaped his lips as he slumped on the bed and wriggle his tie down a notch.He looked up at the ceiling and a memory of him staring at her playing the white piano crossed his mind all over again.  ‘She left sir'.The maid muttered as she walked into the room with the glass of water he ordered earlier. ‘Did I ask for the piece of information? Get out of my sight'.He snapped and she walked away leaving the glass by the lampshade. Someone knocked on the door and when he opened it Catherine walked in and slapped him hard across the face. ‘Hey what gives?!!'.He yelled at the top of his voice and she scoffed loudly. ‘I'm even ashamed to be standing next to you righ
Read more Protection Status