Hiding the Billionaire's Son

Hiding the Billionaire's Son

By:  silverx  Completed
Language: English
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After her family died in a tragic car accident, she becomes a poor heiress. While she was grieving for her parent's death, she caught her long-term boyfriend cheating on her. The man she thought she could lean on leaned on another woman's shoulder. What's more, that woman is her best friend! With her life filled with endless tragedy, she drowns her sorrows with alcohol and spent a steamy night with a mysterious man. The man in question woke up alone in the massive hotel room. When he decided to spend his night recklessly, a one-night-stand never crossed his mind. With a sly smile on his face, he picked up the note left on the side table. ‘Thank you for tonight! See you never!’ These simple words ignited his will to locate his woman. Five years later… "Hey old man, stop staring at me or my Mom will kick your ass,” the little boy arrogantly said. The “old man” smirked and bent down to pat the boy's head. “That's the best threat I've heard in my life, son.” One reckless night gave them a treasure and a lifetime of happiness.

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82 Chapters
DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, businesses, events, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.^^ Centriona Rui felt as if all her blood was drained when she saw the man she spent the night with five years ago. He looked ten times more handsome than before. It's just that he was looking at her with eyes full of despair and longing. Nonetheless, this good-looking lad looks exactly like her son! She cannot-at all cost-let her son meet his father! She looked at the big hand that was gripping her wrist. “Sir, can you please let me go?” “Not until you leave me your contact details.” She immediately gave him her number. She knew he wouldn't let go until he gets what he wants. The man did not let go of her wrist until he made sure that he got the correct phone number. When he saw that her phone ra
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Chapter 1: A Prude Woman
Rui Yoon was out to visit her boyfriend, Shane Smith who was busy with managing his company. She was worried that he was not eating properly because he tends to neglect everything for the sake of accomplishing his tasks. When Rui reached Shane's apartment, she opened the door with her fingerprint. Because she was the girlfriend of a busy man, she was given access to the luxurious apartment. She would always help him clean his apartment and cook for him. When she entered the unit, she noticed a pair of lady's shoes that were scattered on the floor. Like it was removed in haste. It was a limited edition Jimmy Choo Sandals that she bought with Lianna Johnson, her best friend. Here in East City, they are the only ones who own this pair of shoes. 
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Chapter 2: Beautiful Mommy
Five years laterCentriona National AirportRui Yoon was holding a baby with one arm and dragging a big suitcase with her other hand. She did not look haggard or tired at all. Rather, she looked beautiful and elegant with both a baby and a suitcase keeping her occupied. The baby in her arms encircled his small arms on her neck and buried his face on her shoulder. Even though people can't see the baby's face, they can infer that the baby is just as beautiful as his beautiful Mom who was carrying him. He was wearing a frog onesie and a cartoon-decorated mask. His eyes were tightly shut and one can see that his long eyelashes were slightly trembling. “Mommy, where is Uncle Carter?” the little boy asked.Read more
Chapter 3: Disgraced Genius
The Yoon family has always stirred away from the cruel high society. Though it looked glamorous from an outsider's point of view, the core is rotten and full of schemes. It's a society full of fake smiles and flattery. Families who were involved would always be wealthy and powerful. They make connections for the sake of business and making money. Five years ago, when her father's company was usurped by his “best friend” she was labeled as a poor daughter of a bankrupt businessman. The same rumors are spreading again this time. But with a twist. She now became a measly professor of a university with a son who has no father. Rui Yoon, who just came out of the university after settling t
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Chapter 4: Mommy or Daddy?
Rui was frightened when she saw Chase again. He looked ten times more handsome than before.What's more, Eon looks just like his dad. It's frustrating. If she wants to keep her peace with Eon, then she has to restrict him when they are going out. While she was busy thinking of ways to hide Eon from Chase, she saw her baby boy walking downstairs with his bunny plushie in his arms. “Mommy you're late.”She stood up and carried Eon up. “Mommy is sorry to my handsome baby, okay?”While they were walking towards their room, she asked, “How's your day with Uncle Carter?”
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Chapter 5: Purple Lilies
East CityUniversity of CentrionaTwo days after Rui and Chase's reunion, Chase never failed to text her “Good morning” and “Good night.”But the texts were all one-sided, Rui just ignored his messages and continued with her work at the University. Because she is now the world-renowned Dr. Rui, who helped solve the case of serial murders in London, she has access to Centriona's database. She already got the clearance from the Secretary of the Department of Justice to reopen the case of her parents' car accident. They cannot turn down her request because she contributed a lot of glory and honor to the country. Besides, it's her family's case. So even if someone from East City interferes, she
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Chapter 6: Teacher Kang
Unbeknownst to Carter, Rui, and Eon, their video has gained the top spot in the trending videos of Centriona. Many people praised Carter's handsome appearance and the smart kid that was answering the questions of the two adults. [The kid is more intelligent than me! What on earth is velocity?!][The voice of the kid is so confident like he was used to these kinds of practice questions. What kind of family is this?!][Notice how handsome the Dad is? I want to see Mom!][Right! I bet the baby is cute too!]One netizen compared Carter's side profile to the photo of him that was taken at the airport and noticed the resemblance. Read more
Chapter 7: Frivolous Professor Yoon
Lianna, who was still fuming, went back to the Smith Family Mansion in Hilton Residential Hill, the most expensive housing area of East City. “Mommy!” her son, Luke, exclaimed. Lianna just ignored her son and headed straight to her room. The baby boy who was ignored cried loudly and threw his toys at his babysitters. “Dumb!” the baby shouted. “CRASH!!"The baby boy who was harassing his nanny immediately quieted down when he heard the sound of a vase breaking. As an actress, she has perfect control over her emotions. However, when it comes to Rui, her facade crumbles. Si
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Chapter 8: Eon's Enrollment
Rui stared at her ex in disbelief.  She knew he was selfish, what else should she expect? She lightly chuckled after she finished absorbing what he said. She cannot believe that she once loved this man. 'What a waste of my time,' she thought.  She swiftly turned around and did not utter a single word to him anymore. Talking to such a person was a lost cause. No matter how she wants to deal with his wife, it is her business. Besides being shameless, what else could they do to her? After Shane heard her laugh lightly, he felt a tug in his heart. He glanced at her longingly; he wanted to say something but he can't seem to voice it out. He just stood there, frozen.    When he realized that his goa
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Chapter 9: Centriona School of the Gifted
After she agreed to move out and enroll Eon in a school, she asked Uncle Jun to have her apartment cleaned and refurbished.  She also called Teacher Kang to ask her about the IQ testing in Centriona School of the Gifted. She knew Teacher Kang's husband is the principal of that school so she wanted to ask for this arrangement.  Eon was set to take the test tomorrow so he can catch up for the second week of school. He was already considered a late enrollee but if he manages to pass the test, he will be accepted immediately.  She felt stressed because she doesn't have any intentions of enrolling Eon in a school. She was determined to hide her son while she was staying here. However, she couldn't resist her son's pleading eyes. She just has to be careful about Eon's exposure. Especially now that Chase
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