She's My Luna

She's My Luna

By:  Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn  Completed
Language: English
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The Alpha has an audience as she gives birth to a baby that smiles instead of cry. Her green eyes shine bright and didn't burn red like it should. Which means she has no wolf, unusual to their kind. "This is what happens when a female is Alpha. She bores a wofless child, who is of no use to us." Someone said, sparking murmurs all around the room. The news quickly spread throughout the pack, causing an uproar, with them asking for the Alpha's head. "It's you or the child." Hayley Blackwater yearned for a better life, never imagining she'd be the outcast. Or that The Alpha himself, Kane Wolfgang, would have an interest in her. Even though he seemed to always be there to save her, he was no saviour, only looking for sexual pleasure. But Fate has a sense of humour, Hayley and the Alpha are mates. But can Hayley bring herself to stay in a pack that hates her? Or will the Alpha reject her after learning her true nature? Follow Hayley as she goes from wolfless to the most powerful wolf and potential Luna. Will the pack and the Alpha accept her?

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The Alpha has an audience as she gives birth to a baby that smiles instead of cry. Her green eyes shine bright, never burning red, like it should. Which means she has no wolf, unusual to their kind."This is what happens when a female is Alpha. She bores a wofless child, who is of no use to us." Someone said, sparking murmurs all around the room.The news quickly spread throughout the pack, causing an uproar, with them asking for the Alpha's head."It's you or the child." A man said, raising a sword to her throat.The Alpha, in her weakness from the child's birth, had no choice but to execute her own baby."Alfred, please." She said, passing her daughter to her most trusted guard and Beta.But even with the baby set for execution, the pack still set on the Alpha. Lead by her mate, accusing her of cheating on him, and the reason for a wolfless child.*****The night skies crack with lightning, as rain pours down into an open basket which hold a newborn baby. Long rejected by her pack an
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"So today, we will learn the history of Timber wolves." Mrs Wolfman said, writing the words on the whiteboard. (Pay attention girl!) A voice yelled close to Hayley Blackwater's ear, causing her to jerk in her seat and virtually falling out of it. She looked around to make sure nobody noticed, fearing that it would be added to weird things she did."Coming from a mysterious origin. The Timber wolves were the most powerful. Notorious and well feared, because of their ruthlessness, and extraordinary abilities. Along with their uncaring nature." "It was said that they derive from lycans, hence why they stand on their hind legs instead of all fours, except for the Alpha. Unfortunately, their entire pack was wiped. We don't know what the reasons were, and that’s all we know about them.’’ Someone at the front of the class raised their hand. "So, they don’t have a male or female to breed with to repopulate?" "Not one, Davina." The teacher shook her head. "Sounds like Hayley." The girl re
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Alpha Kane grabbed Hayley by the upper arm, while staring down at her. "My office, now!" He roared, but Hayley gave a smirk. "I'm not a wolf, so that won't work on me." Alpha Kane gave a growl before picking Hayley up to throw her over his shoulders. Davina looked stunned, for she thought Kane would punish Hayley, not having her on his back while she had a smile on her face. "I'll handle her accordingly. Run home now,’’ Alpha Kane told the girls. Hayley kicked, punching at Alpha Kane's back, "put me down you freak." "Stop, they are gone." Kane said before slapping Hayley on the ass, causing her to laugh. "You can put me down now." "Why are you always in the middle of a fight?" "Why must every fight have me in the centre? Have you ever thought it was not me, but them? Hayley relaxed on the Alpha’s shoulder, "you know how your stupid pack is. They mock me for not having a wolf. I am the outcast, the little bitch." Kane scoffed, "you do have a wolf. You are just a late bloomer
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Hayley woke with a stare, to a loud banging noise. Disoriented, she sat up in the bed and stumbled off the mattress. Another bang shuddered the walls of the house she was in. Then a loud roar caused her to move faster, dragging her pants on. There was a commotion. Seconds later, Alpha Kane came in his room, his eyes blazing and almost blue, signalling that his wolf was close to the surface. "You need to leave." "What's happening?" "My brother is going through the shift. He couldn't handle it. I'm afraid that if you stay here, you might get hurt." Hayley nodded. She didn't have to be told twice; she saw how her adopted sister was when she went through the change and wanted no part of this one. "I have school in the morning, anyway." Hayley said. Even though she was trying to hide it, Kane could still see the fear in her eyes and heard it in her voice as well. "Come, I'll see to it that you get out safe." Kane followed her outside, to where the night sky was dark, and thundering
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Leaving the pack was the only thing that stood out to Hayley. She didn't want to stay where people defined who she was. Sure, she had a few friends and all, but she didn't feel like she belong. Especially when those around her weren't afraid to point out her flaws and make fun of her. (The wolf not wolf, they would mock.) Hayley hated that everyone around her could shape shift. Everyone was in tune with their wolf, and knew the pain of the first shift, or the effects of the full moon on them. They only had to worry about their mates. (Should I reject him or not, would she reject me?) And to make her matters worse, there was the fact of not having her actual parents around to help her through such a rough patch in her life. She didn't know which was worse, being wolfless or not having parents. She got bullied about both. (Go find your parents,) they would say. (Homeless girl,) they would call her. Like she didn't have feelings too. Hayley hated how most of them treated her. Th
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Hayley sighed as she walked along the path to the forest, with her hands behind her head, watching the birds as they fly above. Wishing that she could be free like them, especially the yellow and blue one. She could tell he was a character among its flock, and had a personality from the way he flew, looping around the others. He even sung loudly, just like her. But no, instead she was trapped under a dome. (It wasn't a dome, but it sure felt like it.) Somehow, the weather was being controlled. It was winter all around them, but for whatever reason, it was always summer, spring, or raining inside her prison. But little did they know Hayley found a way to leave, a weak link in the so called almighty barrier. It was all because two different territories crossed, it sort of weaken the spells. Normally at any other point in the town, it would be hard to cross over, unless the Alpha was there, or a court guard to let you through. Hayley didn't quite understand how it worked. She didn't
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Hayley wanted answers, but for now that had to wait, because her stomach was rumbling, and her frozen fingers were protesting. Hayley took one last look at the spot that had showed the weird vision, and one last look at her freedom, then went home. She cursed herself for being so dumb and unprepared. But next time she won't. A new life was in her grasp. She was thinking about something else now. What was that vision she just saw? And what was with that pendent? Hayley stopped just outside of the house she grew up in, looking up at it. Despite the feeling she had of wanting to run away, she was still grateful to the Blackwater’s. The Alpha didn't know what to do with her when he found her. Even though everyone warned them not to, they thought it would be good to have a sister for their daughter to play with, so they never listened and raised Hayley as their own. Their affection and love towards Hayley never changed. It was like she was truly their child and was always present in
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Hayley stared up at the ugly brown stone building they called a school, but she called it the worst 6 years of her life. It was the place they bullied her the most, the place she felt more alone. A slow smile creeped onto her face. It was almost summer, which means she was almost at the end of the school year and won't have to set foot back in it ever again. "Watch it loser." Someone said, bumping into her, as if they couldn’t just walk around. "Wolfless." Someone else came up to her saying. "Flea bag!" She shot back. "That's it, I'm gone." Hayley decided, making a beeline with the duffle bag she had. She once again found herself in the forest, ready to make her great escape. But all she saw was a heated make-out session between her adopted sister, Carrie, and a different guy from last night. Hayley was about to turn around, but her need to leave was much greater. So she tried to walk as quietly as possible. As she got closer to them, she stepped on a branch, then froze. She di
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"As sweet as I thought, not like any other wolves' blood I have tasted." He grabbed Hayley by the throat, pulling her closer to him as his mouth opened wide. He sniffed at her neck. “Don't worry. It will be over before you know." But before he could bite her, there was a roar with a large furry body crashing into them. After the hold broke, Hayley was on the ground. If it wasn’t for Carrie who pulled her to her feet, she would have been crushed under the hissing and roaring battle between the vampire and the bear. "Run you two." The bear said. The vampire used his moment of distraction to run full force into the bear, hitting him to the ground. The vampire then ran towards Hayley and Carrie, but by that time, they have already crossed back to their territory. "He's not chasing us." Hayley said. “That’s because he can’t cross the border." Carrie said. "Go you two!" The bear yelled, before rearing up on its hind legs then sunk his teeth into the vampire, who gave a cry. Black
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Hayley dragged herself to school the next morning, and through the halls, where her other school mates were milling around, waiting for the gym to open. "Sorry." Hayley said. After bumping into someone, when she didn't hear a response, she glanced over her shoulder to see that no one was there. "Must have been the wall." She mumbled to herself, then continued on. Making sure to stay at the back so that no one picked on her. Even though it was Saturday, all the teenagers that were between the ages of 16 and 18 had to gather in the gym for an endurance training. This was so that the teen wolves in the pack, that included Hayley, could show case any skills and abilities they might have. 'Why do I always have to do this?' Hayley asked herself. Blowing strands of hair out of her face, the only thing she could do was run her mouth and somehow finish the obstacle courses they set up. Other than that, she couldn't go wolf, and she had no powers. "The changing room is open." Someone said
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