The Alpha’s Forbidden Mate

The Alpha’s Forbidden Mate

By:  Ataima K  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ash, son of the Alpha of Peachmoon pack fell in love with Livey at a tender age and promised to make her his Luna, but when he turned 18, he realized that she wasn’t his mate and was forced to make Gabrielle his true mate as his Luna. Hurt and heartbroken, Livey loses her parents two days after the Luna ceremony and she is made the omega of the pack, battered and maltreated by all the Ranked members. But what happens when she turns 18 and realize that Ash was truly her mate but she had to be given off to a ruthless Alpha who kept her as his mistress. Will you she fight for her love for Ash or will she accept the fact that he had mated with someone else and made her Luna?

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100 Chapters
A girl named Livey
Soft green Meadow awakened with houses beautifully decorated mostly with flowers, enjoying the heavenly scenery and beauty of nature was the Peach Moon pack blessed with masses of wolves filling the pack community, they were said to be the most peaceful and dangerous pack ruled by the Alpha, Alpha Sherlock who ruled the pack with a strict power causing dominance and fear and setting rules that the members were so scared to defy, alongside him was the Luna, praised to be the daughter of the moon goddess because of her beauty and grace. Ash their son was somewhat different from Alpha Sherlock, growing up he had a cheerful life and lived with it until now, playing in the woods was Ash searching for a young chocolate skinned girl with curly long hair and blue eyes.Seeing her pale green dress pitching from behind a tree, he smiled to have found her after searching for 2 minutes.“Gotcha” he said scaring her, she screamed and happily ran away from him with her tiny legs whi
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Standing by the window and looking into the woods was Ash, he had grown taller and charmingly handsome still possessing his masculinity. He could see Livey sitting on a rock waiting for him, she had been doing that for two years now, his heart yearns for her, he wished to meet her and caress her face but he couldn’t.“I am glad you came to your senses and realize that she isn’t your mate” Alpha Sherlock said standing close him. After Scarlett found out that Livey wasn’t Ash’s mate, she immediately told him to reprimand Ash from making a mistake he would regret, rejecting his mate was forbidden in the Peach moon pack, they weren’t a pack that would dare to defy the moon goddess blessing. Ash kept silent staring at his father, the past two years had been stressful for him, he had through series of training until he couldn’t keep up with himself anymore, in a few months the coronation ceremony would begin and he had just four months to find his mate and make her Luna
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“Wake up, you idiot” a lady shouted at the top of her voice, Livey blinked her eyes not minding her environment, it couldn’t be her she was talking to, she had no one to accompany her in the woods when she laid in the woods so she guessed.“I am taking to you, you gold digger” a slap pounced on her face and she sprung up like a bolt of lightning.“Where am I” she searched around holding her hands to her face.“Don’t you dare ask me such stupid questions” Bridgette said folding her arms and looking angrily at her, why did they have to bring such an unkempt girl to the castle. She was extremely angry at how late she was to begin her chores.“I am sorry ma’am” Livey was helpless, she knew who Bridgette was, as he lowered her head in respect but what she was more marveled about was who brought her to the castle, ‘Could it be Ash’ she thought.“Listen here, I d
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Alpha Ash
Bright skies accompanied by a radiant sun lit upon the Peachmoon pack, the grand hall was filled with the members awaiting the ceremony of the new Alpha and Luna to be.Gabrielle was dressed in a white long beautiful floral dress, her hair packed in a neat bun with two curly strands in the front, her smile was dazzling and bright, she was finally going to fulfill her dream and be mated to her mate, “You look beautiful” Scarlett said smiling at her, she readily ran into her arms almost crying, she had always been her support after she came back to the Pack, even when her own mate ignored her, she was still there for her.“Thank you, I am a bit scared” she replied holding unto her fast and steady beating chest, aside from her happiness, she still had fears, fears that she might stumble and fall, fears that she might mess up the whole event, fears that Ash might deny her.“You don’t need to be scared, you have been trainin
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White Wolf
Livey woke up to a beautiful morning, she took a quick shower and left the castle quite early, it was her birthday and she wished to do the things she liked, she didn’t care if she would be scolded by Bridgette, all she cared about was her freedom atleast for one day.She visited her parents grave first,“Hi mom, your baby girl is finally eighteen, I know that this was a day that you had always wanted to see but sadly you are not here to celebrate it with me. I am sure that you are watching over me and would always take care of me, since you left, things have been hard for me and I wish I could have joined you but things happen for a reason.I love you mom, now and always.And Dad, I miss you so much, I miss the fun times that we had, the coaching, the training, everything. I pray you are in a better place and that you and mom are together as always” She said and sat for a while beside their grave stone, they were all she had but yet they we
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Broke me
“Livey” Gamma Brent called walking towards her dressed on a brown shirt and jeans while holding two sticks. He threw a stick at her almost hitting her face.“Follow me, he ordered and she obeyed without objection, her tiny feet weren’t able to keep up with his pace so she ran behind him.In the woods, Brent held a stick in his hand smiling.“Gamma Brent, what are we doing here?” She asked in fear, she didn’t like the idea of getting caught with the Gamma by anyone most especially by Bridgette or the Alpha.“Relax, I need a sparing partner. No one is willing to fight with me because they think I am too strong” He answered, his ripped chest could be seen through the shirt as well as his muscles. “I don’t think I am the right person, if anyone sees me then I would be in trouble” Livey panicked keeping her head down, she was just new to the castle and she couldn’t afford to have silly attention drawn to herself, she was already trying to deal with Gabrielle’s constan
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Mel sang beautifully as she worked in the kitchen, the morning seemed sweet to her, she dangled her tiny waist dancing to the melody of her song with her long black hair flipping to each side, anyone seeing her would love to stay to watch such a spectacle, she looked beautiful and graceful as she danced.She stretched her hands to reach the top of the cupboard but her petite figure coulpled with her short arms wouldn’t let her so she slipped and fell.Instead of falling on the hard floor, Mel could feel a rather hard surface but it wasn’t painful to her, the scent of fresh pine filled her nose and she quickly got up knowing who he was.She avoided his gaze keeping her head down, “I am so sorry Gamma” she apologized almost knocking herself for being so careless to fall sleep on him.“It’s okay” he answered standing up, he had been watching her for a while and she didn’t seem to notice him, he nodded his head to her
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Don’t leave me
“Livey” Mel called knocking on her door, she slightly opened it and could see that Livey wasn’t there but she had checked everywhere in the room for her. She spaced around before it came to her attention that most of Livey’s things were missing.She quickly ran to find the Gamma, she saw him coming out of Alpha Ash office, “Woah, slow down” Gamma Brent said holding her from falling after she bumped into him.“I need your help” She said while gasping for air after such a race, the Alpha’s office was much further from the omegas room. “Anything, what is wrong?” He asked, “It’s Livey, she is missing” she said. “What do you mean missing” Gamma Brent asked back, he thought maybe she wasn’t sure of what she said and Livey could be just outside the castle and not anywhere far. “Some of her things are missing, I mean the valuable ones” She answered, before she could continue, Alpha Ash stormed out of his office and into his car driving off.
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The air in the Peachmoon pack was dark and crispy as the fog in the woods covered the Rogues who were ready to attack the pack.The guard by the perimeter lost attention while sipping water from a bottle, he didn’t seem to notice the rogue behind him, his head was clawed off and his body dropped to the floor. “Attack” another guard changed as he rushed towards a Rogue, the warriors were alerted as they marched out ready to defend the pack, without the Alpha around Beta Damon took charge.He launched at two Rogue digging his claws deep into one and circling the other making his dominance known.Gamma Brent joined the battle with his grey wolf attacking a rogue who came at him, Mel watched from her window in fear as he tore and killed anything in his way. She had never seen him so ferocious before and she was scared. More rogues came increasing their number, the warriors were getting scared because of lack of their Alpha. He was supposed to
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Alpha Paul
 Seated in the Alpha’s office was Alpha Paul, a tall dark man with curly hair, chiseled jaw, brown eyes complimenting his eloquent face.“What brings you here Alpha” Sherlock asked looking at the 35 year old man with an awesome build up, his perfect body and his strong face.“I heard of the rogue attack on my way here, I guess you could already tell how big they are.I am not here to blander but you know that this is not a time to claim being the strongest pack, something is coming and you know it” Alpha Paul said moving straight to the point. He was never one to beat around in a conversation.“I know you did not just come here to tell me that, what are you proposing” he asked, he could tell that Alpha Paul wasn’t big on charity he was rather a give and take kind of person.“I am offering my alliance to you, what do you have to offer to me?” Alpha Paul asked back folding his arms and star
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