Alpha of Alphas - The Lycan's Impossible Mate

Alpha of Alphas - The Lycan's Impossible Mate

By:  Celice Wylder  Updated just now
Language: English
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Tall, handsome and dangerous. That is how Willow Jones would describe the Lycan King, Kane Madden. Willow is a witch who came here to investigate her aunt's death. But her path leads to the Lycan King, and the fire ignites immediately. Kane wants to love her, but God plays a cruel game. He already has a mate. Kane vows to never mark Willow, never claim her as his mate, and in an act of sheer desperation tries to run away from her. But The Fates that weaved events to bring them together in the first place are not that easily defied, and soon Willow finds her way back into his life. *** "What do you want from me?”he asks. "Do you want to be my little piece on the side? Hm?--" he narrows his eyes at me --"do you want my mark? Be my hidden mate? Or do you want me to abjure my mate and take you instead?” "What? Did I say any of that? No! I mean--” "You don't get it do you?--”he throws the plates in the sink, shattering them --"Don't you think I want my mate? That I want to feel whole for the first time in thirteen years? If I thought we could make it work somehow, I'd mark you in a heartbeat." ** Cover Designed by GetCovers **

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161 chapters
Chapter 1
I walk through Aunt Mildred’s pink flat, taking in her smell and wacky style one last time. Gods, I’m going to miss her. I wish I was here to say goodbye, but I couldn’t get away without arousing suspicion. She was alone in the end, as she was alone most of her whole life. Cast out and forgotten – except by me. Unbeknownst to my parents and our coven, I kept in touch with my aunt over the years. Like me, she had the power of projection, so we used to have entire conversations sitting on a cloud somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, or the peak of Mount Everest. She was my favourite person in the world, and I’m the reason they kicked her out of the coven, though she never blamed me for it. She always said, “Willow, my dear child, they could have killed me, but your love saved me. That’s payment enough.” I almost died for it, but because I was only ten at the time, my coven spared me. Instead, they got rid of my troublesome aunt and ordered me to break contact wit
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Chapter 2
I stare at Kane, my mouth hanging open. “The what?” I ask, just to make sure I heard him right the first time.“My mate.” The massive man only needs to take one giant step to stand right in front of me, his tall frame towering over my much shorter one. He grabs my hand and brings it to his chest, holding it in place. His touch is fire, nothing but pure lust courses through my body, only to settle between my legs with a throbbing need. “You are human, a witch sure, but essentially a human, you can’t feel it as deeply as I can, but surely you sense it?”So that’s what it is. Why I don’t fear him as I should. Good. I’m not going crazy. “I do,” I whisper. “What is it?”“The mate bond…The Goddess’s gift to werewolves. You can smell it too. Here--” he leans over, grabs me by the hips, and lifts me on the counter. Gripping the back of my head, he pulls me toward
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Chapter 3
You can’t avoid werewolves when you’re a witch. From a young age, they teach us to hate and fear them, but what they don’t tell you is how to handle it when you are fated to one. I can’t be the first witch this has happened to. There must be some kind of record out there somewhere. Maybe there’s a spell I can use that will break this bond thing between us…something that will spare us both.I don’t go back to my aunt’s flat. Instead, I run from the building, ignoring the waiting elevator, running down the five flights of stairs, and breathless I sprint out onto the beach. Taking my sandals off mid-run, I dash into the surf and dive into the freezing water, trying my best to get the image of Kane out of my head. I want to wash the way he makes me feel out of my body.I come up for air, dive under a wave, and keep swimming. There must be something. Something. Anything. My mind is reeling, going over a thousand spells I&rsqu
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Chapter 4
Kane's POV:I’ve managed to avoid Willow for a week now, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It helps that I am barely home. I have had one meeting after the other with two Alphas that are threatening to go to war with each other, and today we’ve finally reached a somewhat precarious agreement. It is bad enough when rural wolves go to war, but when those living in the cities do it they tend to attract the humans’ attention. It never ends well.At night, I lie in my living room, listening to her bustling around Mildred’s apartment, doing Goddess knows what. I never see her leave, though I do see delivery drivers come by at least once a day with food. Her diet is slightly concerning – she appears to live on pizza and burgers.I park in the basement garage, dropping my head on the steering wheel. The prospect of going upstairs is daunting. Every time I do, her scent calls out to me, and it&rsquo
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Chapter 5
Kane's POV: Every Omega stops and bows as I walk past them. I don’t pay them any attention – I’m so used to it that I barely notice. I drove all day and most of the night, and I’m bone tired. I have only one goal: sleep. My apartment is dark, and my mate, Shay, isn’t in our bed where she belongs. I don’t care where she is. I don’t love her. I tried, Goddess knows, I tried, but there’s nothing – not even affection. Her only job is to give me heirs and to fulfill her duties as queen. She is spoiled, entitled, and cold. Much like my mother, come to think of it. Shay is an Alpha’s daughter, but not a Lycan. Usually, our elders wouldn’t approve of such a match, but her father owns half the mines in this area, and our business supplies all their equipment. Her father, Richard, took the chance and suggested the match, with the clear warning that if we didn’t accept, he’d cancel all our contracts. We had nothing to gain, and a lot to lose. At the time, I couldn’t care less. I didn’t want a
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Chapter 6
Kane’s sudden disappearance a week ago threw me off my game. I’ve been unable to concentrate; my magic is shoddy, and my attempts to track down Aunt Mildred’s killer have yielded zero results. It annoys me that I want him so much, that I feel like I can’t go on without him by my side. I at once miss him and hate him. I am furious at him for just leaving like that, without even saying goodbye. How important can this mate bond really be to him, if he can just run off like that? Maybe if I can talk to him and tell him what I think of him. Maybe if I can tell him I reject him. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. So many maybes and no certainties. But it’s worth a try. There’s only one way to get his number. After just more than two weeks, I finally gather the courage to go into Aunt Mildred’s room. The stuffy room smells like strong disinfectant and decay. I open the window, inhaling the fresh sea air that floods into the room, then start to rummage through her things. I find what I’m looking for in t
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Chapter 7
Kane's POV: I hang up the phone and let out a slow breath. Glenn has Willow. She’s safe. I shouldn’t care this much, it’s downright inappropriate. She’s not officially my mate and I have no authority over her, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave her to that fate. Especially not after I’ve found out who is after her. The witches of Moon Flower are trying their best to eradicate Crystal Rose. They are sick of living under Daniel Jones’s thumb. Why they’re going after their exiled members first is a mystery though. That is why they killed Mildred. Purely because she was tangentially connected to the coven. But getting their hands on the coven master’s heir…now that would be a real prize. And I have a sick feeling they won’t just kill her outright -- no, they’ll make her suffer first. Now that I know Willow is safe, I can finally concentrate on my work. I go over the last of the contracts that need my signature, before piling them on my assistant’s desk so she can send them off to ou
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Chapter 8
How can one person have so much stamina? Wolf or not, the man just keeps going. I look at Glenn as he bounces down the steps that lead to the convenience store, carrying a paper bag. We’ve been driving all day, and as day gave way to night I thought we’d stop somewhere, but he just keeps going and going…like the bunny from that battery advertisement. He opens the door and gets back into the SUV with a huge smile on his face. “I have everything we need here…drinks, food, sandwiches…there was something they call sushi, but I don’t think it technically qualifies as sushi – that’s also, a great way to get food poisoning, and that’s something we really don’t need right now.” Gods, the man is hyper. He’s like a Ping-Pong ball. Boing, boing, boing, all over the place. I am getting tired just listening to him. “Well, thanks,” I say and yawn. “Did you recast that cloaking spell?” “Yes.” I try to stifle another yawn and fail. “You can go ahead and take a nap. It’s not too far now.” “Why ar
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Chapter 9
I wake up with a pounding head and a burning throat. All alone in the dark. Panic course through my body. No. It can’t be! How did I get back here? Last thing I remember I was in the car with…what was his name? Glenn, that’s right…I was on my way somewhere safe, away from the coven. Away from my father. And it was all for nothing, he still found me. Biting back tears of disappointment and fear, I groan and struggle upright, cradling my aching head in my hands. In the darkness, I hear something rustle, and my heart nearly climbs out of my chest. “Father?” “Your father’s not here,” a deep, familiar voice says. Kane. I’m at once infinitely relieved and enraged. I hear a click, and soft light illuminates the inside of my…cell, it’s the only word for it. Instead of bars, there’s a heavy steel door, but otherwise, it resembles a cell in every way, right down to the steel toilet and washbasin in the corner against the back wall. He sits on a steel chair opposite me, resting his elbows
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Chapter 10
Kane's POV: Long after Willow has fallen asleep, I lie on the uncomfortable cot and stare at her. I trace the outlines of her sweet face with one finger. My whole heart and soul aches to be with her, everything in me wants to claim her as mine. I fled from her because I couldn’t stand being close to her, then I bring her right back here. Why? So I can torture myself? Sighing, I roll off the bed and tiptoe out of the cell. I close the door behind me, making sure to lock it, and let out a slow, stuttering breath. What the fuck am I going to do? I have no plan. It’s like I’m begging for a war with the witches. When Daniel Jones finds out I’m holding his daughter here, more than likely against her will, there will be hell to pay. “What are you doing, man?” Glenn asks in my head. Wolves can communicate through a psychic connection we call a mind link. It’s how we can talk to each other when we’re in wolf form. “I don’t fucking know anymore.” “It’s not too late. I can still smuggle her o
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