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A growl escaped from his throat as my robe fell down and pooled on my feet. I was completely naked and I could see his eyes shifting into full black. He wanted me. That was all that mattered. A seductive smile curved on my lips, hiding the nervousness I felt. "I'm all yours, Alpha..." "Get dressed! And get out!" His breathing hitched as his gaze swept all over my naked form. I walked towards him, biting my lower lip as I unbuttoned his shirt, ignoring his anger. He would have pushed me away if he didn't want this, but he didn't. Instead, he moved swiftly and pinned my body against the wall. "Is this what you want?" His voice was hoarse. His breath brushed against the skin of my neck, sending pleasurable tingles in between my thighs as he pressed his front onto mine. "I want you, Caspian..." ***** In a world where Alpha Females are pawned for the Claiming, being an Omega Female is considered to be a blessing. Andrea was born and raised as an Omega and has the freedom to choose whether to be claimed by her mate or be someone else's chosen. And so she thought, until the reality of her past came hunting her.  Alpha Caspian knew from the very beginning that he wanted Andrea, whether they were fated mates or not. But by the time he was ready to make amends for sending her away when she was 15, a secret from her past resurfaced.  Would he let her go this time? Or was she worth fighting for? ***** The Book is a spin-off novel from the Black Shadow Pack Series. While the story is stand-alone, I recommend that you read Black Shadow Pack Series (Book 1-3) to gain a better understanding of the characters.

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115 Chapters
Caspian - 15 years oldAndrea  - 12 years old CASPIAN. I was sitting on a boulder in a meadow, overlooking the whole territory that belongs to the Silver Moon Pack. I was just here with my father to visit his friend, but since I had nothing to do here, I decided to check the forest ground and ended up in this place. To say that this place was beautiful would be an understatement. It was magnificent. It reminded me of the hillside in our own territory that I visit often. So even if this place wasn't ours, I felt solitude here. It felt like home. My eyes were busy scoring the whole area when I heard movement from my back in the bushes a few feet away. Leaves rustled and small footsteps thudded against the forest ground. I turned my head back, waiting for the owner of the little footsteps to emerge from the bushes behind me. It wasn't long before a small figure appeared, panting from all the running she must hav
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Chapter 1
ANDREA.My name is Andrea Milton. I am just 17 years old and yet I am left alone to fend for myself.For almost three years, I've been locked up in a boarding school dominated by humans, but the good thing was, most of the workers here, including the headmaster, were the same species as me. My parents were both shifters, making me one as well. But they were both gone now, and I was left under the guardianship of the Alpha of the Blue Meadows Pack, Alpha Caspian.On the other hand, Alpha Caspian didn't want anything to do with me, so I was sent to a boarding school. But I was about to graduate, and I had no choice but to return to his territory. And I'm not sure I was ready to see him again, let alone live in the same house with him.Despite my hatred for him for sending me away, I couldn't deny that I was attracted to him. I was smitten by him from the moment I first met him when I was 10 years old. And it just kept getting stronger over the
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Chapter 2
ANDREA.I woke up late, and it was all Caspian's fault. He kept me awake all night.I chuckled as I walked with a faster stride through the corridor of my dormitory.It wasn't Caspian's fault, it was all mine. I couldn't help thinking about him, especially after the way we talked on the phone last night. By the time my mind was tired, it was almost dawn. I only got a couple of hours of sleep as a result, but I wasn't complaining. It wasn't every night that I got to hear his voice. In fact, it was only last night that I got to talk with him, so let me enjoy the moment while it lasts. Because it wasn't going to last long."Andrea!" I heard a voice calling after me. I spun around and saw Celeste approaching, a big smile on her face as she batted her eyelashes at me.Celeste worked as the receptionist in my dormitory, and since I didn't really hit it off with humans my age, I tried making friends with humans who were older tha
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Chapter 3
CASPIAN. I combed my sandy blonde hair with my hand before I smoothened the shirt I was wearing and got out of my car. I went directly to the back seat door and picked up the bouquet of flowers I bought for Andrea. Today is her graduation day, and I was on my way to attend the ceremony. And then, later tonight, I would be accompanying her to her graduation ball. I couldn't conceal the happiness radiating within me at the thought of seeing her. Although she didn't call back like she said she would do, I was still in high spirits. That one conversation with her was enough to build my confidence back. I would do everything to woo her and make her my Luna. I opened my mindlink as I made my way to the school auditorium. I wanted to see her before the ceremony started. 'Andrea? Are you around? I'm on my way to the auditorium.' I sent her a mindlink and I could sense her mind was open. But she didn't reply. It might be that sh
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Chapter 4
ANDREA.I couldn't keep still in my seat throughout the ceremony. I could feel my neck burning and I knew it must be Caspian staring at me.When I told him to pay attention to me, I didn't mean keeping his eyes glued to my back for the whole ceremony. But I wouldn't deny that the thought of him staring directly at me was making me giddy.I should be scared right now, right? Because it's a creepy act to keep staring at someone, but it was far from what I was feeling. I wanted his eyes on me. When I saw Miss Shannon talking with him earlier, I was beyond furious. Jealousy was eating up my senses. She was well known throughout the campus for opening her legs to good-looking men who wanted to get into her pants. And Caspian is definitely good-looking. My blood was boiling from the way she was staring at Caspian. She was making her move, and I wasn't sure if Caspian found her attractive, because even if I didn't like her, I woul
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Chapter 5
ANDREA. I was rushing Miranda and Kate because I wanted to go to the ball on time, but they were still not done with their preparation. In the end, we arrived late. The party had already started, and most of our batchmates were already eating and dancing.  My eyes wandered around the big ballroom, searching for one person. My Alpha.  I knew I could easily mindlink him if he was here, but a part of me wanted to see if he kept his promise not to pay attention to anyone but me.  And then I saw him. Alone, not minding the crowd around him, he was already looking at me as if I was the only person in the room. My heart dropped, and I guess my underwear too, at the sight of him. Caspian was wearing a light blue shirt under his suit. It almost matched the color of my gown, and it did nothing to hide the bulkiness of his chest. He looked perfect! His hair was perfectly brushed up and he shaved his face, making him look way y
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Chapter 6
ANDREA. I didn't know what took over me.  My heart was thudding loudly when Caspian told me that Miss Shannon was on her way to us. I was jealous and frantic. All I knew was that I wanted her away from Caspian. And even though I knew that Caspian might scold me later, I took the risk. And I was glad I did. The moment his lips touched mine, the world stopped. I forgot why I was doing this. All I could feel was his soft lips brushing against mine. Caspian didn't move his lips, he wasn't kissing me back, and my confidence was already slipping away, but I knew I wanted this. We might not end up together, but what do I have to lose now when I didn't have anything to begin with? He couldn't be mine, but I didn't want him with Shannon or any other female. So I kept kissing him, parting my lips as I sucked gently on his, enjoying the taste of his warm and soft lips.  I was about to back away when I felt his ha
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Chapter 7
CASPIAN. I opened the door and let her into the room. Her eyes scanned the whole room, and I didn't miss the way she swallowed as her eyes fell on the big bed on the other side of the room. She was still stuck in her place when I approached her. My hand landed on her back again, pushing her gently forward. "What's wrong?" I asked. She shook her head and walked towards the table where the wine and a box of chocolates were sitting. "Are these yours? Can I?" She took a chocolate truffle from the box and wiggled it at me. "You can eat those. They're complimentary wine and chocolates from the hotel." "You don't need to pay anything if I drink this wine?" I chuckled at her innocent question as she picked up the wine bottle and looked at it. She was worried about money all the time. But I couldn't blame her. She didn't have the same privileges Alia and I had growing up. "No, it's free." I grabbed it from her hand and set it back on th
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Chapter 8.
CASPIAN. I ran as soon as I was out of the hotel. I ran without direction, without knowing where I was headed to. I just kept running until I found myself in a secluded park. It was already past midnight and the place was almost free of humans, except for one couple cuddling up on a bench under the starless night. I guess the heavens were mourning with me. No stars were out tonight, and the moon was hidden behind the clouds. I took a seat on a nearby bench and let the night air calm my broken heart. It was cold. The temperature was low tonight, just by the look of light frost on the leaves of the bushes beside the bench. But it doesn't bother me. My heart was cold enough to feel anything at all. My wolf, Zion, faded into obscurity in the back of my mind the moment I walked out of the hotel room. I wasn't sure if he didn't care or if he was hurt. He was giving me no hints, but if I based it on his reaction when Andrea told me that Riley would c
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Chapter 9
ANDREA. After Caspian left, I stayed in the same position in the middle of the bed, hugging my knees. I was hoping he would come back soon. But he didn't. Why did I have to ruin everything tonight? We were in a good place but then I couldn't keep my stupid mouth from talking. I wanted to tell him about Riley blackmailing me, about the blood pact from our parents so he could claim me, but the words got caught in my throat when he started growling. I got scared. I didn't know what I was scared of. I was sure I wasn't scared of Caspian. Maybe I was scared that if he felt something for me too, we would both get heartbroken. And he was the last person I wanted to hurt. As Riley told me, there was no way out of this pact. I was stuck being his forever. There was no possible way I could have Caspian for myself. I didn't have the energy anymore. I just wanted the floor to eat me up. I kept checking the window to see if he was s
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