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Crushes can be exciting, but mine turned into heartbreak when Damien, the Alpha's playboy son, brutally rejected me as his mate after a passionate one-night stand. Years later, fate throws us back together in an unexpected twist. Now, he's on the hunt for a bride and heir to secure his legacy—and guess what? I end up as his chief maid, secretly harboring the truth of our hidden baby that he doesn't even know exists. But here's the real kicker: he doesn't remember me, the woman he once heartlessly turned away. And to make matters worse, he wants to claim me as his bride. Now, I'm thrust into the Luna Games, a high-stakes deal where I must spend 31 nights in his bed, under his roof, while he decides on the perfect match. Can I resist the temptation to spill the truth on our past? Will I forgive the jerk who once shattered my heart? As sparks reignite and long-lost emotions surface, secrets must stay hidden, including the baby he knows nothing about.

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Nadia Sparks
Hi! I wanted to share something exciting with you. It's a space for us to discuss the book, share theories, sneak peeks, get exclusive updates, and see faceclaims! It's a F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K group called 'Nadia's Wolf Den' and can't wait to see you there!
2023-08-25 01:15:52
120 Chapters
ROSALINE’S POVEven though I’m an Alpha Princess, in school, I’ve only ever been seen as dirt. Other wolves hardly ever spoke to me. And when they did, they never had anything nice to say. I never questioned it, but a small part of me always wondered why.I had just finished classes for the day, taking the short walk back to the pack house when I’m cornered by two petite girls. I recognize them from one of my trade classes.One of them holds out a flyer in my direction, “Rosaline Maxwell, right?” She asks.“Um, yes…” I reply hesitantly, furrowing my brows. The both of them share a glance, before turning to me, wide grins slashed across their faces.“It’s for the costume party,” She gestures to the flyer, “It’s tonight, you should totally come.”I don’t let my surprise show on my face. Pursing my lips, as my eyes dance between the two of them. It was completely unusual to get a party invitation.For me, at least.I hardly exchanged words with my peers. Not for lack of trying, but beca
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ROSALINE’S POV:What. The. Hell?“What?” Someone whispers from within the crowd.Damien’s eyes narrow as he walks toward me. The smell I scented earlier growing more potent with every step he takes.No way.There was no way in hell.“That’s Damien’s mate?” someone says.Mate. Mate. Mate. My wolf yips her joy. Creating a mental image of her jumping up and down, wagging her tail behind her.Mate? Damien is my mate?His eyes trail over me as he approaches, tingling my skin like tiny, electric shocks. My breath catches in my throat. He’s all I can see, all I can focus on.A pulse thrums between our bodies, beating steady and hard, like my heart trying to burst out of my ribcage.“There’s no way!” A voice I recognize as one of the girls says, “I mean look at her, she’s dressed like a fucking lunatic.”The usual sting her words would have carried don’t get to me, because Damien is in front of me before I can process what she’s said. He flicks his fingers on the drooping point of my hat, ri
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ROSALINE’S POV:My head spins, I know what this means. It’s an indirect way of him asking for sex.Am I ready for that?My gaze drops to his.Am I ready for that with him?I know Damien, I’ve heard about his escapades. With his gaze locked on mine, he frowns deeply, “I’d never treat you the way I do them.” he says, like he can read my mind. “You're my mate. You're different.”The vice I hadn’t realized was closed tight around my chest loosens instantly.“You can trust me,” he says, grey eyes searching mine. I have no idea what it is, or why I give in.But I nod my head, “Yeah, I’d like to take it off.”He stares at me for a long moment before focusing on my dress. He pulls down the zip on the side, letting the material fall away from me. I take off the hat, tossing it on the floor.I’m half naked standing between his spread thighs, as his gaze rakes over my exposed flesh. It singes everywhere he looks, like he’s touched me there. He parks his hands on the front of my thighs.“Have yo
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ROSALINE’S POV:My contentment felt like a cloud.I was so high up, I never wanted to touch the ground. I roll on underneath the comforter, spreading my arms on either side of me. A smile jerks the corners of my lips as last night’s memories play though my head.Goddess, he was so sweet.I’d only ever heard about what it would be like to have sex with one’s mate. I can say without a doubt, that the tales did it no justice. The soreness between my thighs, the taste of him still lingering in my mouth, his smell. It was too much, yet I wanted so much more.I squint my eyes open, wanting to catch a glimpse of him in the early hours of the morning, all disheveled and breathtaking. My eyes snap open once I realize he’s not on the bed. I sit up slowly, scanning the room.“Damien?” I call out.No answer.I slide out of the bed, tugging on one of his shirts from the armchair across the room. Opening the door, I stick my head out, “Damien?”No response.Panic rises within me. He wouldn’t leave.
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ROSALINE’S POV:What?"I’m sorry, what?" The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. My father frowned at my tone but was quick to mask it with a tight smile."Do not act so shocked, darling. You are not getting any younger, and you are yet to find a mate. I believe this marriage will be beneficial to both of our families; the financial and political gain would be out of this world! If our two packs collide, we will be unstoppable. Even the blood moon pack would cower beneath our feet!" my father exclaimed with a sparkle in his eyes, and I could not even begin to imagine the things that were going through his mind. But whatever they were, it wasn’t good.A sharp sting struck my head, and I pinched my eyelids closed. My delicate fingers went up to my temple, and I massaged it softly. This was all too much; I couldn’t even get a damn break! For God’s sake, I just got rejected by my own mate, and now I am being married off to some stranger. This was all just too much."Can
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ROSALINE’S POV:After wiping the sweat off my forehead, I cleaned up the last spec of dust from the table before standing upright to look at my work. I smiled with satisfaction just before the owner of the penthouse walked in. His eyes glimmered with delight upon seeing his now-shiny penthouse; it had been abandoned for months and was infested with layers of dust and cobwebs. But now it looked completely brand new."It looks even better than when I first bought it! I suppose what they say about you is true; you really are the best there is," he said with a warm smile as he continued to inspect the vicinity."I’m glad you like it, sir," I told him formally, but indeed, I really was tired, and it was just ten in the morning. I barely had up to four hours of sleep last night, or any night for the past five years. I always started off my day early. I woke up every day by four in the morning, got myself and Ariana ready for the day before dropping her off at Gwen’s, then got to the compa
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DAMIEN’S POV: She was absolutely breathtaking.I had been talking to my father in the courtyard when the cleaning company’s van pulled up. She was the first thing that caught my eye the moment she stepped foot on our land. I did not know what was so attractive about her; the palace was swarming with girls of royal and noble bloodlines, girls that were far more elegant and radiant than her. Yet somehow, she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever come across.Whatever conversation I was having with my father came to a halt as my feet began to move on their own toward her.I could hear my father’s enraged commands for me to return, but I completely ignored him. All my focus was on that maid. Who was she? Why did she look oddly familiar? Has she come here to clean before? But we only moved here a few months ago, so I should be able to remember her.My feet came to a stop behind a pillar as I watched her and her colleagues unpack some boxes from their van, but my gaze was trained so
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ROSALINE’S POV:That bastard!I can’t believe after all these years he was still the same. The same asshole that rejected me and now he was acting like he did not know me. Like hell I would fall for that! And what was he trying to do earlier? Probably the same thing he did on the night of that party was defend me in order to get in my pants, after which he would toss me aside like some dirty piece of rag. I won’t fall for his games, not again.Speaking of games, he wanted me to participate in these Luna games. Was he trying to make fun of me? I am his Luna, and he fucking knows that. Or was… If I had known it was his family that had offered me this job, I never would have come here. No matter how great the pay was. But was he serious about hunting down my family if I did not attend? The thought alone scared me. What if he finds out about Ariana?No, I cannot let that happen. He could not know of her existence. If he wants me to play this sick game, then I will. I don’t care about be
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ROSALINE’S POV:Kiara had the eyes of a powerful woman; her gaze held so much intensity that it could make any non-royal fall to their knees. But I was no peasant.She clicked her tongue as her eyes raked up and down my body. Tilting her head to the side, she asked, "What was it you said? That prince Damien requested for you to be here." "Yes," I answered her, keeping my head up and my eyes firm.My senses kicked in as Kiara began to encircle me like I was her prey. I could feel her eyes on every part of my body until she finally stopped to look me in the eyes. "I do not know what you did to Damien to make him even look at filth such as yourself, but I assure you, you won’t last here." I didn’t plan to.She struts past me along with her clique, and I did not fail to catch their snickers and snide remarks as they did. I sat idly with my hands placed above my thighs, watching as the other princesses conversed amongst themselves. Occasionally, they would glance at me in a way that made
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ROSALINE’S POV:This had to be a nightmare. Why did I have to speak? I should have just stayed silent and acted as a ghost. How could I be so stupid? I really need to learn how to control my tongue. My heart pounded wildly against my ribcage as I stood on the far edge of Damien’s room in nothing but a blood-red robe. Immediately after Damien had demanded that I be the first person to warm his bed, two servants appeared by my side and escorted me to a room to change. My pleas fell on deaf ears as I received numerous glares from the other contestants. The maids helped me change into blood-red lingerie, and I did not fail to catch the look of pity in their eyes. I practically had to wail before I was given this robe. Once we were done, they escorted me to his chambers, and one of the maids shot me an encouraging smile. "Good luck," she told me before shutting the door behind her.I was the only one in the room, yet I felt so suffocated. My back was pressed against the wall as I waited
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