My Alpha Derek

My Alpha Derek

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Alpha Derek was from a family that existed a thousand years ago. For many years, he protected the humans and the werewolves against the unknown creatures. Because of his quest for power, He decided to do what ever it takes to become a werewolf immortal that wishes never to die but at some point, he got tired of living after he succeeded in becoming what he wanted. He searched for death but could find none. According to the prophecy, a girl called Lucia will be born in many years coming, probably in the future. She was the only person that has the power to bring his life to an end and hence, he was relieved that one day he would die.

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30 Chapters
Lucia is Born
A Thousand years after Derek received the prophecy that Lucia was the one to kill him, finally Lucia was born.Lucia was already 22 years and was already a graduate but had no male or other female friends except from Daniella. She grew up in a peaceful, loving family, and she has grown up to be a good girl aside from fighting those who wants to harm her. Some even compared her to an untainted snow, well and pure, but some mocked her, calling her little Monster.As she was growing up, Lucia had gotten used to most people mocking her, but her grandparents always encouraged and advised her not to let the words of people break her down. She was trained not to keep a negative mindset, and she has decided that there was no way she would let those people break her down.She had her reason of why she had never had any male friend, even now that she is already 22 years. When she was 17 she realized that she had developed a trauma, she never wanted to become use to any male
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So Outrageous
Lucia sat on a chair while the children were outside playing. It was her spare time at work.  She needed to think. All that happened that faithful night she met Derek by coincident at a garage where she parked her car never left her head. She could remember how she was humiliated when she walked up to a stranger, telling him she wants to be his girlfriend. When she remembered how he called her unattractive, she just couldn't believe she really did such a thing. She actually did something so outrageous like that? Now that she pondered about it, she could not explain where she got her bravery to approach him, even seeing the kind of man he is. Was she really desperate?  Lucia was aware that what she did that very day was pure madness, offering herself to be his girlfriend. Deep in her heart, she didn’t regret it but for the fact that, that stranger rejected her, unexpectedly motivated her. She thought that the kind of man she was looking for was him. A heartless man
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  Her friend Daniella was strikingly rich, she didn’t know why the both of them who were worlds apart became best of friends. Daniella, during her years in college, she was envied by many. She was pretty, super rich and had numerous suitors. However, she was alone. Only boys who want to hit on her approach her, unlike the girls who were so much afraid of her because of her father’s wealth and her new way of fighting those she sees as a threat. Lucia really did a fantastic job on Daniella. Daniella was no longer the soft girl she used to be back then, she knew that for her to survive, she had to fight.Back in the school, the students see and call Lucia Daniella's maid, and she wouldn’t blame them because she really did look like a maid. She could not compare herself to the daughter of one of the richest men. Lucia didn’t mind them because she knew that Daniella was a good person and will continue to be her friend, regardless of what people say. <
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I Do Want Him
  “Alright, I have lost my patience girl, so now you have to talk.” She narrowed her eyes around.  “OK fine. Like I was saying, I found a man.” Daniella choked again. “(laughing) this is unbelievable, who is he? Who is this man that has caught my dearest Lucia's eyes? Huh?” Daniella was so excited. “Actually, I failed to get his name, it all happened so fast. But his surname is Derek. I heard someone call him that name the first time I saw him.” Lucia’s respond made Daniella pout but was quick to bounce back in being excited and asked her about how and when she met him. Lucia was quick to tell her where and how she met him but of course she didn’t tell her about the drama that happened, about how she was called unattractive and was seen as a kid.  “ The man, he is supper handsome. I don’t even know if he is real because his beauty is something else. He looks like a celebrity, if he really is, I would have heard o
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Oh My God! She Saw Him Again
Lucia went straight to the place where she had kept the number safe, she took it out and typed the number and then saved it as Mr. Stranger.She wanted to message him, but she doesn’t know what exactly to say. Should she shamelessly ask for Mr.  Derek's house address? No, that would be creepy! But how then would she meet him? Before she could realize it, she drifted to sleep without accomplishing her goal for the night. She couldn’t send Mr. Stranger any single message at the end.  The next morning, she woke up early as usual, ate breakfast with her family and dressed to work after she must have helped her grandmother do the house chores. Off course the woman didn’t dare to refuse because her strength wasn't there as usual.  And she needed assistance.  As she arrived in the orphanage, She had a good time with the children that day. As always, she felt like she was filled with lots of energy. Perhaps being with the adorable kids all
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Can I Work For You?
The man who was inside the car leaning his head on his headrest with his eyes closed suddenly moved immediately he heard the girl's voice, he then opened his eyes to look at her. “Little girl”he mumbled upon seeing her. He stepped out and when he saw the awful damage on his car, he leaned on the opened door of his car, crossing his hands on each other as he looked at her. He was wearing a long blue coat, and he was simply breathtaking. His black wardrobe, his black hair and his car caused his skin to look paler.He was simply out of this world that anyone could consider him to be someone who was out of this world or maybe existed on in dreams. His features were unlike anything that could come from the human world.Lucia's mission was somehow impossible, loving someone who was never her class and will never be. A man who was respected by so many great men, he was a god! Lucia didn't think about those things, but rather her heart was where she placed it witho
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Can I?
Hearing those questions from Lucia made him smile. He raised Lucia's chin with his cute hands and said, “so you can pay for my damaged car with the money I will pay you, right?” he asked and gave her a dangerous and wicked look. The girl stood for secs without a word.“ That is…” she interrupted. “ I caused the accident, so I really want to pay for the damage because I do not want to go to jail” “please do not take me to jail, I am the only child” she started crying. “ if I should tell you that I forgive you, and you don't have to pay anything, you won't offer yourself to keep me company?  right?”Lucia was surprised, but she was quick to realize that it is a “what if” scenario that he was describing. But could he be testing her resolve ? Lucia looked straight into his eyes to see if he was joking, but unfortunately, he was damn serious. Was he looking for a way to just dismiss her or what? It was obvious that he doesn't want her to pay for the damages b
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The Dance
At a certain George Ronald hotel.A large, magnificent ballroom has been meticulously set up for what seem to be a significant and a high-class party. The chandelier dangling towards the ceiling provided little sparkles of light from in the room from one end to the other, giving the room a feeling of being under a bright starry night sky. Many round tables were dotted around the room, decorated tastefully with a gold and red motif of colors which represents wealth, prosperity and good fortune. This masquerade ball certainly was a display of wealth and prosperity, from the crystal Champaign glasses and silver and gold cutlery to the stunning paintings and decorations on the wall. But that wasn't what caught one's eyes! Inside the ballroom were group of people wearing cloths, jewelries and other accessories that worth millions of dollars. The women's ear rings, rings, and necklace and bracelet all together shone brighter than the light in the room. Anyone who caught a glim
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Refuse me if you can!
It appeared that Derek had forgotten about the prophecy. He was also a human and his likely to forget things. A call came in and it was Daniella. On the phone…“Hello, Lucia. I can't believe I just experienced orgasm.  He is so good at It, perfect! I just…” she paused, wondering if Lucia really picked the call because she hadn't heard Lucia's voice at all since she started talking. The innocent girl who couldn't understand what she meant by orgasm remained mute and was embarrassed that she had no knowledge of what her friend was talking about. “Hello… Lucia, are you There?” “Yes, dear, I Am. What were you saying.” “Ok… like I was saying, he is so good at It, I just couldn't believe I experienced orgasm for the first time and it's feels good!” “What's orgasm?”  “Oh no! Not again. Don't tell me you don't know the meaning? Ok. I won't tell you, but it's an assignment I am giving to you now and when next We meet, you w
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What A Perfect Godlike
That moment Daniella told her about was now! She was prepared. She knew what was about to happen. The bedroom was enormous, decorated in a masculine color of gray and black, it was dimly lit-mode lightening and Lucia found herself standing a few feet away from the large king-sized bed. Lucia knew what could happen immediately they entered this suit, she wasn’t going to lie to herself. Deep Within her, she still wished this man would be like the male lead she had read in one of her best romantic novels. A gentle man, sweet loving and respectful, a man who wouldn’t do things without love for his partner.However, she knew right from the start that he was not that kind of man. He clearly showed her and even told her that day that they met, that he doesn't do love and never would. In fact, he only wanted a girlfriend for company or for his sexual satisfactions, nothing more. He clarified it for her that this was what she could expect, and he warned her, not on
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